Georgie Henley From 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' Is All Grown Up, And She's Flawless

This girl is certainly filling out... I can't believe this is the same girl.
Jay Dawson September 27th 2017 Entertainment
When an actor or actress starts off in the business really young, there seems to be three ways they can go. Either they can crack under the pressure and have a spectacular meltdown, or they can rise to the challenge and become megastars for the rest of their lives. Or the third option: make waves then disappear, leaving everyone scratching their heads and wondering what happened. That's the case for Georgie Henley. And you'll never believe what that little girl looks like now...
The Chronicles Of Narnia
Few can forget The Chronicles Of Narnia, the blockbuster series that began with The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe all those years ago. This was fantasy at its finest and love by children and adults alike, with incredible lands, talking animals, epic battles, and endless adventure. This series of films also launched Georgie Henley's career...
Based On The Much-Loved Books
The films themselves were based on the classic series of the same name, written over six years back in the 1950s. Celebrated author C.S. Lewis wrote seven novels in total, and soon they became one of the biggest selling series of all time. Over 100 million copies of the books have been sold, and the works have been translated into 47 languages.
Other Adaptations
With a body of work that popular, it's no surprise that the books have been the subject of various adaptations of the years. Since 1967, there have been versions of several of the novels on TV, radio, stage, and even video games. But while they've enjoyed some success, reading the series had always been the most popular.
They Finally Perfect The Formula
That is, until it finally hit the big screen. C.S. Lewis had never sold any film rights to his works, claiming that the big screen couldn't do justice to the weird and wonderful place that is Narnia. As CGI got better and better, though, Lewis's stepson realized that it really could be done. And so, in 2005, the first book was adapted as The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. It was a massive success.
We All Loved Lucy
The book and the movie focuses on the four Pevensie siblings, who discover a portal to another world in the back of their wardrobe. But it was the youngest Pevensie, Lucy, that really stole the show. Adorable and brave, and Aslan's (the lion) best friend, her enthusiasm for the world was beautifully portrayed by Georgie Henley.
So Young When She Started
When she discovers Narnia in the book and film, Lucy is eight years old. Georgie Henley, too, was eight years old when she first played the role, and she was a precocious and incredible young talent from the very beginning. With no formal training and only a handful of small roles before she made it big, Georgie surprised many with her mature and winning performance.
The Series Continues
Ultimately, the plan is to bring all seven novels to life on the big screen. But so far there has only been three adaptations: the first, Prince Caspian in 2008, and Voyage Of The Dawn Treader in 2011. As the children grew in Narnia, so too did Georgie, being almost 14 years old by the time the most recent film came out.
A Star In The Making
With all the attention she was getting for her sublime performances as Lucy, Georgie was in high demand from studios all across the world. What we were seeing was truly a star in the making - a girl who looked like she was born to be an actress. But it looked like she had other plans for her life...
She Takes On A Handful Of Roles
Over the six years that the three films were released, Georgie only took on a couple of other roles. Most of them were on stage, in the plays Babes In The Wood and We Will Rock You, but she also starred in the crime-drama movie Perfect Sisters. But that was all, despite being inundated with offers.
Radio Silence
And after Voyage Of The Dawn Treader came out, barely anything has been seen of her. She disappeared without a trace, and many who had loved her over the years gradually forgot all about her. Rumors died down and we all went on with our lives. Until someone had the sense to ask what happened to her, and found out the incredible truth...
Thirteen Years On
She might have disappeared off the radar, but that doesn't mean she's just imploded and let herself go. She's the rarest of child actors: the one who is a star, then just quietly gets on with their lives. Thirteen years after the release of the first Narnia film, we've found her yet again. And Georgie has really changed...
Absolutely Gorgeous
For one, that sweet young girl has been replaced by one sizzlingly gorgeous 22-year-old woman. Time has definitely been very kind to her, and she's both filled out and matured into a beautiful young lady, who's not only easy on the eye, but charming, smart, and a feminist icon to boot. What more could you want?
Going Back To School
So what has she been doing all this time? Surprisingly, not just working on her tan. Instead, she went to Cambridge University to complete a Bachelor's degree. While she was there she also joined in on a number of theater projects and even began writing and directing her own projects, some of which she's already released.
Lighting Up The Catwalk
We're not the only ones to notice how utterly beautiful she is now, either. This 21-year-old is now also a fashion model on the side, even flouncing down the catwalk in Milan for fashion week's Alberta Ferretti show. It's not really a big surprise they've chosen her - one look at her Instagram page will confirm that she's really got a wonderful style all her own.
Where To From Here?
It's hard to believe that already so much time has passed since she first appeared on the big screen. But at only 21 years old, she's achieved an incredible amount, and still has so much life to live. Georgie is keeping her future projects very hush-hush at the moment, so you'll have to keep an eye out for her next success. But it'll definitely be worth the patience.


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