15 Strange But Totally Awesome Uses For Deodorant According To Science

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Gigi Cummings September 24th 2017 Science
Dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians, humans have found many different methods for dealing with body odor. For centuries we have been bathing our bodies in perfumed baths, applying perfume to our armpits, our clothes, even our pets. We used perfume to mask the smells of body odor before we knew how to prevent it. In 1888, the first underarm deodorant, name Mum, was sold in store. 15 years later, antiperspirant deodorant became available. Deodorant became ingrained in our culture to prevent body odor, but modern deodorant can be used in many other interesting ways.
Odor And Bacteria
Underarm odor is not caused by our body necessarily. When we sweat we accumulate bacteria, and that bacteria is broken down in our sweat giving off that foul odor we know commonly as body odor or B.O. We use deodorant with antiperspirant in the formula to stop the breakdown of bacteria which prevents the smell from even starting to begin with, scented deodorant helps leave us smelling and feeling fresh.
Unisex Deodorant
Men and women's deodorant is marketed in stores to be specifically designed for dealing with a men or a women's body. Our genetic makeup, however, is not much different and the properties in the different sexes deodorants do not differ much at all besides perfume scents and packaging. With this being true, only 10% of deodorants sold in stores are marketed unisex.
Foot Odor Secrets
Our armpits are not the only parts of our body that sweat and get smelly from the bacterial breakdown. On hot days, parts of our body susceptible to stink, like our feet, will also fall victim to bacteria breakdown and that nasty stench. Instead of stuffing your sweaty hot feet in your shoes to cover up the smell, apply a bit of deodorant to the soles of your feet in the morning to prevent that bacteria from festering.
Tame The Boob Sweat
In the summer heat, every girl can tell you that one of the sweatiest parts of her body is the dreaded under-boob sweat. The combination of heat, confining bras and shirts that cling, creates a puddle of sweat that drips down the torso. But you don't have to put up with that uncomfortable boob sweat anymore. Apply stick deodorant under your breast and avoid that slippery sticky mess.
The Sunglasses Slip
It's a sunny beautiful day, so you wear your coolest sunnies and hit the streets, only to find that your sunglasses keep slipping off your nose every couple seconds as the perspiration starts to accumulate on your face. It's annoying and totally makes wearing those stylish frames a pain. Before you leave the house, apply some deodorant to the bridge of your nose concentrating on where your sunglasses hit and you will be good to go.
Dry Shampoo Who?
Sometimes our busy life leaves us unable to wash our hair everyday. Well, we don't have to worry about our hair becoming a greasy oily mess. Apply some deodorant to the scalp to soak up the excess oil. Bonus point, before you exercise apply deodorant around your hairline and prevent your face from sweating and dripping into your eyes. Who needs dry shampoo when you don't sweat in the first place!
Sweat Stains
When it's hot outside, we end up not just sweating under our arms, our whole body can become a sticky sweaty mess. The smell is not the only worry when it comes to sweating. Sweat can stain our clothes, ruining our favorite summer items, especially those nice clean white shirts! Apply deodorant to your back to avoid the pool of sweat from collecting in that area and ruining our pretty summer clothes.
Don't Sweat The Skinny Jeans
Putting on skin tight jeans when you are all hot and sweaty and sticky is a nightmare. You jump up and down shimmy your body from side to side in order to slowly wiggle those tight pants up your legs and on your body, The whole thing could be considered a full body workout. Apply deodorant to your inner thighs and legs to prevent them from getting sticky, allowing your jeans to slide right up your body with ease.
Calm Those Clammy Hands
If you are the type of person who suffers from having clammy hands, due to nerves or just genetics, you can use deodorant to prevent this and help you not be embarrassed or having to wipe your hands on your pants before giving anyone a handshake. Apply rolling or spray antiperspirant deodorant to your palms the night before and drastically reduce your palm sweat the next day.
Dry Out Your Acne
Acne sucks at any age. We can sit and poke and prod at our zits, transferring the oil on our hands to our face and make it worse, or we just sit and hope it goes away. Look for deodorants with mineral salts or crystals in them to help dry out the zit, get rid of the bacteria and fight the oil. If you have especially oily skin on your face, deodorant is a good way to get a matte look and keep the oil at a minimum.
Cut The Chaffing
In the summer or anytime we are sweating and our bare thighs are rubbing together can cause the dreaded chaffing. When the skin repeatedly rubs together while it is sweaty and sticky it makes the skin raw and can be very painful. Apply deodorant to your inner thighs to prevent them from sweating keeping them nice and smooth. This will help reduce chaffing and the pain and discomfort associated with it.
Clean Smelling Closet
Our body isn't the only thing in our life that tends to get smelly and need a little help. Closets are notorious for getting musty and holding on to odor, leaving even your clean clothes in danger of stinking when you haven't even worn them yet. Instead of airing out all of your clothes, open a new stick of deodorant and place it in the closet, within a few hours the whole places will be smelling clean and fresh.
Break In Those New Shoes
Hard leather and other materials on new shoes can rub and chaff on our heels and ankles. Rubbing a bit of deodorant on the these sensitive parts of our feet before slipping into those new shoes will put a little layer of protection on our feet as well as help the shoe from slipping off our heels when we walk, causing all of that painful rubbing, bruising and even blisters and bleeding.
Protect The Nipples
Many male runners have experienced the painful sensation of chaffing nipples after going on long runs wearing tight shirts that tend to ride up and rub. This uncomfortable feeling can be a real problem for athletes and while some have used bandages to protect their nipples, sweat can cause them to slip. Apply deodorant to the sensitive area will prevent painful chaffing in injury to the nipples.
Make-Up Magic
Make-up artist have been using this trick for years to keep the canvas of the faces of their clients smooth and even. Applying deodorant to the t-zone of the face, also known as the chin going up the bridge of the nose towards the forehand then sweeping over above both of the eyebrows. The deodorant will help keep the oil at bay and allow for a clean matte surface, perfect getting that professional make-up look.


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