Bullies Called This Girl's Boyfriend 'Fat' But She Had The Best Response

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Cole Damon October 25th 2017 Inspiration
A couple decided to share a cute picture online in which the girl would hold a bouquet from a wedding they attended, and the boyfriend would make a funny face in the background. Of course the couple was just fooling around trying to enjoy themselves, but when their picture went viral on Reddit, the entire internet decided to mock the boy for his fat appearance.
The picture was met with crude remarks on the internet
Some deranged users on Reddit made snide remarks such as, "The fat guy should be jumping up and down that this girl is with him, let alone him possibly marrying her." And, "She's way out of his league."
But the brave young couple responded admirably
Instead of putting on a tantrum or playing the victim, the couple responded in a befitting manner. Ashely and Christopher played their viral shot to fame in a calm, cool and composed manner which should win the hearts of everyone.
Christopher didn't pay much attention
Christopher shrugged off the rude comments of his bullies, preferring instead to ignore them. "I've always been a big guy all my life and of course had the comments and cruel jokes growing up so I kind of got used to it."
Christopher knows he is above those bullies
Christopher trusts his confidence and refuses to allow the cruel comment to send him down a path of crippling depression, "I'm confident. It's just trolls sitting behind the computer." "They don't know us and can't talk about us."
Ashley defended her boyfriend's appearance
Ashley exclaimed that the couple don't love each other because of the superfluous definition of beauty which has been fabricated by cruel people. "Our love is based on trust and is above the loathsome concept of physical appearance."
The reddit experience actually brought them closer
Their cruel brush off with the toxic user base of Reddit actually served to strengthen the bond between them. Ashley has also spoken publicly about her experience and is on a quest to prove that her love is above one's physical appearance.
Ashley claims she hit the jackpot with Christopher
While the rest of the internet has been claiming that Christopher hit the jackpot by 'scoring' Ashley, his girlfriend says that it is indeed the other way round. That Ashley won the jackpot with Christopher. "He loves me in little ways" Says Ashley.
Ashley was somewhat offended
Of course we won't blame Ashley for being offended by the rude remarks of the internet. She has been adamant to respond to them that their relationship is based on happiness and love. Perhaps the male user base is jealous of Christopher?
Christopher has shown admirable courage
By refusing to collapse and become victimized by the cruel remarks of the internet, Christopher has shown that he indeed deserved the love and support of Ashley. "Once I gave my life to Christ and saw examples of Godly marriages and relationships, I wanted that." Says Ashley.
Ashley's own goals were different while growing up
Like other girls, Ashley also had the image of a physically fit alpha male embedded in her brain, but as she grew up, she realized the pointlessness of physical appearance. It plays zero contribution towards a relationship.
Her befitting reply to Christopher's bullies
"He is so thoughtful and patient .... He is my best friend and I love him for who he is." Says Ashley on a Facebook post to the cruel bullies. Clearly, Ashley has found the one true love among the millions of her secret admirers.
The definition of beauty
Movies and pop culture have conditioned us to believe that relationships are forged by a couple's physical appearance, money and their youthfulness. But the reality is that love is a feeling which is independent of this pointless definition of beauty.
The impact bullies have on victims
Some victims do not have the same support Christopher has in Ashley and as a result become victims of depression and anxiety. Some of them even resort to suicide because death seems to be their only rescue from the bullies.
Fat shaming should stop
Not everyone has access to a fully equipped gym and fitness instructors. Most people have other goals in life than to resemble a supermodel from movies. We hope this couple serves to be an inspiration to all men who want a relationship in their lives.
How to enter into a successful relationship?
If this couple has shed any lights on having a successful relationship, one which is fostered by love and not pure lust, then the secret ingredient is to have a kind heart which learns to seek past defects in others and to accept them for who they are.


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