The Ultimate Mind Test Is Here To Test Your Intelligence

Jay Dawson July 27th 2017 Education
Are you a genius? We all like to think we're the mightiest of the mindlords, but the truth is often far from flattering. Sure, most of us can add up the shopping bill or read a map, but we're hardly about to get admitted into Mensa or shoot pool and debate astrophysics with Stephen Hawking. Still think you're a genius? Well, there's a simple way to find out. Just take this test and you'll know for sure...
What It Tests
We'll get to the video with the test in a second, but first we're going to prep you with a little explanation of what this test is all about. Y'know, give you some pointers so you don't fail horribly. What's going to happen in the video is that you're going to have to solve various logic, memory, and mental puzzles. You might have seen some of them before, but that probably won't help you with these stumpers.
As simple as they may seem at first, these puzzles activate so many different parts of your brain. To beat them, you're going to be tested on your concentration, memory, logic, and observational skills, sometimes all at the same time. "Who needs concentration and observational skills in life?", you might ask. Well, countless studies have proven that if you excel in these four areas, no matter how much you've learnt from books, you're going to achieve so much more in life.
We Don't Want To Make You Feel Bad
That's not to say that if you do end up failing this test, or not doing as well as you thought, then you've failed at life. This test, this video you're about to see, is really, really, tough. Most people won't get it the first time, and that's okay. Sure, you might not be the Nobel-prize-winning genius your mom thought you'd always be, but it doesn't mean you're stupid, either. So many people with average intelligence, who have dropped out of high school and college and never had much education, have gone on to achieve incredible things.
There's so much more to winning at life than just mental capabilities. Things like empathy, looks, humor, wit, and confidence all play their part, and you can still succeed without acing every exam. But if you do get at least nine out of ten in this test, you truly are a mental giant.
Brain Busting
The reason that this test is so damned hard is because with many of the puzzles, your brain is actively trying to trick you. To push through, you're going to have to fight every single brain cell, all of which are screaming "that's so obvious, bro!". As hard as you try, these are specially designed illusions which play on psychological quirks of the brain to trick it. It'll take a mastermind to see through them.
Are you ready? We don't want to give away too much more, so you're on your own now. Sit down, flex those brain muscles, and get started on the test by pressing play on the video below. Send it to your friends and see who's the secret smarty pants out of all of you. And above all, make sure you let us know how you did in the comments. We'd like to buy some shares in the next company you end up founding.
Here is the Video:


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