How to Step Up Your Game And Date Gorgeous Models

Jay Dawson July 28th 2017 Lifestyle
Most guys think that those superhot models you see on the catwalk are way out of their league. Most guys are also totally wrong. No matter how you look, or how much money you make, you too can easily date some of the world's hottest women. Got no six pack? No problem. Short and hairy? Who cares? Got no game? Well, just follow this guide and you'll soon have luscious honeys drooling all over you...
Finding Your Models
The first thing you have to do, of course, is find where all the models are and approach them. This might seem like it's the hardest part, which is why we're going to break it down for you. Like in any situation where you're trying to pick up, you need to find the highest concentration of gorgeous girls so the odds are on your side.
You have to consider the approach, too. There are easy ways and hard ways to do it, and we're going to lay down exactly where and how to approach them. Obviously you don't want to hit on every single model you meet. It's sleazy, exhausting, and besides, it's great to have some models as just friends. The more comfortable you are around them, the more you'll know about their world and the easier it'll be to seduce other models. Besides, those models you keep as friends are going to have other hot friends, too, which you won't even have to chase.
Being In The Industry
Models tend to travel in packs, and due to their jet setting, transitory occupation, much of their social circle is made up of people in the same industry. Think photographers, make-up artists, fashion designers, and of course, other models. The best place to start surrounding yourself with highly available models, then, is to sneak your way into the industry.
There's plenty of assistant jobs out there that'll get you your first leg up in the fashion world, and although you'll be running around at the beck and call of other people, you'll also have the chance to chat up models all the time, day in, day out. Consider also getting into photography - it's not hard to start with an inexpensive camera and no skills, and work your way up. There's plenty of budding models out there who will be more than happy to help you out in exchange for free portfolio shots. And maybe a coffee or two.
Night Game
The other thing to consider is this: where do models go out at night? No doubt you've been practicing your game at local clubs and bars, but you've really got to start concentrating on the model hotspots in your city. It shouldn't be hard to do, with a quick google and scan of club photos to see who's been attending. Remember, a lot of models spend a lot of time traveling, so when they're in a foreign city they'll generally congregate in one "cool" place. All you have to do is find it.
The night game with models can be tricky, though. Much of the time they'll be in the VIP section of the club, surrounded by an entourage and club promoters and difficult to get access to. The trick is to not become friends directly with the models first, but to become friends with the "gatekeepers", i.e. the club promoters. These guys make money off the crowds they pull in to the club, so if you've got some hot friends already, you can get into the inner circle by promising the promoters that you'll bring them.
Day Game
In the modelling world, there's really only a handful who are earning huge amounts of money. Many models are actually just like us, earning only a few coins from job to job and hoping to make it rich. What this means is that in the day time, instead of being ferried from job to job, they'll be actually at the agencies and around those areas, meeting with their representation, going to shoots, and generally hanging around looking for their next gig.
This is a perfect opportunity to get talking to models. Look up the modelling agencies around your city, and start haunting the local cafes and bars and sidewalks in search of your beauty. They should be easy to spot: for one, they'll be ridiculously good looking, and for two, they'll usually be hanging around with their A4-sized portfolio in hand. Make the approach however you can and aim for at least a phone number and a date for later. They'll be busy (or at least, pretending to be), so don't go for a date right there and then.
How To Talk To Models
You've made your approach - now what? Just because you've found your models, doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be easy to talk, flirt, and take them back to your place. But you do need to remember through all this is that models are normal people, just like any other woman. Just unbelievably hot. But yeah, apart from their looks, there's absolutely no reason that you can't use all the same conversation topics and flirting methods that work with other women.
There's a general perception that models a) are all totally vacuous, b) have eating disorders, and c) are totally stuck up. None of these are true in the slightest. So don't go around all starstruck and sucking up, because they're just doing a job like you. Don't go around asking them if they only eat salad, because they're probably dying for a Big Mac, just like you. And don't go treating them like they're stupid, because they'd probably kick your ass at Scrabble. Got that? Good. Now here's what you should talk about...
What They're Into
Normal human things, and normal girl things. Books, music, movies, dancing, traveling, whatever. Especially traveling, because although it's exhausting, it's usually the highlight of their profession. Basically, whatever you would normally talk about with your girl friends at college or work, will work on gorgeous models as well. We really can't emphasize this enough: they're just regular people. Remember that they're humans, and don't get so awed that you lapse into awkward silence.
One other important thing to remember is that models are, by their very definition, lovely looking creatures. And guess what? They get complimented on their looks all the time, by every single person around them. They're sick of it. If you really want to turn a model on and have her really into you, you need to find, and compliment, some part of their personality apart from her looks. Her laugh, her sense of humor, her ability to solve a Rubik's cube. Whatever it is you honestly love about her.
What They're Not Into
Strangely enough (although this is good news for you) female models aren't generally into male models. The reasons are pretty complicated, but you'll find that like most women, models don't really go for guys who are obsessed with the way they look. Even though - thanks to their job - female models - are obsessed with the way they look themselves. Don't think about the contradiction - just be thankful that all you need is some wit, charm, and a little bit of warmth.
Everybody hates their jobs, too, and models are no different when it comes down to it. As glamorous as it looks on paper, modeling is actually a lot of standing around in uncomfortable positions under hot lights, not being able to move for hours, and even sometimes being semi-naked in ice-cold water in the middle of winter. So don't talk to them about their job unless they start bitching about it. Otherwise, it's totally boring for them.
Sealing The Deal
You've found your models, you've made the approach, you're having a legendary conversation full of sparkling wit and an avalanche of flirting. Now what? How do you seal the deal? Simple: you don't. Back off slightly, and let them chase you. Sure, you probably could get into their pants right now, but it won't last much longer than that. You don't want to be a man whore (trust us, the modeling world is way too small to have a bad name in it), so you need to play it cool. They'll come to you.
Models are used to being chased and flirted with, all the time, and they'll never normally respond to aggressive pick-up tactics. But if you're having a rad time with them, and them with you, and then you back off, it'll make all the difference. They'll see you in a seductive new light - as someone who appreciates them for more than their body. And when it comes to dating models, that's always going to win them over. In fact, it works for every girl on the planet.


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