15 Everyday Items With Secret Uses That You're Using the Wrong Way

Michael Leon September 26th 2017 Lifestyle
Believe it or not, everyday items and objects have some interesting, impractical uses that are not known to many. We normally don't overthink the way they're meant to be used, especially if our tried-and-true method gets the job done. Needless to say, here's a list of ordinary products that can actually make your life just a tad easier. While some of these are admittedly more trouble than they're worth, it's fascinating just knowing how these creative designs work. Let's dig right in.
Smaller Jean Pockets
You see those tiny, totally useless pockets on the side of your jeans? They're not for storing nickels and dimes (although that wouldn't be such a bad idea). They were introduced sometime in the 1800s to store none other than your pocket watch. Why are they still used to this day, you ask? Perhaps for the same reason wrist watches are still so common, despite 99% of us having a clock on our smartphones.
Soft Drink Lids
Ever noticed how oddly detailed your soft drink's lid is? It typically consists of perfectly-shaped ridges and bumps and clever spacing in between. It turns out they're meant to protect your drink as well as the very surface you put the cup on. Simply flip the lid upside down, place it on the table, and voila! Now your mom won't be furious by the marks left on her shiny new table.
Your Car's Gas Tank Icon
I personally spent years oblivious to this Godsend of information, and so have countless people. Friends would always ask, "I'm about to put gas in the car, so which side is the tank on?" leading to a clueless guessing game. Well, now you know better; the arrow on your dashboard's gas icon is to remind you exactly which side the tank is on. Told ya this was a Godsend.
Toblerone Chocolate Bar
Everyone knows Toblerone chocolate bars are designed to be split into multiple, bite-sized pieces. This encourages people to eat a few without shoving them all down their throats in one sitting. But instead of breaking them apart like The Hulk, it's best to flip the bar upside down and push the outer piece inward. This ensures that each piece is evenly divided. Now you know!
Pen Caps
We all like to put a lot of things in our mouth - especially while working - and this includes pen caps as a way to pass the time. Well, did you know this nasty habit has led to thousands of people dying from choking on these little guys? Manufacturers now design the small hole on the cap to help prevent choking, as this helps with the airflow in case it accidentally ends up in your windpipe.
Chinese Takeout, Anyone?
Washing plates is about as fun as watching paint dry. Thankfully your local Chinese restaurant is quite aware of the situation, so their takeout food containers are designed to spare you the trouble. Simply unfold the container while eating your favorite meal, then refold it in the event you have some leftovers. We don't know what mad genius came up with this, but he or she deserves some serious worshipping.
The Hole on Elevator Doors
Ever seen that strange, curious hole on most elevator doors? While not technically an item, we're sure you have probably perceived it the wrong way at some point. To our surprise, that's nothing more than a keyhole meant for use in case of emergency. Now you won't have to panic next time you're stuck listening to that upbeat, invigorating elevator music.
Tic Tac Dispensers
Some things are meant to be eaten in bulk (unlike those damn Toblerone chocolate bars). Sadly, the makers of Tic Tac still want you to enjoy one tiny little mint at a time as evidenced by the container's lid. You see, its oddly shaped design is meant to be a single capsule dispenser to discourage you from swallowing them all like a hungry animal. But honestly, who the hell would follow this rule anyway?
Yogurt and Applesauce Lids
You may always be carrying car keys and a cell phone around, but I bet you never have a spoon conveniently stored in your purse. So next time you purchase applesauce or yogurt, refrain from eating it with your fingers like an uneducated caveman (seriously, don't do this). The hardened lid is conveniently designed to be folded and act as a spoon.
Beer Bottle Necks
Out and about getting wasted? Now you can do it in style and enjoy your beer much more in the process. That long neck in beer bottles are meant for your hands, as opposed to grabbing the entire bottle by its thick body. This helps prevent natural body heat from transferring to the drink and ruining an otherwise enjoyable experience. Who would have known?
Cooking Pan Handle
Cooking pans have proven that nothing is ever designed merely for fun. That seemingly useless hole you see on many pan handles are meant to hold the spoon while stirring your food. Now you won't have to place it on top of the stove and leave a mess afterward. Unless, of course, the tip of the spoon is dripping sauce once inserted through the hole. Use it wisely, my friends.
Juice Box Lids
How many of us haven't done this before: we open up our juice box and naturally hold it by its side. However, we unknowingly begin squeezing it so hard that it ends up spilling all over our new shirt. To prevent this embarrassing disaster, simply pull out the top sides until you can comfortably grab them while enjoying that refreshing juice. Your significant other will thank you when it's time to wash your clothes.
Dental Floss
It's quite common to wrap dental floss around your fingers as you clean your teeth from that leftover pizza. While this is admittedly convenient, the floss leaves some unattractive marks that can last several hours. So, instead of giving the impression that you just strangled someone, tie the floss as a circle and grab it comfortably by its sides with your hands. You're welcome.
Yogurt Topping Container
Okay, this one isn't rocket science, but it's definitely worth mentioning. Have you been pouring the toppins found in yogurt containers using a spoon? While there's nothing wrong with this method, you can also lift that small toppins chamber and everything would sprinkle right over the yogurt. That said, some of you may still use a spoon as it gives you greater control over your toppings. Take your pick!
Soft Drink Lids
It's tempting to simply place a straw into a soda can and enjoy that sugary goodness without overthinking it. But did you know the hole in the tab is meant to do just that? Twist the tab sufficiently and insert the straw right through it - you'll be amazed how well it fits. Perfect for those occasions when you're drinking and driving.


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