Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant And Expecting Her First Child With Travis Scott

BREAKING NEWS: Kylie Jenner is pregnant!
Emily Malone September 22nd 2017 Entertainment
For one of the most well publicized women in the world, Kylie Jenner has done an amazing job keeping a secret from her massive fan base for the last few months... she's pregnant! After Kylie has been keeping a low social media presence for the last few months, news just broke that Kylie and her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, are expecting a baby, and they even know the gender. Following are all of the details about this surprising news.
She's Pregnant!
TMZ reports Kylie and her boyfriend broke the exciting news to friends and family around a month ago, at the Day N Night Fest in California. The 20-year old reality TV star and her 25-year old rapper boyfriend are said to have been quite happy to break this exciting news.
Confirmed By Multiple Media Sources
Unsurprisingly, considering both members of the couple's individual fame, there has been a huge media coverage of this news ever since it broke. Many different websites including TMZ, Page 6, and People have independently sourced the news that the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner is expecting some time around February.
They Even Know The Gender!
Different outlets claim that even the gender of Kylie baby is already known, and it is going to be a girl! This was reported by Page Six in their coverage of the reality star's pregnancy. Right now it is thought that Kylie is about 4 months pregnant with Travis Scott who she has been dating since late April.
Couple In Love
Kylie and Travis began dating back in April after starting to hangout at the Coachella music festival near Palm Springs, California. Their romance began fresh off the heels of Kylie's split from longtime boyfriend Tyga, another popular rapper. Since getting together Kylie and Travis have been seen out together consistently, and have even gotten matching tattoos of butterflies on their ankles.
Recently Restrained, Now We Know Why
Kylie has one of the largest social media followings in the world, but in the last few weeks she has switched up her usual photo style. Normally consistently posting flattering full body shots on an almost daily basis, Kylie has instead been using just head shots. Additionally, she has been attending almost no public social events. This behavior is quite out of the norm for her, but if she has been concealing a pregnancy from the public makes perfect sense.
Her Shirt Was Baggy For a Big Reason!
On Thursday Kylie had a reunion with some of her oldest friends. The group posted several photos together, and in all of them Kylie is wearing a large and baggy black tee that could easily cover any signs of a baby bump. The photo that Kylie herself posted was captioned 'Day 1s' meaning that those friends are friends that have been in her life for a long time.
She Always Wanted To Be A Mom
Kylie has never kept it a secret that she plans on being a mother. On one episode of I Am Cait she confided in her grandmother, MJ, saying that she planned to be a young mom. Until now there has been no indication of what she meant by young, but at her current age of 20 this definitely counts as young motherhood.
There Was Wide Speculation
This is not the first time pregnancy rumors have surrounded Kylie. When she and Tyga broke up back in early April there was widespread speculation that she might be pregnant. That turned out to just be a rumor, but at the time Kylie let it be known that she was open to the idea of a pregnancy in the near future.
She Wanted It Young
On multiple occasions Kylie has been quoted saying that she wants an early pregnancy. One of the most notable occasions was in Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she said 'I feel like 30 is too late!' Kylie also said in July that she is ready to take a break and lead a more normal life. Having a baby just might be the perfect reason for her to take a break from her career and focus more at home.
So Much Pressure
Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired when Kylie was still in her early teens. This, and the other spin off shows about her and her family, have kept her in the spotlight for nearly half of her life, which has understandably put a strain on the star. Kylie recently stated 'I can't do it forever. There is an image I constantly feel pressure to keep up with, and then there's the real Kylie.'
What About Kendall?
Kendall, Kylie's older sister and Vogue model, has not shown the same interest as her sister in a family yet, but rather focuses on furthering her modeling career. If it does turn out that Kylie is indeed pregnant her already large and close knit family will provide plenty of ready made companions for her kid.
Kim and Kanye Expecting One Soon
Kylie's older half sister Kim currently had two children of her own with husband Kanye West. Right now they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their third kid, a baby girl being carried by a surrogate. Their third child, and second daughter, is expected to be born in mid January.
Big Family
Kylie has one full sibling, sister Kendall Jenner, three half-sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, and one half-brother, Rob Kardashian. Out of her sisters only Kourtney and Kim currently have children, and once Kim's baby is delivered they will each have three! Kourtney is mother to Mason (7), Penelope (5), and Reign (2) while Kim currently has North (3) and Saint (1) with another on the way. Kylie's half-brother rob recently had a baby, Dream (10 months).
She Wants To Provide
20 years old is a young age for most to be starting a family. Luckily for Kylie she certainly has the means to take care of a child! Thanks to her reality TV career and her new and extremely successful businesses Kylie is already a multimillionaire. Not only is she a millionaire but she already owns several mansions to pick from when deciding where to live with her child.
Good Luck To You Both!
Although we are still waiting for Kylie or Travis to publicly confirm the pregnancy, we are wishing all of the best to these two. Hopefully over the next few months they will get to enjoy expecting, and after birth we can't wait to see photos of a beautiful happy baby and mother.
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