15 Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship

We're all guilty of #3
Cole Damon October 31st 2017 Lifestyle
Every couple's goal is to extend the natural lifespan of their relationship, but they fall into pitfalls every now and then, the end result of which is crippling loneliness. But after having undergone emotionally scarring breakups and borrowing in from the past experiences of our friends, we have come up with these 15 things you should definitely avoid in a relationship.
Not dressing in hot clothes in his presence
Most women are guilty of this pitfall. Remember why he fell for you in the first place? Was it because of your 'inner beauty'? No. He was captivated by what he saw on the outside. And if you hide it during his presence, he'll go somewhere else.
Staying angry for too long
Conflicts are unavoidable in any relationship, what matters at the end of the day however is getting back together and learning to forgive and forget. Learn to start over with a new beginning and let bygones be bygones.
Expect too many gifts
Your partner is not exactly a billionaire with a lot of money to burn. You're both living paycheck through paycheck so don't expect any special gifts every now and then. Save them from special occasions. When couples expect too much of each other, it only hampers their relationship.
Flirting with the opposite sex
There is no such thing as flirting innocently. It almost always damages your relationship. So next time you feel like irking up your better half by inviting a coworker to dinner, realize that you're only sowing the seeds of destruction.
Get all jealous with her
It is natural for your partner to strike a conversation with the opposite sex. Just because he's smiling at her doesn't mean he's in love with her. We are human beings and social creatures; don't get jealous over harmless chitchat.
Confiding too much in friends
Don't confide in too much with your friends; learn to take advice from your partner instead. If she learns that you're borrowing too much advice from your friends instead of taking her two cents, she will start feeling unimportant.
Bringing up past conflicts
It is not healthy to bring up unresolved conflicts from the past to try solving them now. It will only make the both of you feel hurt inside. It is unhealthy to bring up past relationships because of this very reason.
Being a control freak
We understand it can be frustrating to see your better half making wrong moves on a consistent basis. But let them do their own thing every once in a while so when they do mess up, you can let them know, "I told you!"
Showing condescension
Being condescending towards your partner has the effect of neutralizing all that love, it can cripple your relationship because you're acting all high and mighty. You are not doing them any favors by loving them, neither are they doing you any favor by loving you.
Not appreciating them enough
If you continue to disrespect your partner every now and then, they will begin to hate you. All that love they had for you, will begin to fade away and in place will leave nothing but anger, bitterness and hatred.
Bringing up your ex
We understand you're still a little bitter about your ex inside, but you've found a new partner so learn to enjoy life with them. Don't bring up your ex every now and then because it shows you still have feelings for your ex.
Making ridiculous demands of them
Some partners have these absolutely ridiculous demands of their better half. For instance, the girlfriend may ask her boyfriend to share more time with her. But he has a job and other responsibilities! Besides, you too should get a life by now.
Showing your ugly side
We all have our demons locked deep inside our hearts. A strong person learns the secret to locking this demon forever inside of them, and a weak person lets it out every now and then in the form of rage.
Comparing them to someone else
The mere act of comparing your boyfriend to someone else shows that you're contemplating a new partner right now. This means you're not happy with him and are likely searching for a suitable substitute. Excellent move if you want out of the relationship, terrible move if you want it to linger on.
Lying to them
Okay, we're all humans and tend to lie every now and then to hide a few of our embarrassments. But if it becomes a chronic condition, it will end your relationship. So don't lie to your partner because they will eventually catch onto you!


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