Paul Walker's Daughter Has Grown Up, And She Has To Say This About Her Dad's Death

He'd be so proud of her.
Jay Dawson September 27th 2017 Inspiration
it might be strange sometimes, but the death of a celebrity can be deeply saddening news to the public. Although we might never have met them, through TV shows and movies and music, we feel like we've come to know them intimately. But just think: if it's bad for us, the spectators, just imagine how bad it is for their friends and family, the people that we often forget. Like the tragic passing of Paul Walker, and the profound impact it had on his young daughter's life...
Four Years Ago
It seems like only yesterday that the news came to us of Paul Walker's death at 40 years old. He was so young, and the story came as a terrible shock to everyone. But it's actually been almost exactly four years since that fateful day, and a lot has happened in the world. Especially for those people that he left behind.
The Unspeakable Tragedy
All he was doing was driving a Porsche Carrera GT with a friend, Roger Rodas, to a charity event. But at 3:30pm on November 30, 2013, Walker's life and his friend's would both be instantly cut short. At 80 miles per hour, the car crashed into a lamp post in Los Angeles, killing the pair instantly. Hollywood had suddenly lost one of its favorite sons.
The Nicest Guy In The Business
Amongst the Hollywood greats, there was perhaps no light that shone so bright as Paul Walker. He may not have been the greatest thespian, but he was incredibly handsome, charming, and never in any kind of trouble. In short, a really, really nice guy. Everyone who worked with him loved him, and every person who went to see him at the cinema became an instant fan.
His Amazing Career
On the big screen, Paul Walker moved through his various roles with incredible charisma. There's no doubt that the Fast and the Furious franchise was his best known work, but he also starred in countless other blockbusters, including Flags of our Fathers, She's All That, and Varsity Blues - the film that made his name.
Loved By Everyone
It's hard to overstate just how much people loved working with him. In the grief surrounding his death and the funeral, messages came pouring in from across the globe from the hundreds of actors and actresses who adored him and his easy smile. Goldie Hawn told the world that he was "a very special human being," while Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson simply said: "Love you brother."
Friends And Family Mourn His Loss
There's no doubt that the horrific tragedy shocked and devastated many. From his co-star and one of his best friends, Vin Diesel, to his ex-girlfriends and family, few could contain the grief they felt at this cruel world taking one of its finest. At the funeral, many openly wept at the thought of a life lived without him.
Meadow Walker
Amongst all this, though, one 15-year-old girl was often forgotten. She was Paul Walker's daughter, and she was perhaps the hardest hit by the untimely death of her father. Few people realized at the time that Paul Walker even had a daughter, so desperate was he to keep her away from the seedier aspects of being a celebrity. But he couldn't protect her from everything...
A Tough Battle For Custody
Meadow's birth was the result of a long-time girlfriend that Paul had had, Rebecca Soteros. Although they had been in love at the time, in recent years Rebecca and Paul had broken up and Meadow's mother had taken hard to the bottle. In a desperate bid to give Meadow a normal life, he sent her to his parents. But Rebecca wasn't happy with this, and an acrimonious custody battle ensued.
Their Connection
Many people speak of a mother's connection with her children, but a father's love for his daughter, when it's at its strongest, is maybe one of the most touching things in the world. And despite the battles with her mother, Paul Walker and Meadow were just about as tight as you could get. The pair loved each other deeply, and he never failed to make time in his life for her.
It Hits Her The Hardest
Being fifteen years old is a tumultuous time for any child, even without a horrible accident like this one. Facing puberty, decisions about her future, romance, and rebellion, Meadow couldn't handle life any more. She withdrew from social media for a long time to let the healing process begin and give herself breathing room. Then three years later, she emerged...
Flowering Into A Beautiful Woman
It's hard to believe that it's been this long since Paul Walker was taken from this Earth, but it's true. In that time, Meadow really has grown up into the beautiful, whip-smart, and compassionate woman that her father would be proud of. She graduated from high school and has big plans...
Paul's Charity Work
When he was alive, Paul Walker had a hand in many high-profile charities. As a keen amateur marine biologist, his focus was always on the critically endangered and hunted animals of the sea. His Paul Walker foundation actually funded rescue and rehabilitation efforts for these at-risk and injured sea creatures, and they did some amazing work. Since turning 18, Meadow has taken up an active role in keeping this foundation alive.
Continuing The Legacy
And it's not just in continuing her father's foundation that Meadow is showing that she's truly her dad's daughter. She's starting charities of her own, promoting "spontaneous acts of goodwill" and working to improve human rights across the world. There's no doubt that wherever Paul Walker is now, he's incredibly proud of his daughter.
Fighting The Good Fight
Meadow's charity of her own, a part of the Paul Walker foundation, has done incredible work across the globe. It's a simple concept: every day, or whenever you can, you try to do something unexpected and good for someone. Simple, yet incredibly effective at combating the atmosphere of hate and intolerance that so often pervades society.
She Has This To Say
Not a day goes by that Meadow Walker doesn't think of her dad. Although she doesn't fully know it yet, it's obvious to everyone that she's become just as lovely and caring a person as he was. Maybe it's because she lives her life trying to be just like he was. Maybe it's like she says: "wherever he is, I'm still trying to make my dad proud." She's definitely succeeded.
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