Man Draws Hilarious Comics of His Girlfriend Every Day For 5 Years, Check Them Out

Ray Porter October 21st 2017 Humor
A relationship takes constant devotion. Letting the mundane movements of everyday life swallow up the excitement can end up being the death of your relationship. But this is no easy task because between getting enough sleep, work stresses, deadlines, and other daily tasks can be exhausting. So much so that the last thing we want to do is focus our mind, selflessly, on doing something just for your partner. The most effective way to show you care and surprise them is not buying something but rather making or doing something creative, original, and caring for your partner.
Pete's Comics
Have you met Pete? Pete is a sweet guy and he's been dating his girlfriend, Kelly, for 5 years. He's also been making comic illustrations to show their life together: the things they do and say. In the beginning, these illustrations were just for Pete and Kelly.
Sharing the Love
Thankfully, a few years ago they decided to share their cute photos, and share the love. They used Instagram as their platform. On their Instagram account the built up a sweet and supportive community, hungry for Pete and Kelly's charming illustrations.
A New Addition
They now have a daughter too. Adding a new character and dimension the drawings. Additionally, the drawings could be an amazing and inventive way for their daughter to learn about her parents and their relationship. Although some pictures may need her to mature a bit first.
Honesty is the Best Policy
They share these comics on Instagram and people love the relatable stories told in the comics. Pete revealed the feedback he gets is that people love the honesty of his drawings. They provide a candid look into relationships and daily life.
Flash Dance
Becoming completely comfortable with another person can be a wonderful thing. One of the beautifully freeing quirks is that dancing like no one in watching becomes dancing like it's just you and your partner, and they're bound to join in.
That Special Kind of Tired
Speaking of all those daily stresses and being dead tired from it all. There's that special level of tired you get to, usually you and your partner sync up, where you are too tired to do anything about being tired. All you can do is sit there feeling tired.
Special Partnership Humour
Throughout Pete's cartoons, you can see that he and Kelly share an unusual sense of humour that's a little on the inappropriate side. But it's something that is special and unique to their relationship and something they obviously both bond over.
Special Move: The Octopus
There are those certain cold nights when you are both lying in bed cuddling, and you want to be closer than what is humanly possible. This is when The Octopus comes out. You wrap all your arms and legs around your partner and pull them in close.
Old Age Face
I'm not sure if this one is so widespread or another one of those quirks that make their relationship individual through their shared unique sense of humour. I haven't seen the likes of it in movies or otherwise widely talked about, so I favour the latter.
Old Clothes
Men tend to be a little strange about old clothes. It tends to be that the more holey, damaged, and old a piece of clothing is the more important it becomes to a man. Or then again it is just as possible for a man to be that absent minded.
Nurse Mode
Grapes and Orange Juice? Can't say I've come across this one either, I thought chicken soup was the indisputable global cure for illness. The most important part is, though, that you take care of your partner when they fall ill.
Enter Poppy
Poppy their daughter has entered their lives and additionally entered the comics too. Kellie does an incredibly amazing job raising their daughter. She spends every moment she can looking after Poppy and keeping her happy, and Pete's a proud Husband and Father.
Our First Glimpse
Here our first look at Poppy. She's so little and so cute, finally, we got to see their cute little baby. Poppy is truly gorgeous. And we get to see too how enamoured her parents with her too. There is something truly special about a baby's tiny face.
A Close Shave
Sometimes the everyday life is a little more exciting than anyone might like it to be. Here's an illustration of a car accident the three of them were in. They are all fine. Their car, Betty, protected them but was totalled in the process.
Poppy's Sleep Time
Babies and young children seem to simultaneously have the cutest and space wasting sleeping positions. They completely sprawl out taking up as much space as their small body can. And that happens to be a surprisingly large amount of space.


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