Carmen From Spy Kids Is All Grown Up, And She Looks Stunning

That's some remarkable transformation.
Gigi Cummings September 26th 2017 Entertainment
Celebrities who get their start as child stars are constantly in the public eye for all of their young adult life. We watch them go from adorable little kids to bonafide grownups, all in what seems like the blink of an eye. Sometimes the celebrities face the harsh reality of puberty, other times they transform into total hotties. Spy Kids child star, Alexa Vega, who played Carmen Cortez on screen, grew up and when we saw her, we did a double take! The grownup Carmen is on fire and we are sure her career is going to launch into superstardom.
Spy Kid to Total Babe
The Miami Florida native is known for her role in the hit box office blockbuster Spy Kids. The movie has grossed millions of dollars and has spawned many sequels including a 3D version. Back in 2001 when the film was released, Vega was just a young girl, with sweet young looks and enough sass to make her a remodel for kids as a top secret spy in this hit movie.
From The Sunshine State To Hollywood
Vega spent the first four years of her life living on a ranch in Ocala, Florida. Later her family moved her to California to cement her fame in Hollywood. Little did they know just how successful this young star would be. And now that she is all grown up she has her family to thank for making that move when she was at a very young age in order to give her the opportunities she has now to shine!
Growing Up Gorgeous
The limelight isn't the only reason Vega blossomed into a ravaging young beauty. She can thank her parents good genes as well. Her father is Colombian in heritage and her mother was an American model. And Vega isn't the only child who carried on these family traits. She has six siblings, including Mackenzie Vega who is an actress just like her sister.
Hollywoods Newest Hottie
Flash forward twelve years in the future and Alexa Vega is now Hollywoods newest bombshell. In 2013 Vega sported a stunning red dress at the Fantastic Fest. She showed up glowing and fans were shocked to see how mature and grown up Vega had become after being in Spy Kids as such a young actress, almost like an instant transformation in the eyes of Hollywood!
Where It All Started
Here's a little insight into the the movie that launched Alexa Vega's career as secret spy Carmen Cortez. The plot revolves around two married spies who get kidnapped by diabolical kid show host Fegan Floop. They are forced to tell their kids what they do and the kids go on a secret mission to rescue their parents. Alexa's Vega's father is played by Antonion Banderas in the movie.
Spies In Training
Alexa Vega's character Carmen Cortez and her on screen sibling Juni are thrown into spy training, needing to put their sibling rivalry aside in order to learn the skills needed to rescue their parents. Of course they become talented young spies and set off on a complicated mission, where after battling it out with the shows bad guys, succeed in finding their parents and getting them home safe.
A Star Is Born
Vega was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance in this film. Young actors who show promise when they are young are put in the position to crumble before the pressure of Hollywood or rise to superstardom. Alexa seems to have what it takes, not only is she incredibly beautiful but her skills as an actress will make her a versatile young star with a promising career ahead of her.
Transition To Hollywood Starlet
So what has Alexa been up to since her younger days of playing secret spy Carmen Cortez. Well during the time Spy Kids was a mega hit in the theaters, Alexa became a real role model for young girls, playing a character who was strong and able to take dangerous matters into her own hands. Young girls everywhere wanted to be a spy like Carmen Cortez, now all grown up Vega has become a new type of role model.
Latest Projects
Since Spy Kids, Alexa has attempted to dump that young girl image and take on more mature roles. You have probably seen her in the films, "Sleepover", "Innocent" and "Broken Hill." Or as the super sexy character "Killjoy" in the Robert Rodriquez film "Machete Kills" where she acts alongside other huge stars like, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen.
Rising To The Top
Alexa has been noticed on many red carpets for the past several years as a young starlet who is ready to blossom. And it's not just her beautiful looks that are getting her attention. Vega has been nominated for many awards over the past couple years and has won some prestigious titles, such as ALMA favorite movie actress, Black Reel Awards Best Actress and Imagen Foundation Awards for Best Actress.
Big Time Wedding Bells
Alexa has grown up right in front of our eyes, so much so that we all followed when she met Big Time Rush Star Carlos Pena and the two swooned and fell in love and were married in January 2014. Alexa was hesitant of Carlos at first when she met him, she had never dated a Latin guy and was not sure she wanted to date another actor. Since getting together the couple has gone on to star in a feature film together.
Dancing With Vega
Alexa and Carlos are the first married couple to compete together on dancing with the stars, one of prime times hottest TV shows. He was paired with Whitney Carson and Vega paired up with Mark Ballast. Although the couple loves each other very much, America has enjoyed watching them battle it out. Seeing again how Vega has grown up from child actress to Hollywood mega star.
From Blockbuster To Small Screen
Vega is not only taking on Hollywood films by storm. She has also found her way into roles on television as well. She landed spots on the hit TV show "Nashville" and "The Mentalist" with a resume like she is building, she is headed to do great things in her future. It is exciting to see what this beauty is going to be up to next. She definitely has the appeal and talent to take her far.
The Perks Of Being Famous
When Alexa was still coming of age and working for director Robert Rodrigues at the age of 16. She wanted to grow up fast and asked him to get her a car. Specifically a Range Rover so that she could drive her four sisters around with surfboards on the top around Los Angeles. What did Rodriguez do about this demand? He bought her the car, of course!
And Baby Make Three
We watched Alexa grow up in the widely successful movie franchise "Spy Kids" we watched her career bloom into becoming a Hollywood superstar and we watched her fall in love with TV actor Carlos Pena. The on December 7th 2016 Vega and husband Pena welcomed a baby boy into this world. The couple named the little bundle of joy Ocean, and could not be happier becoming parents.


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