Tips To Make Your Woman Happy and Keep Your Relationship Going

She'd love you for these!
Gigi Cummings October 30th 2017 Lifestyle
Many men have said that women are hard to understand, and they find it difficult to figure out what their woman really wants and needs to be happy in a relationship. To maintain their satisfaction and keep everything on track. All relationships are unique, and there isn't a specific formula to keep a woman happy in a relationship. While this is true in most cases, there are some general rules and tips that men can follow in order to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. They say, "happy wife, happy life." Here's how to make it true.
Small Things Count
A lot of men think that one grand gesture of romance will keep a woman happy for years to come. That's not necessarily true, most women would rather have consistent small reminders of love in their daily life than one big one. Make her feel loved in the most basic of ways on the daily and she will be always happy.
Put In Some Extra Effort
It might feel like you are doing more than the other person, but that is only because in every relationship each person has their own life they are living and usually feel like they are exerting the extra effort. Step outside of yourself and put in the time to be a little extra with her, she will be grateful
Confidence Not Arrogance
Men always get the idea that women want and bad boy, a man with arrogance and a poor attitude, with women wanting a confident man, a man that is self assured and strong minded. Confidence is a very sexy quality while arrogance gets old very very fast.
Chivalry Is Not Dead
If you feel like chivalry is old fashioned and out dated, than you will not be able to keep a woman happy for very long. Chivalry is an awesome quality for any man to cultivate. Being kind and good to others, especially his woman is a good habit to form and she will be very appreciative.
Don't Be A Man-Baby
Women are nurturing humans, and when they are in love to want to take care of those people in their lives. Don't take advantage of this and become a giant man-baby, always demanding things and bossing her around. The man-flu is hard enough to deal with, deal with it like a real man.
Listen And Take Interest
Yes, women can have a tendency to babble on about things that don't really have any impotence. But when your girl needs to tell you something, or has something on her mind, sit and really listen to her, and take interest in what she says, she will feel heard and loved.
Be Honest
Even if the truth is sometimes hard to hear, be honest with women. The more honesty and openness that you have with your lady in your relationship, the happier and healthier that your relationship with be together. Don't be hurtful with your truthfulness, but be sure not to hide the truth.
Make Her A Priority
When you choose to make your woman a priority in your life, she will choose to make you hers. As a couple, you both can start to build a life together that is secure and long lasting. She will be more supportive of your individuality if she feels like you aren't blowing her off.
Notice Her
If she makes and effort to dress up for you, or if she gets a new haircut, try and make an effort to notice these things. She won't want to brag to you or force you to constantly comment on her clothes, but if you notice her and the things she does for you, she will feel extra special.
Take it Slow (In Bed)
There is a place and time for a quickie, and that can be really fun in the moment. But for the most part when the two of you are getting intimate, take it slow and make it romantic. Sex can become routine in a relationship, but paying attention to the pleasures of sex will help stay away from routine.
Learn To Say Sorry
Men can have big egos that can get in the way of truly reconciling an argument in a relationship. If you want to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your woman, make sure you learn to put your ego aside and say sorry when it is necessary. Holding grudges wont make things better.
Sometime's Women Need "Me Time"
If women are feeling over whelmed or a little burnt out, they might need to take a trip to the spa, or go for a weekend getaway by themselves or with their girlfriends. This doesn't mean that she doesn't want to be with you, it just means she needs to re-up and re-energize.
Take Care Of Your Hygiene
Women understand that in a relationship, the two people can get really comfortable where letting your daily hygiene can slip a little. While a bit is accessible, women want men to take pride in themselves and their appearance, and just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean you don't have to shower.
Know Yourself
If you aren't living your best life, then why would a woman want to commit to spending hers with you. Don't settle for an average life where you are only partly happy, strive to be your best and your girl will be right by your side pushing and supporting you the whole way.
Respect Women
Women are in a daily struggle to be respected in this world. They shouldn't have to deal with it at home too. Respect her, don't talk about her to your guy friends behind her back, don't make her feel small or inferior and don't make her feel like she isn't worthy of what a man deserves.


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