15 Daily Habits That Are Hurting Your Manhood

Ian Anglin October 30th 2017 Lifestyle
By "manhood", we are referring to the overall hormonal-makeup and energy a guy has. The primary hormone behind what differentiates men from women is testosterone. The testosterone in our bodies is made in the testicles, so naturally, we should strive to do anything in our power to have optimally healthy testicles. This is easier said than done because there are many daily habits that guys have that are ruining their testosterone production. Let's see the 15 worst offenders.
Not Getting Enough Exercise
According to a study of 300 men, the men who exercised had better functioning erections. This presumably includes having stronger erections, and a higher sperm count. To achieve these results, guys only need to exercise 3-5 hours per week. No need to be a gym rat.
Smoking is Dangerous
Everyone knows that smoking is not a healthy activity. While smoking could make you look more mature, ultimately it is going to be harmful to your sperm production. Results say that smokers had poorly developed sperm, which means they are less likely to be able to fertilize the female egg.
Not Getting Laid
There is an old saying, "use it or lose it." Well, the saying appears to be true. The less often a guy has sex, the higher the chances of having erectile dysfunction. Ideally, you should try to have sex at least once per week. Once per month should be your minimum.
Eating Junk Food
Just as smoking is bad, so is eating fast food. Coke, French fries, or other high carb food (or food that contains trans fats, like processed food and cookies) can wreck a man's ability to have an erection. The study was done in 2011.
Not Sleeping Enough
Every guy should strive to sleep at least 7-9 hours. The older a person is, the less they have to sleep. The 7-9 hours advice is for guys aged 20-60. Just note that sleep quantity is not enough to get in optimal health - you also need to improve your sleep quality - so, no coffee before going to bed.
Not Washing Off Sunscreen
Applying sunscreen is a very healthy thing to do, especially in the summer when the UV index is at its peak. You just have to remember to wash off the sunscreen after you come home or into the shade - otherwise nasty chemicals may wreak havoc on your endocrine system.
Not Eating Enough Watermelon
Watermelon is one those miracle foods. Not only is it cheap and tasty, but it is also essential to having proper, good quality sperm production. A study in Texas also revealed that eating watermelon had a similar effect as taking a Viagra pill.
Binge-Watching TV
You may have noticed that binge-watching TV is bad for you. Especially for time-management. You can probably easily lose 20-30 hours in the week by watching the latest show on Netflix. Sadly, the same goes for your sperm count - researchers found binge-watchers had a 44% lower sperm count.
Poor Dental Hygiene
Researchers from the Journal of Periodontology say that gum disease is 7 times more frequent in men that have erectile dysfunction. This is because infections can travel throughout the body - so what happens in your mouth can easily have an effect elsewhere.
Coffee is Your Friend
Here is another study that was done at the University of Texas. The study claims that 42% of men that drink between 2-3 cups of coffee per day were less likely to have problems with the quality of their erections.
Excessive Boozing
You may have heard of the term "whiskey dick." That term is not a joke - guys that drink a lot, tend to have more problems "down there." You don't have to quit drinking cold-turkey, but try to limit to 1-2 glasses per week.
Smoking Weed
Weed is another erection killer. The problem is caused by multiple different effects weed has on our bodies, but suffice to say, you don't want to have a joint before getting intimate with your girl. Weed is also bad for the quality of your sperm.
Soy Makes You Impotent
Soy is rich in phytoestrogens, which is a more potent form of the female hormone estrogen. There are some studies that show that food that contains phytoestrogens can be harmful to our body's testosterone production. The advice here is to skip on soy.
Saunas and Hot Baths
Saunas are very popular in Scandinavian countries, where many families have one even in their family home. Perhaps no one told the people in those countries that increasing your body's temperature is one of the best ways of killing your testosterone production.
Stress as the Silent Killer
We can finally close off this article with the worst silent killers of your manhood and longevity - stress. Stress, alongside anxiety and depression, is one of the worst problems affecting the modern guy. Try to keep a few physical every week that can help you relieve stress.


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