Photographs of Buff Buddhist Monk Goes Viral in Thailand

Can clearly see why
Jay Dawson September 25th 2017 Weird
For most of the western world, religion just isn't as important as it once was. The strength of the church is fading, and hardly any young people are desperate to get into the priest business like a hundred years ago. But in other countries, business is booming, and all kinds are taking the vows. So it was only really a matter of time before we got the ultimate in confusing internet sensations: a super-hot monk...
Bigger Than Buddha
Forget that skinny white boy, Jesus. No matter how many loaves or fishes he conjured up, he couldn't pack on the protein like this messenger. From somewhere in Thailand, this monk has gone completely viral with his rippling muscles and pecs you could bounce a 10 Baht coin off. He's one hunk of a monk, and all the ladies are going crazy for him...
A Mystery Man
But who is he, exactly? That's the thing: nobody really knows. He's uploaded the pictures himself, and as anyone who's been to a Buddhist country would know, a life of minimalism doesn't stop the monks from rocking smart phones wherever they go. So we don't have a name, and we don't have a location. We just have a divine mystery that's deeper than God.
That'll Make A Convert Out Of Anybody
It doesn't really matter, though, when that sculpted body in its saffron robes takes over your vision. Luckily for the ladies, Buddhist monks have a pretty easy time of it and eventually many of them get married, although you have to leave the order. There's all kinds of other perks, from preferential treatment to free food and travel, meaning that snagging this hot novice will get you even more than you bargained for.
Fresh Off The Holy Mill
According to the rumors and the comments on the photos, this guy is only fresh to the order. He most likely got that grid of a six-pack before he signed up for the ordination process, which takes around a year. Although there are quicker ways to slip on those robes, and some school children even become temporary monks during holiday times to learn about Buddhism.
Buddhism In Thailand
Thailand is a majority Buddhist country, with the holy order long being linked to the royal family. If you've ever been to the beautiful South East Asian nation, you'd know how deeply the country is linked to its religion. Buddhist monks can be seen in even the tiniest communities, ornate wats pepper the landscape, and holy festivals turn into riots of color and celebration.
The Path To Becoming A Monk
Like we said before, there are plenty of ways to go about becoming a Buddhist monk. Kind of like being a priest, you don't necessarily have to be well versed in the scripture or the religion to get started - really, it's a stepping stone to the knowledge, not the knowledge itself. The key parts are an acceptance of a life of minimalism. And at only one meal a day, it's a struggle to adapt.
Literally A Beggar
This way of stripping back on everything is at the root of all things monkish. The traditional Buddhist word for a monk, bhikkhu, literally means beggar, and that's what they do - spread the word and the teachings of Buddha, and at the same time collect alms, or donations, to support them in their day-to-day lives.
The Age Barrier
Although it might be easy to get into the robes, it's a little bit more difficult to be a fully-fledged monk like this guy. You have to be over 20 years old, for starters, in order to confirm that you're both mature and ready to make a decision for yourself. On the plus side, it means that this fabulously handsome man is perfectly legal.
Just Wandering Around
What does the life of a monk involve, apart from collecting money? Just wandering around, mostly. Except for the months of the monsoon season - which varies by country - Buddhist monks are urged to live the nomadic life, walking huge distances from town to town, contemplating existence, spreading the word and handing out blessings. Okay, so sometimes they do cheat and catch the train.
You Can Give It Up At Any Time
If the monk life gets a bit too much for you, no problem. You can just quit! Making it one of the most accepting religions ever, if you have a problem or just want to have a good old lay, Buddhism allows to you to drop everything and become a civilian again. Not only that, but once you're ready, you can then become a monk again. And again and again, between three and seven times, depending on the Buddhist order they belong to.
Why That Color?
Now for another factoid from the world of Buddhism: why they wear different colors. Interestingly, it's got nothing to do with rank or status, because Buddhism actually doesn't really have those. The color choice is actually purely functional and historical - it's just whatever was the most common dye that the monks of that region had on hand. For Thailand, it's yellow due to the amount of saffron produced in the area.
What They're Striving For
Many people think that they're going to "find themselves" on an Eat Pray Love three-week holiday, but these guys are actually living it. That's the whole point of Buddhism, and the whole point of being a monk. It's a quiet contemplation of themselves, existence, and the universe, and how to make it better. They want everything to be awesome for everyone, and they're trying to work out how.
He's Doing It For Health
This hot monk has one plan in particular. He's making the world a better place one step at a time, and his first step is by really treating the body as a temple. In order to feel right and be right, you have to eat right first, and he's spreading the word about not eating junk all the time. His glorious body is really just like a giant advertisement.
Some Are Criticizing Him
But some people online (mostly jealous dudes, let's be honest) have taken to forums and comment threads to criticize the guy. They're saying that this monk's life is not exactly contemplation like it should be, but just spending his time crunching weights. He's not looking inward, but just at himself in the mirror.
But Most Are Happy To Contemplate
Others (mostly star-struck women, let's be honest) have no such problem with the way he's approaching existence. He can do chin ups all he likes, and they'll do the contemplating of perfection for him. In fact, they wouldn't mind meeting him and learning his secrets. Maybe even peek under the robe and see if he can bring them closer to heaven, too.


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