15 Comics That Show What Dating Really Is

So much truth here.
Gigi Cummings September 26th 2017 Humor
Modern dating is complicated and often times confusing. Knowing what to do in many non traditional situations leaves people feeling lost and hopeless in ever finding their true soul mate. While we are all just sitting here trying to figure out what the heck is going on in our love lives. We can take a moment to look at these comics and turn the frown upside down because although dating is hard, and it sucks, finding the humor in the whole process will keep us all sane. And who knows, we might learn a thing or two from being able to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
Bling Dating
You're sitting in a restaurant and you watch someone come in the door, immediately they grab their phone, scroll through it looking up every so often, scanning the room for a familiar face, only known from the pictures online. The go to sit at the bar and await their blind date to arrive, will he be as handsome as he is in his profile? Is it all a lie? Do I look as skinny as I do in my pictures? The sheer anxiety can be seen from a mile away.
The Subtext Is Key
Asking someone out comes with a lot of preconceived ideas of what is going to happen. On the first date there may be an end of the night kiss. On the second date a little over the shirt hand action, and by the third it can be implied that you two will be rolling around in the sheets screaming out in passionate joy. But what is also means is getting more intimate on less glamorous levels.
Happy Wife, Happy Life
Women should be treated like the queens that they are. Women are told from a young age to never settle for any man who doesn't worship the ground they walk on. Sometimes this can create women to be a little more than particular. The stereotype that women tend to wear the pants in the relationship stems from somewhere, but then again, keep them happy and they won't try and kill you in your sleep.
Showing Some Love
When people get into a relationship, they start to feel incredible comfortable being around each other in many ways. You feel comfortable naked, and wearing their grungiest clothes. You become so much like the same person you often pee with the door open, and forget to shave for weeks on end. Not only that but you become comfortable with the other persons body and it becomes your to do with what you want.
Proceed With Caution
It's the most classic trap a man can find himself in. His girlfriend is getting ready and he is just sitting there minding his own business and out of nowhere she hits him with the dreaded question, "Does this make my butt look big?" Many men have tried to escape this situation by answering truthfully, many men have lied, the successful ones have all been able to sneak out of the room unnoticed before being forced to answer.
WIth Women, You're Always Wrong
Doesn't matter how hard you try to agree with what they say or do the right thing, with women you will always be wrong. And that is just something everyone has to come to terms with in a relationship. Trying to fight it won't work, so just do what everyone else does and nod your head while looking at something else in the distance and say "Yes sweetie."
Sharing Is Caring
Back in the old days couple used to sleep in separate beds and sometimes even separate rooms. How many fights they avoided by doing that and how many nights of lovely sleep they had in their own beds with no one to steal the covers or drool on them or push them to the very edge of the bed where one false move and they will tumble to their death in a crashing thud. Oh the good ol' days.
How The Magic Fades
After some times couples tend to talk about how they lost the spark in their relationship, it happens to the best of us. We wish we could capture that first date feeling forever but after time it just all seems to fade away and we have to do our best to bring it back again. Or we just fall into a netflix take-out food vortex and live happily ever after in sweatpants.
Before The Internet
Before the internet how did we even function as humans? Where did we do our shopping, where did we find our news? Where did we find strangers within two blocks of us ready to get it on in a Starbucks bathroom? The internet opened up so many doors and also shut down a lot of other ones connected to human emotion. Oh well, Let's just keep swipping right.
Alone Together
Everyone's guilty pleasure is to lounge around on a Sunday afternoon binge watching TV in your underpants. And the dream is to have someone in life to do that with. Finding a partner as up for laying around on a Saturday night, is the type of validation we all want in out life. Get out the comfy blanket, put on your ugliest sweats, call your favorite chinese restaurant and throw on episode 1 season 1 of Parks and Rec.
For The Love And Money
For as long as men have had money and women have wanted some of it. Men have conjured up some sort of false confidence in their ability to date women much younger than them. They throw around their money and their balding heads like they are the cat's meow, when most girls are sitting their rolling their eyes. You bought me a drink? Try buying me an island and I'll consider your advances.
Media is Bae
In our lives, there is one relationship we can't get enough of. Our faces and fingers are constantly glued to our phones. We feel like we have lost a limb if we leave it at home. And when we want a relationship we really just want someone to share all of this media hoarding with. Someone to constantly text with, to binge watch Netflix with, and to gossip about what is shared on Facebook with. That is the real dream.
What She Says vs. What She Means
Couples have a language all their own, some of it is obvious and playful, and sometimes it is a code that even the smartest men in the world cant crack. It's hard to find out when something is a trap and when something should be taken at face value. In a relationship it is always better to air on the side of caution, you don't want to think that if she says "yes" she actually means, "yes."
The Future
Whenever women want to have a conversation about the future, it's usually pretty difficult to understand what they actually mean to talk about. It's best to tread lightly around this subject because any incorrect answer could lead to starting a ticking time bomb that could blow at any moment. Proceed with caution, and when in doubt use flattery to distract.
Sacrificing It All For Love
If you mess up in a relationship. It could take moving mountains to try and make it right. If the other person is worth it, than do whatever it takes to make things right. True love is something worth sacrificing for, so if the other person demands it, than change your personality, move into a new house, change careers, whatever it takes to make love work.


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