North Korea's Foreign Minister Claims Trump Has Declared War

Jay Dawson September 25th 2017 Entertainment
Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 has the world come so close to the brink of utter devastation. Now, over 50 years on, there are new players on all sides. America is still the world's great superpower, but there is a new upstart in the nuclear arms race, and one we never saw coming. Under Kim Jong -un, North Korea is intent on threatening the rule of the States. But Trump is not backing down. You'd better get those bunkers ready, because now, North Korea thinks he's declared war...
Ri Yong-ho of the DPRK
The wording is unambiguous, and the most frightening message we've seen in the media for a very long time. Ri Yong-ho, the right-hand man and Foreign Minister for the DPRK, has put it plainly: President Donald Trump has declared war on North Korea. Where once there may have been a de-escalation, there is no longer that option. No, there is only one choice left - drastic countermeasures.
Is there anything more sinister than the word "countermeasures"? In reality, this could be anything from a Saturday Night Live skit lampooning the President of the United States, to wiping out the entire world. We think it's best to quote Ri Yong-ho directly, when talking to reporters in New York: 'Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to make countermeasures, including the right to shoot down United States strategic bombers even when they are not inside the airspace border of our country.'
All Options Are On The Table
Shooting down US bombers from anywhere in the world, even those not flying over North Korea, is just one of the many chest-puffing options that North Korea is laying down on the table. It would just be the opening salvo in an all-out and extremely bloody war, one that nobody could really win. Especially when both sides are armed with the latest in weapons of mass destruction...
Kim Jon-Un Delivers Speech
Fresh from the insults thrown at him in Donald Trump's UN address, Kim Jong-Un was quick to reply with pointed threats of his own. He took to the stage in front of a huge audience and national TV to say that 'Trump claimed our leadership would not be around much longer. He declared a war on our country.'
Questioning of Power
It's hard to tell exactly what Trump's strategy is to deal with this increasingly hostile rogue nation. But for now, it seems that he's willing to call their bluff, and push them as far as he think they will go. In his recent comments, the ones that Kim Jong-un was reacting to, he asked rhetorically how long the North Korean leadership would really remain in power.
Threats to shoot Down American Aircraft
In essence, it looks like Donald Trump was playing a long hoped-for card, that the citizens of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea would rise up, alongside senior officials, and avert the disaster that has been set in motion by the North Korean president. But it looks like it might not work, and that the threats to shoot down American bombers will be carried out. They certainly have the capability to carry out such a strike...
The Operations Table
It takes a bold man to front the UN General Assembly with such strong rhetoric, and Ri Yong-ho was up to the task. After his speech to the sitting council, he went to go to his car. But on second thoughts, he then returned to the microphone to impart these chilling words: 'In light of the declaration of war by Trump, all options will be on the operations table of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.'
Warnings From Trump
Options on the table. Options on the table. Options on the table. Both sides are repeating this phrase over and over as they trade threats and insults, but these are not just empty words. Trump has said, point blank, that North Korea's nuclear development program was unacceptable, and they would use force in dealing with the grave danger that it represented.
Mr. Evil President
Just because they're big boys playing with very big toys (and billions of lives), doesn't put them above a bit of schoolyard smack talk. We've heard Donald Trump being called a lot of names, but Ri's was definitely the most forthright, if a bit juvenile. He said the rockets were inevitable, because of the way that "Mr. Evil President" was acting.
Little Rocket Man
This, of course, was a retort to the now famous labeling of Kim Jong-un, by Trump, as a "rocket man on a suicide mission." Again, forthright, and again a bit juvenile. After Ri's speech, he even went on to tweet that he had 'just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at UN. 'If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won't be around much longer.'
Nuclear Programs
Pretty much the most unsurprising thing in the world is that developing nuclear programs, and weaponry capable of destroying billions of lives, is a big no-no. Some countries have them from before the treaty was signed, but some other countries - like North Korea - are pursuing nuclear goals in direct defiance of these agreements.
U.S. Stocks Fall
It's not only the average Joe that's now living their lives in fear of the sky falling down. Businessmen are leaving the US stock market in droves, making stocks plummet big time. The losses have been up to 3.7%, which is huge in the business world. The theory goes that it's pretty much impossible to run a company when your country is a nuclear wasteland. Good point.
Bitter Wrangling
The war of words is escalating beyond anybody's wildest nightmares. No longer is it about trading petty insults. On Saturday, Donald Trump made his boldest show of force yet, sending US bombers and jet fighters flying over North Korean airspace off the coast of the country. This could only lead to one thing...
Propaganda Video
Predictably, aggressive displays are mounting on both sides. After a huge anti-American demonstration held in the capital, Pyongyang, Kim Jong-Un released a blatant piece of propaganda video. The video is highly edited "footage" of a US aircraft carrier exploding at the hands of North Korean missiles.
The Clip
Even as just a piece of North Korean cinematic trickery, the images depicted in the clip are horrifying to watch. Released by the state-owned DPRK Today, a Pukguksong missile is launched from a secret base in North Korea, heading directly for the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. And then, boom. Everything goes up in smoke.
Here is the Video:


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