15 Photos That Prove Being Tall Can Be Extremely Painful

Charlie Blacks II September 25th 2017 Humor
Over thousands of years, humans have evolved into what we would think be the perfect specimen, when in all actually we know that is nowhere near the truth and have a long way to go before achieving not only mental enlightenment but, the physical prowess we can only fathom with our imaginations. As of now, we have athletes built with freakishly strong builds and intimidating amounts of height most of us would kill for. Well, being extremely tall isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Check out these images of really tall people struggling with everyday life and let us know if you'd still want to be blessed with the height gene in the comment section.
The Concert Experience
This has to be one of the more obvious experiences that not only make people who are super tall uncomfortable but, can quickly escalate to a physical altercation simply for being tall. Nobody wants to stand behind a sasquatch while attending an already crowded concert or after scraping up enough cash for an expensive ticket to see their favorite band. For all the vertically challenged people out there avoid getting caught in this situation and for all the long-legged fellows and ladies out there, please be considerate of where you stand while out on the concert scene.
The Struggles Of Finding A Lengthy Bed
Every tall person's nightmare is going over to a family member's house and receiving the guest room treatment or going on vacation opening the hotel door only to notice that the bed isn't big enough to accommodate their lengthy bodies. Can you imagine going somewhere only to find out you won't be able to sleep comfortably throughout the night without rubbing your feet together to keep warm from that 2am breeze? If you ask us, this might sound like a small price to pay but, this would be horrendous to endure frequently.
The Automatic Top Shelf Savior
Imagine strolling down the aisles at your local Whole Foods only to made instantaneously responsible for getting the Brazilian made earth-friendly soap from the top shelf for an unappreciative middle-aged woman who looks like a cast member from The View. Who would want to have to risk their well-being attempting to grab the triple-pack large Listerine bottles from the top row for someone you've never met before? This one might sound a little selfish but, tall people take on a lot of extra work when it comes to top shelves.
Tall People, Low Ceilings.
This could be potentially the most unfair of them all. What architects and designers don't think about when mapping out particular buildings. No one ever thinks about the tall people! Imagine having to uncomfortably slouch and angle your neck in order to fit into what could a friend or family member's home. Can you imagine having to look out for low-hanging ceilings constantly just in order to avoid concussions, while those of the average height can just slide on by without anything concern in the world? The audacity of society to forget about accommodating tall people with tall ceilings! The audacity!
The Mistake Of Driving Foreign Cars
Can you imagine being a person around 6'6" and your favorite automobile makers being Lamborgini only to find out the foreign sports models are not meant to fit someone of your stature within its build? That would suck... The funny thing is you'd think foreign car companies would have fixed this by now but, nope. Majority of car companies intentionally choose to accommodate those that are of the average height or shorter. The only major foreign car company that designs their product with tall people in mind is Ferrari. Good luck, with attempting to pull that car note money together.
The Automatic Piggy-Back Ride
Alright, this one should be understandable to everyone tall or not... Who in their right mind would think that it's ok to just jump on someone else's back without warning or regard to said person's current mindstate? For some reason, those who were blessed with the tall gene have to deal with unsolicited piggy back rides all the times without warning. Do you understand how dangerous this could be?! Take note people, ask someone before you jump on their back like Abu from Aladdin.
How Tall Are You? You've Got To Play Basketball?
Tall people have to deal with the constant questioning about their sports talent and capabilities, which has to be one of the most annoying conversations to have as a vertically blessed being, especially if you share no interest in sports. Imagine being picked first to play a pickup basketball game because of your height only to stink it up on the court and embarrass yourself in the midst of a bunch of overly aggressive basketball meatheads. You might not make it off the court alive.
I Wonder What I Really Look Like?
A lot of us have issues with the physical image that we portray, so we usually tend to look in the mirror to correct what we don't like about our physical image before we hit the door for work or other leisure activities. Sounds simple and very normal right? Welp, not for the tall folks of the world. Matter of fact, most mirrors are placed so low that they're not able to see themselves regularly without hunching over in an awkward position just to fix a contact or see how their shave came out. It's the small things in life that we forget about...
Group Pictures Are Always Awkward
If you just so happen to be freakishly tall forget about that fresh new outfit standing out in group photos because you'll have to placed all the way at the back of every photo you take. This might not sound like a big deal but, if you think about it, being tall you almost become a forgotten presence when taking photos with a multitude of people. And who in the world wants to be forgotten? Still want to be tall?
Group Selfies Are Just As Awkward
Picture yourself being in the midst of a beautiful scenery with your significant other only to whip out the forward facing camera on your phone and taking several awkward selfies with the one you love only to grow frustrated and temporarily ruining the experience trying to get the right picture with both of your faces in frame. Welp! The struggle is real for our tall brothers and sisters of the world. So, if you just so happen to run into your favorite sky scraping NBA basketball player don't be surprised if you're selfie doesn't come out perfect on the first try.
The Curse Of The Airplane Seat
This one should be a dead giveaway. Tall people on flights have it the worst. Not only are they crammed into tight spaces to the point that the airplane backseat trays are virtually useless, they make everyone around them anxious and uncomfortable as well. Airplane seating design is partially to blame for this but, it still sucks when you happen to tower over the general public. For those of you who love to travel and happen to be of average height, you've got to understand how truly blessed you are to be a short stack and not built like Andre The Giant.
Where's...? Oh, There They Are.
Alright, this one isn't that bad. Being tall allows you to stick out like a sore thumb in crowded surroundings but, sometimes being a part of the tall community sometimes you just want to blend in with the masses. Unfortunately, this will never be the case for the vertically blessed. The advantages and disadvantages of this can be weighed in the sense of pros and cons but, do you think Yao Ming wants to be seen in public all the time? If you ask us, that's a definite no.
The Dreaded Showerhead
Cleanliness is next to godliness and for those that happen to be in the tall category getting a well needed comfortable shower experience is nearly impossible to achieve. Imagine having to duck underneath the showerhead in order to get all the conditioner out of your hair and eyes only not to get a good scrub and rinse of your upper back? This sounds like a nightmare if you ask us. Showers are supposed to be relaxing not tedious and difficult. Still we ask... You want those extra eight inches of height?
Even Hugging Is A Problem
Seriously... Even showing the purest form of affection is difficult for those who hover over the average-sized people of the world. At first, the image of tall people getting on their knees to hug someone or someone of smaller stature standing on a step stool to even the playing field for a hug looks adorable but, after awhile it has to take a toll on whoever's doing most of the work in order to share a touching moment. Ask anyone you who towers over the masses and they'll admit things can get weird when hugging it out.
Public Transit Struggles
Planes, trains, and automobiles... Any type of transit you think of, it comes with a struggle for those who are vertically blessed. This one could be the worst being that everyone no matter who you are has to get from point A to point B in order to live a fruitful and lucrative life. Can you imagine sitting on the subway and every single patron that rides by bangs your knees with no remorse? Or sitting on a train only for the person in front of you to recline their chair making it even more uncomfortable than what it already is? Or adjusting the seat of every passenger side car seat only to deal with this day in and day out for the rest of your life?! Face it, the average-sized folks of the world have it easy.

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