Husband Leaves Wife In Debt At 36 Weeks Pregnant, Then Cries In Happiness After Receiving This Gift

Jay Dawson July 27th 2017 Inspiration
Sometimes, with all the war and violence going on in this world, it's easy to forget that us humans can be full of kindness and love. But this story, that of a woman who had reached her deepest depths and her friend who pulled her out of it, is the perfect reminder. When everything turned to crap, someone was there to make it all better. This is a story that you're unlikely to ever forget...
A Tragic Tale
It was supposed to be the perfect start to a whole new life. For three years, an Australian woman called Amanda and her partner had battled with so many of life's struggles, and things were finally coming together. They had had miscarriage after miscarriage while trying for a baby, they had money and debt problems, and their relationship was getting pretty rocky. So when Amanda finally fell pregnant and her husband found a new job, everything looked like it was going to be fine.
But this wonderful dream all came crashing down. At 36 weeks pregnant, Amanda was dealt a terrible blow. Her husband of three years had suddenly decided to up and leave her with their unborn child, knowing full well that the baby would be due at any time. Alongside that crushing news, Amanda realized something else. Away from work, and without the financial support of her husband, she would soon be in crippling debt.
Taking It On The Air
Amanda did the only normal thing that we humans could be expected to do in this kind of situation, and that's spiral into depression. For a while there, things looked very grim for both her and her baby, about to be born into this cruel world. There was only one hope for her to recover her senses and pick up the pieces, and it came in the form of her wonderful friend.
Her friend had done all that she could for Amanda's emotional wellbeing, but she knew that it wasn't quite enough. She knew that she would need some kind of kick back into the land of the living and striving. So she called up KIIS FM, a popular radio station based in Sydney, Australia, to tell them all about Amanda's story. After a few minutes chatting on air, the presenters decided that they had to do something...
The Heartwarming Video
This video that you're about to see is just about as touching as you can get. Amanda really needed something to get her excited and happy about her new single parent life again, and that's exactly what these radio presenters delivered. Amanda had a bun in the oven, so they decided to give her another gift in the same way - by putting it in her oven at home. And her reaction when she opens it up is priceless. All we can say is that we're glad she didn't put on a casserole without looking first.
So, what do you think? We all have someone like that in our lives: someone who, by a series of unfortunate circumstances, has hit rock bottom. What would you do to cheer up that person and turn their life around? This is truly one inspirational story. It's a reminder, despite everything that goes on in this crazy world of ours, that we can be wonderful human beings.
Here is the Video:


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