Gross Things Your Girlfriend Does Behind Your Back

Cole Damon October 25th 2017 Weird
The truth is that your girlfriend has the tendency to be just as gross as you are. In addition, she lets this gross side come out when you are out of town or when you are not looking. When your relationship is still new, she will be very well mannered so that you are impressed and fall in love with her. But once your relationship gets older, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. As she begins to feel more and more comfortable in front of you, you will witness sides of her that you have never seen before.
Music in the Bathroom
Most men bring peace to themselves by thinking that females do not fart or poo and girls try to keep that image. However when the girl's boyfriend is not around, she goes all out in the bathroom. She lets all the pressure out and makes her stomach feel lighter, the right way.
The Cleansing Venture
Every girl can agree that seeing residue on a blackhead strip brings a weird satisfaction. As gross as this may sound, girls love seeing the amount of blackheads that have come out on the pore strip and they like doing this when their man is out of sight so he does not feel uncomfortable.
Dry Shampoo-ing only
Washing hair is a big problem for girls because its time consuming and it needs to be done properly otherwise there will be reverse effects on your scalp. Secretly, girls go day without using shampoo because of dry shampoo. Undoubtedly, dry shampoo is an amazing invention.
Delaying Undergarment Washes
Washing undergarments is a big hassle for girls. Sometimes we also wonder if they even get dirty... Yes, they do get dirty and washing them is important. When girls are not with their boyfriends, they go days and days without washing their undergarments. Do not judge.
Boogers are Friends
Yes as much as you do not want to imagine this, there is a high chance that at some point your girlfriend has picked her nose and gotten amused by it. Girls feel conscious in front of guys while picking their noses that is why the ideal time is to do it when their man is gone.
Taking the Sniff Test
The sniff test is when girls rely on their ability to smell clothes and determine if they are clean or not. Even if there is a 4-day-old shirt that smells decent, that shirt will be classified as clean. This is mostly done when girls are alone. It is somewhat disgusting when they do it with their boyfriends around.
The Chipped Polish
Girls get pleasure when they can chip their nail polish off. There is still no reason that has been provided which explains why men are so disgusted by this habit. Girls try to keep their nails looking clean as much as they can, but when their boyfriend is out of sight, the chipping begins.
Crumbs Going Downwards
Lazy girls eat chips and cookies while lying down. This means that the crumbs are going inside their shirt, which is slightly disturbing. That is why they pick the crumbs out of their shirts when they are completely isolated so they can avoid the mockery.
Squeeze Hard
How much pleasure do you get by squeezing the white stuff out of your zits? This is seen as something that is very unhygienic, but girls just cannot resist it. When the moment is right, they lock the bathroom door and begin squeezing in front of the mirrors. This is something that should be done in private.
Shower Essentials
She will not admit it, but she does pee in the shower. If boys can get away with peeing in the shower then girls have the same right of doing so. Girls often keep this a secret so they can avoid judgment, but they still tend to do it. SHHH.
Wall Art
After taking a shower, girls have a bad habit of leaving the hair in the drain causing it to be clogged. When a girl knows that her man will not be using the bathroom after, she tends to stick the hair on the wall without having the fear of being scolded.
Treasure under the Pillow
After being constantly told by their boyfriends not to keep tissues under their pillows, girls still have the tendency to do so. It becomes a hassle to get up every time you need a tissue. It is convenient to keep tissues under your pillow, but guys do not seem to understand that.
It Is a Trophy
How satisfying is it when you can pluck out a tough hair from your chin? Although this may sound very un-ladylike, girls love feeling the satisfaction of pulling out facial hair. The best part is when you can keep the hair safe as if it is some kind of trophy.
Sniffing the Pits
Your girl will never admit that she has purposely rubbed her fingers on her pits even if you catch her in action. Girls get some kind of pleasure out of sniffing their armpits. Some girls have mastered this art and they do it so discretely that you will not even be able to tell!
Using Your Razor
Sometimes girls need to shave their legs in a hurry and when there is no razor available, she uses yours. She does this in a way so that you cannot tell and so that she can stay out of trouble. Sharing razors is unhygienic and wrong, but she has no other resort. Sorry.


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