Mom Finds Dad And Daughter Doing This Instead Of Cooking Breakfast In Viral Video

Jay Dawson September 26th 2017 Inspiration
Many people make a big thing about the emotional connection between mothers and their children. But fathers have just as tight a bond as their partners, especially now as more and more become stay at home dads. It doesn't take Freud to realize that fathers have a huge impact on the lives of their daughters, and can share moments with them that no-one else can. This is just one of those beautiful moments between Daddy and his little girl - something so touching you'll never forget it... When you see the video at the end of this slideshow you will be stunned.
Just A Quiet Day At Home
It was the weekend, and this young family of three were spending a lazy Sunday morning in at their home. With no plans, and nowhere to be, the father and daughter had arranged to cook breakfast for mom. She wouldn't have to lift a finger and could just spend the morning getting a much-needed sleep in.
Seeing What They're Up To
But you know how most mothers are: they can't just sit still while someone might be pouring flour all over their spotless floor, or scratching their heads at the complexity of the dishwasher. There was no rest for her, so she got up to check on the pair. When she looked through the kitchen door, though, she found that they weren't just cooking breakfast.
She Grabs The Camera
What she spied was something so heartwarming and moving, she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Their daughter had always been the apple of her father's eye, and this was definite proof of the incredible bond the two shared. What could she do? The only thing you would do these days, and that's to whip out the phone, start filming, and give birth to a viral sensation.
Tight Embrace
She's clinging on to the chest of her dad, hugging him tight like a baby sloth, or like a shell if the turtle got dressed in the dark. As he cooks and she "helps out", they rock and dance to a song playing on the kitchen stereo and move around the room. The father's loving every minute of his daughter's hug.
She's Loving It
And she's loving every minute of it, as well. She might be about eight years old and way too big to be doing this, but that doesn't matter for a second. She's still daddy's little girl, and the smile on her face proves how much love is going on here. The daughter is back to being a really young kid again, when her dad would carry her everywhere.
Their Favorite Song
The song is the classic "When You Need Me", a hit for Bruce Springsteen back in the late 90s and one of the father's favorites. Luckily, the daughter's at the age when she hasn't yet rebelled against all of her parent's musical tastes, and she loves it too. No doubt decades down the line, when she has children of her own, she'll hear the song and remember this moment forever.
Sweet Moves
If you thought men couldn't dance, you're mostly right. But when no-one's watching and you've only got a daughter in your arms, fathers can get surprisingly creative. As they bounce around the kitchen, he twils her and dips her and she laughs in delight. This guy's got moves, and he knows how to woo the ladies.
And You Thought Men Couldn't Multitask
If you thought men couldn't multitask, you're mostly right again. This father, though, is no mere mortal. All this time that they're sharing a moment, don't think that the promised breakfast has been left far behind. Even while he's dancing, he's mixing up the pancakes, pouring in the batter, and even giving them a solid flip. Potentially dangerous? Probably. Still as cute as hell? Definitely.
Some Of The Best Moments We've Seen
This is no one off event. Many daughters will tell you that the time that they shared with their dads when they were young were some of the happiest times that they can remember. Dads usually get it easy - it's the mom that always has to be the strict one, while they let their little princess do whatever they like. And thanks to YouTube, we've seen plenty of evidence of that beautiful father-daughter love...
Singing With Dad
All little girls love belting out a tune, and Claire Crosby is no different. Luckily for her, her dad is a professional musician who loves a melody just as much as she does, and has made her into an internet star. With his wife Ashley and son Carson on backing, Claire has torn her way through many a Disney classic and into the hearts of the world, with hundreds of millions of views on their YT channel.
Interrupting A Military Parade
The army has a lot of rules and etiquette to follow, especially during military ceremonies. But nothing will trump the love of a daughter, as the delighted crowd found out at a Colorado Army Base homecoming parade. After nine months of him deployed overseas, two-year-old Karas Oglesby couldn't wait a second longer to hug her dad, Daniel, who was standing in formation. She even interrupted a welcome-home speech by a Major General, but no-one cared in the slightest.
That Wedding Dance
Another classic father-daughter dance from the archives, and another case of a dad busting moves no-one thought possible. Mikayla Phillips and her dad Nathan became overnight YouTube stars when she posted their opening wedding dance online. She's a professional dancer, he's definitely not. But as they rip through MC Hammer, LMFAO, and NSYNC, it shows that no training in the world is needed to be an awesome dad.
A cute little kiss from your daughter is one thing, but when it's legendary quarterback Tom Brady on the receiving end, it just gets all the more cuter. This tender moment is an example of how some little girls know exactly what their father needs, as he prepared for a play-off match for the New England Patriots.
Dad Takes Daughter To Work
Post-game conferences are usually insanely boring affairs, filled with tired sporting clich├ęs and coaches mumbling apologies for their loss. You know what makes it better? When a dad brings her daughter to work. Like the moment we'll never forget, when Steph Curry and his daughter Riley both showed up to a post-game Q & A. She stole the show with her adorable display, even telling Steph at one point to be quiet - something we've been wanting to do for years.
The Grand Finale
Back at the dance in the kitchen, the father and daughter finally realize that they're being watched. But does he get all manly and self-conscious? Nope. He does the exact opposite, building their adorable dance routine to a memorable final with a huge dip and a sweet kiss. And then it was don - a quiet moment that will linger forever.
Here is the Video:


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