15 Strange Pictures That Will Break Your Brain

Ian Anglin October 25th 2017 Weird
Today I'm ready to release another assortment of unique mind-blowing "WTF" photos. Just like my other collections, I've been collecting these photos for many months, and I'm now happy to release them for your consumption. Some of these photos could be slightly shocking and nerve-wracking if you are not used to seeing similar collections. On a more positive note, not all photos are shocking - some of them are just plain old' funny. Check them out:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Have you seen this movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?" It stars Brad Pitt, and the story is about a boy who is reverse-aging. He was born old, but as every year passed, he gets younger. Well, the above photo is just like Brad Pitt in that movie.
The Traumatized Boy
This is a funny photo - you can clearly see the mother is happy, and posing for a nice family photo (apart from the absent dad). Anyway, the boy is simply mesmerized by something that is happening on the other side of the room.
Cats Can be Smart
Here is a cat that is behaving almost like a dog - the owner is looking at something, perhaps at the camera. The cat, actually understands what is going on, and she also looks at the camera. Most cats would simply not care to do this.
Cartoon Sculpture in New Zealand
At first, I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking at. But I got the second time - this is actually a sculpture/building in New Zealand that was designed to look exactly like the sky above it - in a very cartoonish fashion. Funny stuff!
The Long-Legged Guy
This photo is actually even more confusing than the first one! At first, you think this is a normal couple hugging each other, but then you notice the guy's head. And his legs. And you are just "WTF did I just see?" Is he the one wearing the shorts?
Post-Accidental Bicycle
Here is a photo of a bicycle's wheel that can be rather confusing. Is the bicycle having a flat tire, is the bottom part of the tire below the water or is the wheel simply damaged, and shaped like a square? All three options are equally possible!
Merman or Fishman?
To be honest, I like neither Merman nor Fishman - I as always an Aqua man type of dude! Anyway, this photo has not been photoshopped or altered in any way - it was just an unfortunate set of circumstances that caused it to look this way.
Violin Island
This photo had me laughing for a few moments after I got what was happening. You see, these are two separate islands, whose photo is taken during sunset. Their silhouettes are taken from such an angle, that they appear to be a giant violin. Beautiful.
Where Does it End?
This photo is a marvelous optical illusion - this is how the photograph came from the camera, it was not digitally altered. It makes you confused as to where the canyon ends, and where it begins. There are a few similar optical illusion photos after this one.
Notice the Gorilla?
It took me a few seconds to realize that these two young ladies, even though they look seemingly normal and innocent, are actually making a gorilla-shaped shadow. It is the combination of their two shadows that causes this.
He's a Bit Too Excited
He's a Bit Too Excited In this photo, there is not one, but several different kinds of problems going on. For starters, notice the project screen behind the guy - it is showing the Windows UAC screen during a presentation. Secondly, notice his pants, and the malfunction they are having.
A Woman with Zebra Legs
Here is another photo that had me laughing a lot. This is not actually an older woman that is wearing some weird type of yoga pants. Nor does she have the legs of a Zebra. Her legs are actually on the side, and she is just trying to ride the Zebra.
Is That Dog Alright?
That dog looks like it came straight out of a magician's toolbox! You know that magic trick when the magician tries to cut a person in half, by sawing off a box where the person is? Well, this dog has managed to pull off that same trick using a tree trunk.
Where Is His Face?
This photo can get you confused on a few different fronts. You may be wondering whether his face is all mixed up and placed the other way around, or what is going on with his neck? Why is it so elongated? And where are his ears?
The Local Alien
This photo looks like it is either an actual alien or some kind of realistic movie prop. Luckily for us, it is neither. This thing is called a "Florida horse conch," and is a type of predatory sea snail. Predatory for sea creatures, mind you - humans are safe from sea snails.


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