According To Research You Can Get Pregnant Without Having Intercourse

Cole Damon October 20th 2017 Science
Make a list of some of the most often asked questions regarding sex, and chances are you are likely to across some that discuss the ways by which one can get pregnant. This is of special concern to the ladies, since nobody likes to have children when they are not ready; and important for the men, since nobody likes to have children when they are not ready! To make matters easy and aid in understanding the possible ways to get pregnant without actually having sex, read on!
The Conception Conundrum
Getting pregnant out of nowhere is perhaps one of the biggest scares that young people come across. The reason for this is mostly the unwillingness to raise a child, and a fear of the responsibility that comes with it. This is not just limited to young people though.
Pregnancy Without Penetration??
Surprisingly, there are a lot of inquiries regarding the chances of a pregnancy occurring without the individuals having had penetrative sexual intercourse. And yes, it is completely possible to conceive without actually having had penetrative sexual intercourse. Alarming? Yeah, we know!
But How Is It even Possible?
While biology sense dictates that sexual intercourse is necessary for conception, however, that is not always the case. In fact, sometimes conception can occur without any penetration whatsoever. This is simply due to the biological process of fertilization itself, and the way by which it happens.
The Usual Suspects
Usually, conception occurs via fertilization, which in turn occurs from the production of the zygote cell. Basically, the sperm swims to the egg and makes love to it, out of which comes the baby. Sex-ception! Seriously though, that is usually how it's done.
A Shocking Twist!
Conception though, can occur even when there has not been any penetration. The very thought of this may be scary for most people but really, there is no way around it. Those pesky sperm are, despite everything, very good at their job.
Cases of Crazy Conception
Over the years, there have been some cases of conception that have boggled the minds of medical practitioners, experts, philosophers and the average Joe and Jane in equal measure. Some of them are legendary *cough* Virgin Birth *cough*, and some have been proven true!
What Does the Science Say
An ovum can be fertilized by the efforts of a single sperm, and it is sometimes that one single sperm being able to swim up to the egg, that makes all the difference in the world. Sperm Are also naturally bent on reaching the egg.
The Journey to the Egg
Sperm have an incredible ability to seek out their target and swim relentlessly, in order to achieve their goal. What is even more fascinating, is that they somehow know exactly where to swim, and can make the journey on their own very easily.
A Little Bullet
While they may look tiny and easy to kill, sperm are surprisingly resilient. They are like little bullets, zooming up to the egg. And the amazing part is that they do not actually have to be all the way inside the vagina to swim north.
And Therein Lies the Problem
You see, since sperm are hardwired to swim to the egg at all costs, the semen does not actually have to enter the vaginal passageway. This basically means that if the sperm is anywhere near the entrance, they can somehow make their way inside, aided by natural pulsations and shifting.
Ways by which Conception Occurs Sans Penetration
Now that you are all nice and alarmed, let us take a look at some of the ways by which sperm can enter the vagina and make their way to the egg, in order to complete their mission. And yes, there is cause for concern, since this could happen to anyone!
Ejaculation Adjacent to the Vulva
If ejaculation occurs either on or near the vulva, there is a chance that some of the semen can go inside the vagina. This is due to the aforementioned natural pulsations and moving about, and through this, there is a slight chance of conception.
If Sperm-taminated Fingers or Toys get Inserted
The sperm need all the help they can get, and if you insert a toy or any part of your body that has residue from a recent ejaculation, there is chance for conception there. The more recent the ejaculation, the bigger the chances.
Out of One Orifice and Into Another...
The title says it all... But if you still need explanation, it means that if there is anal intercourse and the ejaculate somehow leaks out and makes its way into the primary orifice, there is a possibility of conception, and possibly a UTI...
Stay Safe People
With all the chances of fertilization hovering around, it pays dividends to careful when playing with the toys that Mother Nature gave us! A little protection goes a long way, making sure that we don't have any more problems to deal with!


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