What Little Things a Women Expects A Guy To Do On The First Night Together

Pretty fair tbh!
Ray Porter October 27th 2017 Lifestyle
Like most interactions between men and women in the context of a relationship there are a certain set of expectations that a woman and men just don't realise the importance of these little things they should be doing. The first night is almost a foundation stone for a healthy relationship, so making it special is worth the effort. There are a host of mistakes that can be made on the first night together, but with these tips you'll steer clear of that embarrassment.
Communication is Key
The first night together in a meaningful relationship is not just about rushing into your partners pants as quickly as possible. It's about strengthening a bond. Talk to her and delve deeper into the things she enjoys talking about and brush past that which does capture her interest.
Although it can seem fake and manipulative to compliment a partner due to all the attention the 'pick-up' community gives compliments, and honest compliment goes a long way. And in bed that is no exception, this is the first time you open your bodies to each other completely, let her know what you enjoy about her body.
Dress Up
If it's a date where you believe that you may be spending your first night together, dress up. This should be a special and exciting occasion for you both, let that show in your outfit. Wrecked and unflattering clothing is going to make your partner feel underappreciated.
Be Conscious in What You Say
Think before you speak, but that is a fine line to tread as you don't want to overthink while spending time with your partner. What you say and the way you say it should generate some sexual tension. Try slowing your speech as if you are speaking to someone not fluent in English.
Take Your Time
This one is super important. You have the whole night, so there is no reason to rush. The consequence of rushing to a result could be dire. Enjoy the build-up of tension, and the cheeky excitement you experience as you edge closer and closer.
Organise Something Beforehand
Make sure there is a date like atmosphere set up before you transition into your first night together. It could be that you both know and have already discussed that it will be the first time together, but the excitement of having an excuse for meeting and the consideration it shows is invaluable.
Listen! And Give Back
Listen to her, really listen, don't just stand there thinking about what to say back to her once she stops talking. Then ask clarifying questions about what interests you, and tell her your views on that too. Don't forget to relate things in your life to what she says so she learns a little more about you too.
Don't Pretend
Though you may feel nervous or that you need to appear to be better than you are, remember that if she is spending the night with you, she already likes you. Don't try to be someone else, relax and be confident in you. The only exception is some kinky roleplaying, but that's maybe a little down the track already.
Another Fine Line
Don't be mistaken, you will defiantly feel nervous and excited on the night. This is a good thing your nerves and excitement will be endearing, but don't let it go too far. If you get over-excited it could ruin the mood, so relax and take some deep breathes if you need.
Expectations Can be Dangerous
It's normal that you will have some expectations for the night, probably really good expectations. However, keep in mind that there are many things that can go wrong and are out of your control. So roll with the punches, and appreciate the night no matter what happens.
Plan Well
When you're organising the first night make sure to choose a date that will give you appropriate amounts of time for a special experience. Defiantly make sure the morning after is free, because that morning is just as important as the night before.
Again, Relax
As mentioned even if you do everything perfectly there are still many things that can go wrong. When these things go wrong, don't get trapped in it. Relax, and move forward. The best way to do that is to laugh it out.
Be Supportive
Although you, or both of you may think it will be the first night together it's not a guarantee. Whether a person is ready to open themselves completely to another is a very personal thing, and in that moment things may change. Remember, no is no and be loving and supportive.
Not the Right Time for a Thank You
Despite the need for gender equality in the world, there are some situations where gender roles are appreciated. Though it does not apply to everyone, repeatedly thanking your partner after shifts to dynamic in a very unfortunate way, and you lose any manliness you have.
A Private Moment
What you two experienced together, no matter how amazing it was, is between you to. It's not for bragging to other, or posting about on social media. You are starting a relationship together, that's a wonderful thing, don't spoil it for bragging rights amongst idiots.


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