15 Pictures That Will Freak You Out When You Look Closer

Definitely would freak any sane person out!
Cole Damon October 31st 2017 Weird
Have you ever noticed anything unusual in the pictures that you have taken, that have left you in shock? Well, some pictures have extremely weird background that you will have to pay attention to very closely. Spotting the "unusual factor" about these photos can be challenging because sometimes they are camouflaged. Sometimes it may look like a prank, optical illusion or some paranormal activity. Whatever it is, it will leave you in shock and guessing. Below are a few pictures that will for sure confuse or shock you.
Just Us Two
These two girls seem so happy with their slumber party masks and pajamas on. Of course, there was a third person in the room that took the picture, but you need to look closer. Do you see it? There is someone under the desk and that person has a slumber party mask on. How creepy.
Ma'am There Is Someone on Your Window
As beautiful as this girl looks, there is something uncomfortable about this picture. How is it possible to be smiling and so carefree without even realizing a HUMAN BEING on your windshield? Whether this was a prank or paranormal activity, it will leave you in creeps.
Third Wheeler
A cute couple selfie takes a weird turn. Your eyes would immediately look at the couple that is trying to confess their love but when you take a second look, you can see it. There is a third person between them, making the picture funny and slightly freaky.
He Has Got Your Back
This picture is definitely an optical illusion. First, you see the two friends having a good time and then see the man casually standing in the background, not caring about whose picture he is photobombing. This picture is definitely very cute.
Acceptable Family Portrait
This is the picture perfect family portrait, but when you pay attention to it, you will see something you wish you could un-see. Although, it is somewhat hard to spot the weird part of this photo, it will definitely crack you up when you notice it.
Don't Look On the Left
Yes, what a cute little girl smiling because it is her birthday. You would not want to ruin her day by telling her there is some paranormal activity happening right behind her. Is it weird that the person that took the picture did not realize a demon standing next to the door?
Keep It PG
Pool parties are always fun and seeing pictures of the fun is even more fun, but boys will be boys. Undoubtedly, this optical illusion will keep you laughing and giggling every time you think about it. In addition, make sure you share the laughter with your friends!
Look Beyond the Circle
Don't people do the opposite of what they are told? If you have been told to look at a red circle, shouldn't you look beyond the circle to explore the entire picture? When you notice the "thing" you will feel stupid, but then you will laugh it off.
Space is Fooling Us
There was a satellite picture released and there was a human standing in the middle. It has not been confirmed if that picture was real or edited because we have been taught that there is no life in space. You are the judge.
Calm Down Boys
Of course, the male majority will begin to drool over this beautiful girl, but look closely. Will this picture make you laugh or shock you? The "something" that is in the background looks comfortable and so does the girl who is taking the picture.
For The Strong Hearted
Are you the person that can handle looking at pictures with pierced skin or blood? Although this picture is just an optical illusion, it will make you feel some kind of way. Credits to the tattoo artist who managed to execute this tattoo so realistically.
Is She A Gemini?
Gemini's are known for their dual personalities. The girl shot in this photo has a serious look on her face, but her reflection is the opposite. This picture can be an accurate representation of Gemini's or females and their mood swings. HAHA.
Epic Face Swap
How amusing has the face swap trend been these days? There are many face swap images on the internet, but sometimes they seem to be going overboard. This face swap -however- is definitely interesting and very hilarious.
You Complete Me
Seeing happy pet owners with their pets is always a nice sight. However, do you want to know what is better? When the pet is able to complete their owner's look. Although, this photo is an optical illusion, it is so cute and something you would want to keep looking at.
Two Souls, One Body
It is scary of how accurately this photo represents that simple phrase. Seeing happy friendships is always an amusing sight, but when it takes unexpectedly weird turns, it becomes hard to look at them the same way again. You be the judge and tell how amazing this illusion is.


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