Tyga Claims He's The Father Of Kylie Jenner's Kid, Not Travis Scott

SO, WHAT'S THE THINKING HERE?! Do you believe Tyga is telling the truth about fathering Kylie Jenner's first baby? OR, is he messing with the press out of
Harriet King September 26th 2017 Entertainment
Just when you thought all was quiet on the Kardashian front, bam! Kylie Jenner is pregnant. According to TMZ, she is expecting a baby with her rapper boyfriend of only a few months. But that's not the only scandal - now Tyga, her rapper EX-boyfriend, is trying to take all the credit! There's certainly never a dull moment, even if you thought things seemed pretty chill for a while. So, who is the daddy? It's Kylie's word against Tyga's for now...
A Suspicious Snapchat
Fans and spectators were already sure Kylie was pregnant, after she sent out a Snapchat wearing very baggy clothes. If it were anyone else, this wouldn't be strange behavior, but this is Kylie Jenner we're talking about here! We've never seen her in anything but revealing, figure-hugging outfits. From that point on, the rumors began to snowball.
She Has Always Said She'd Be A Young Mom
Kylie has never hidden the fact that she can't wait to have a family and has always thought she'd be a young mom. On an episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' she even said, "'I feel like 30 is too late!" But this isn't the first time a Kylie pregnancy has been in the news. With her ex, Tyga, rumors began circulating that were eventually proven untrue.
She Has Been Dating New Boo, Travis, Since April
After ditching Tyga last year, Kylie didn't take too long to fall for another rapper, Travis Scott. The two officially began dating in April this year and it seems like they couldn't be happier. Despite their obvious love, people are still saying it's way too soon for them to be planning a family. We guess we'll see how it works out in a few months' time!
Five Months Pregnant
Though Kylie herself hasn't confirmed the pregnancy, all of our most reliable sources of celebrity gossip are reporting that she is definitely five months pregnant. This means she would have gotten knocked up almost immediately after hooking up with Travis! Now that the word is out, fans have been backtracking through social media to put all the pieces together.
A Cryptic Tweet Becomes Clear
Never underestimate the kind of detective work you can do on the internet! After reports emerged about Kylie's pregnancy, fans sifted through Twitter until they found the day they're sure Travis found out the good news. On June 12, the rapper Tweeted, "Legit happiest day of my life," with no further explanation as to why it was so happy.
Another Giveaway
The media is also citing Kylie's promotional trip to Peru in May as another indicator that she was pregnant at the time. The reality TV star posted a photo of herself receiving oxygen from a mask, blaming altitude sickness for the mini medical emergency. Now the word on everyone's lips is that she was actually suffering from severe morning sickness.
Travis Has Already Told His Friends
While Kylie has remained tightlipped about the pregnancy, sources claim that Travis is over the moon and has been telling those in his close circle of friends for at least two months. Kylie is still yet to confirm or deny the rumors, and has been posting only throwbacks of herself with a very flat stomach on her social media channels.
Tyga Throws A Spanner In The Works
In the flurry of press surrounding the pregnancy, Kylie's ex, Tyga, decided to get involved. He Snapchatted the comment, "Hell nah, that's my kid!" and deleted it almost immediately after posting it. As with anything Kardashian-related, thousands had already seen and taken screenshots of the Snapchat before it was removed. So, could Tyga be the baby daddy?
It Could Be A Case Of Sour Grapes
It's very possible that Tyga is simply stirring the pot after being dumped by Kylie not long before she took up with Travis Scott. When she ended the relationship, she said she was too young and implied she wanted to play the field a little before settling down. We can see why Tyga might be more than a little confused now that she's pregnant!
Has She Made A Fool Of Him?
Kylie told 'People' after the break up that she needed to be free. "I don't want to look back five years from now and think that [Tyga] took something from me," she said. Now that she's about to settle down and play happy families with her boyfriend of six months, we can see why Tyga might be acting out on social media.
Could It Be True?
Until the full details of the pregnancy are confirmed, there's no way to know if Tyga could potentially be the father. Given that Kylie was firmly in a relationship with Travis before she got pregnant, the general belief is that he's simply mouthing off to cause trouble. But, as with anything the Kardashians are involved with, you never know!
Caitlyn Jenner Confirms The Rumors
As Kylie's parent, you'd think Caitlyn Jenner would be a pretty reliable source. The former athlete appeared to confirm the rumors when The Sun asked her about how she found out about the pregnancy. "All I can tell you is that it was some time ago," she responded. We have no way of knowing if it's true or if she was simply trying to throw off the press.
Kris Has Kept Quiet
Matriarch of the Kardashian empire and Kylie's mom, Kris Jenner, has remained silent on the issue. The business-savvy manager has become famous for mitigating risk and always looking out for the financial interests of her daughters. Sources suspect she'd be happy for Kylie, but, as ever, concerned about the Kardashian image and Kylie's future business interests.
Another Kardashian Princess
As more and more information leaks about the pregnancy, TMZ is now reporting that Kylie and Travis are expecting a baby girl. Kylie's big sister Kim and husband, Kanye, are expecting their third child, also a girl, around the same time in January. Their child will be born via a surrogate, but Kim birthed their first two children, North and Saint.
Gearing Up For An Explosive Season
The Kardashian ladies certainly know how to drum up interest for their show. A new season of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' will begin airing in October, and it will be the place to gain firsthand knowledge of all the pregnancy information. Even if the pregnancy is fake, people will be tuning in to find out exactly what's up!
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