Remember Eminem's Wife, Kim? Here's What She's Doing and Looks Like Today

How even?
Harriet King September 25th 2017 Entertainment
Has there been any celebrity relationship more volatile than that of Eminem and Kim's? We're struggling to come up with any that have even come close to this one! Kim Mathers and Eminem, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, have been giving each other hell since they were kids. When they met, Eminem was 15 and Kim was just 13 years old. Years have since passed and these two just can't seem to shake each other.
He Was Rapping Even All Those Years Ago
Both Kim and Eminem grew up in a rough part of Detroit, and it was in their local area that they first met. Kim saw Eminem standing on a table, with no shirt on, rapping to an LL Cool J song. At school, Eminem was bullied and he struggled academically, failing the ninth grade three times before finally dropping out at age 17.
A Rebellious Start
You can definitely say this wasn't your average high school romance. There were no sweet notes, no prom, and no rules with this tumultuous two. After they first met, Kim and her twin sister, Dawn, ran away from home to live with Eminem and his mother that same year. Talk about moving fast! Remember, they were only 13 and 15 at the time.
The Glue That Kept Them Together
Though problems with drugs, fame, infidelity, and alcohol always threatened to split Kim and Eminem up for good, in 1995 they ended up having a daughter, Hailie, together. Both parents loved Hailie immensely and she was the glue that kept them together for probably much longer than they should have been. It didn't stop the major fall out that was to come, though...
The Song That Almost Destroyed Her
After Hailie was born on Christmas Day, 1995, things were looking up for Kim and Eminem. They even got married in 1999. But two years later it all fell apart, and the pair decided to end their relationship for good this time. On his album, The Marshall Mathers LP, released in 2000, Eminem included a song that literally almost killed Kim.
Hateful Lyrics, Even For Eminem
Eminem is no stranger to controversial lyrics - in fact, we expect no less from him! But almost everybody thought his song, titled 'Kim' crossed the line in a big way. The lyrics include a sick fantasy, where Eminem kills Kim's husband, stepson, and her. He was hurt at the time, but this was the mother of his child he was talking about.
He Invited Her To Watch Him Sing
It was bad enough that the song about Kim existed at all, but no one thought Eminem could be cruel enough to make her watch him perform it to an audience of thousands. He invited her and her sister, Dawn, to one of his shows during his 'Up in Smoke' tour. She didn't want to go, but he promised her that he wouldn't sing 'Kim.'
Rubbing Salt In The Wound
Though Eminem promised her he wouldn't sing 'Kim,' things changed and he decided to do it anyway. He didn't stop there, either. While performing, he punched, kicked, and tore apart a blow-up doll that was supposed to represent Kim. Thousands of people witnessed Eminem humiliating her on stage, and it got too much for her to bear.
It Nearly Killed her...TWICE!
After watching her ex-husband put on such a show, Kim left the venue immediately, completely distraught by what he had done. She got into her car and almost immediately crashed it. When she finally made it home, she decided her life wasn't worth living anymore and attempted suicide by slitting her wrists. Luckily for her family, she wasn't successful.
Somehow, They Found Each Other Again
If it were us and our famous ex-husband wrote and performed a song about wanting to kill us, we'd probably be a little less inclined to take him back. But somehow, Em and Kim rekindled their love and in January 2006 they even remarried. Things didn't bode well when they argued on their wedding day and Eminem left their family home...
Kim Felt Rushed
In interviews years later, Kim admitted that the wedding felt rushed and that she wasn't ready to commit to Eminem again. She went through with it because he gave her an ultimatum and she didn't want to lose him by saying no. When Eminem left the family home and skipped town, he didn't see his wife or his daughter for more than a month.
It Didn't Last
Unsurprisingly, manipulating someone into a marriage they're not ready for is not a recipe for wedded bliss. Eminem filed divorce papers in April 2006 - not even a full four months after their second wedding. At the time, the couple were still fighting the same old battles, which couldn't have been easy on a new marriage. The big one was drug addiction.
Eminem Was Hours From Death
Both Kim and Eminem have fought multiple battles with drug addiction. Eminem managed to get sober by 2002, but soon got hooked on prescription drugs that he used to ease his insomnia. He was soon addicted to valium and methadone. After overdosing one night, doctors told him he had two hours to live, but he managed to make it through and has been clean since 2008.
Kim Has Changed Her Life, Too
The on again-off again duo still see a lot of each other, but Kim has managed to clean up her life, despite the bad influence Eminem seems to have on her. Their daughter Hailie has a fairly normal life, considering the crazy ups and downs she would have experienced growing up. Imagine listening to a song where your dad says he wants to kill your mom!
Her Twin Sister Died
Kim's Twin sister, Dawn, died of a drug overdose just this year, sending Kim into a grief she had never felt before. Close since birth, Kim couldn't handle the idea of a world without her sister, and she attempted suicide for the second time. She has now started to come out of that dark place and is trying to live her life right this time.
They Share Custody Of The Kids
Kim and Eminem share custody of their daughter Hailie, as well as Whitney, Kim's daughter from another relationship. After Dawn died, the couple also adopted her daughter, Alaina. Separate from Kim, Eminem also has custody of his half-brother, Nathan. We bet you didn't know Eminem has a total of four kids!


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