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Who's an introvert here?
Charlie Blacks II September 26th 2017 Humor
For those of you unaware of what an introvert is, an introvert is someone who prefers to use their social energies on those that are close to them. Family, friends, and close colleagues are the ones who usually are able to crack the code on the mostly observant socially engineered folks we know as introverts. The introvertive types create balance in the world for the loud and boisterous folks to display their sometimes unneeded commentary. In more ways than one, introverts help the world go round but, sometimes this particular personality type faces many struggles, check out the fifteen we've compiled.
Hunger Pains
It's not that introverts are willing to die of hunger in order to avoid human contact, it's that they much rather avoid mindless conversation and small talk for the sake of their mental health. Even extroverts tend to avoid unnecessary conversation at times, but introverts are willing to do so at risk of a more talkative stomach. Totally understandable in our book.
The Misconceptions Of Being An Introvert
There's a lot of confusion as to how introverts are perceived. Majority of the time we think it's some homebody babe who chooses to snuggle up to their cat with some good reads and a warm cup of cocoa but, in reality the introvertive community can be quite spry and talkative throughout the day only to climb back into their shell and enjoy the silence and conversation being held in their own minds.
The Introvertive Party Animal
For those of you who think that introverts just sit at home all day or chill out in their lonesome at cyber cafes, you've got it twisted. The introvertive community definitely has a party animal in them it just might not be on display as much in the midst of a house party dance battle. Their presence is necessary and doesn't go unnoticed yet introvertive personalities choose to stay out of the hoop-la and insanity of watching their counterparts, coworkers, or friends swing from the chandeliers.
The Introvertive Party Animal Pt. II
When introverts finally decide to come out of their shell, anxiety can kick in at any moment especially in a party environment. Most of the time, they conversate within themselves in order to keep a level-head which can cause internal struggles. Once again, they mean no harm they might not have the right words at the time to become the life of the party or want to remain in a stable mental state that won't result with them taking refuge at home for weeks on end.
Surprise Visits
This might not be just an exclusive introvert trait whatsoever, after all, who likes unexpected guest? But the anxiousness that occurs for introverts is definitely amplified like no other. Imagine sitting in your living room in the midst of your greatest graphic design ever only to have an unrecognizable guest pop up at your door adamant about getting your attention with constant knocks and yelling. Sounds more like a horror movie to us rather than just a surprise visit.
The Dreaded Phone Call
In this day and age, a lot of us aren't fans of talking on the actual phone, especially being that email and texting have dominated the communication scene but, the anxiety for an introvert can is a lot worse than you'd think. This brave act creates this type of anxiousness not because they actually have to talk to another living being but because they don't want to come off as bothersome or disruptive to the party they're trying to get in contact with. Introverts are more considerate than you'd think.
Self Conversations
For those of you who think that introverts aren't communicative, guess again! They have conversations all the time... with themselves that is. You may not hear a peep from that girl that sits on the other side of your cubicle all day or in the break room but, those morning transits and coming to and fro from the workplace there are many of conversations going on with them that you'll never be a part of. Just let it be known they're not mute or as shy as you think.
Treat Yo'Self
Introverts sometimes struggle with some of the strangest things that most extroverts would think would be a breeze. For instance, an exchange with a gas station clerk that didn't end with them internally screaming at themselves or a smooth transaction between a customer service rep via a phone call. These things deserve awards damnit! Self-gratification is necessary for introverts and winning those little inner personal battles can make an introvert feel triumphant.
The Introvertive Wardrobe
A lot of us have specific wear for certain occasions but, the introvertive community has their own special take on what to wear. When it comes to sleep, what option don't they have? Onesie? Nightgown? Warm fleece pants? While their outside attire might consist of yoga pants, stretchy skinny jeans, and maybe that little black dress if they're tryna get fancy with it. But, when it comes to business attire beware, introverts aren't known as great business people being that it takes a lot of communication and conversation to close a deal.
The Cause Of Confusion
At times, introverts can be quite confusing. Luckily, the majority of the community really mean no harm and just need time to process and think about things because they don't want to say anything they'll regret or be the center of a lot of confusion. In these cases, give them time, they'll know have the right words to truly express themselves and the confusion will disperse.
Who Is This 'We' You Speak Of?
Sometimes, introverts misunderstand the concept of flirting or social invitations. It might hurt when an introvert shoots down your offer but, most likely they're attempting to protect themselves from awkward situations or their crippling social anxiety flaring up in the midst of a casual dinner date or party environment. Don't be discouraged, find things to relate with them with and take a different approach. The introvertive community is more friendly than they appear to be.
Pet Lovin'
Introverts aren't necessarily people persons, so when it comes to them finding companionship it might not come in the form of a hunky alpha male or beautiful exotic bachelorette but, it might come with a tail and a wet nose. It's no secret, introverts share a special connection with their pets because they know they'll never be judged. Pets are a way to protect their hearts and feelings in which we find totally understandable.
Not Anti-Social, But Pro-Solitude.
There is truly no better way to describe the introvertive community than the phrase, 'not anti-social but, pro-solitude'. Once again, it's not that introverts don't like people, they just enjoy their personal space and allow their free time to be spent with by themselves. This is more about self-comfort than being a weirdo who doesn't want people around. Once an introvert is comfortable with you, it only increases their ability to communicate effectively as they strip themselves of their shell.
How To Annoy The Hell Out Of An Introvert
You'd think it wouldn't take much and in all actuality it's true... But when you break it down, the same thing that annoys the hell out of introvert annoy a lot of us. For instance, unexpectedly being placed at the center of attention, wasting their time with mindless banter and conversation, unneeded opinions, and attempting to force them to step outside of their usual realm. If you think about it, none of us like being blindsided by these things.
Lastly, The Many Talents Of The Introvert
Believe it or not, introverts are highly talented people and they use their talents in the form of curating insanely detailed and good excuses in order to avoid the masses, screaming internally to the point they turn beet red, making the most casual conversations incredibly awkward, and lastly... vanishing out of thin air. Let it be known introverts mean no harm, they just need their space and finding ways to help them rid of their anxiousness will only make them love you more.


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