15 Undeniable Reasons to Date Your Best Friend

Seems like dating your best friend is a GOOD idea after all.
Michael Leon October 20th 2017 Lifestyle
It's common to think of a best friend as that person who's completely off limits. You may talk about sex, know each other's most intimate details, and even argue regularly because you constantly look out for one another. Despite these strong signs of love, though, the notion of becoming a couple is simply out of the question. But why should it be this way when all signs are pointing in a different (and more obvious) direction? With that in mind, let's explore 15 powerful reasons why you should probably start dating your best friend.
You Know Everything About Your Sex Lives
Best friends normally talk about everything - and we mean absolutely everything. This includes intimate details about your sex lives, which opens the door to something amazing: You guys already know what makes you tick! So don't be afraid to explore this venue since you're already so familiar with each other in that regard.
You Can't Wait to Talk Again
In many ways, your best friend is undoubtedly addicting. You can't wait to call them just to spew every little detail about that new job or something interesting that recently took place. That best friend is simply your rock, so why not make them your partner and seal the deal?
You Argue Out of Love
Of course, a friendship just wouldn't be complete without the occasional disagreement. But you know what? That's exactly what makes your connection so strong to begin with. You've been through thick and thin together, which means you two can survive even the roughest times as lovers.
You Handle Tough Times Like Champs
Speaking of arguments, you do your very best to avoid tense moments and are often successful. Unlike other friends, you know exactly what bothers one another and therefore spend more time happy than frustrated. Now just imagine what kind of fruitful relationship this could mean for both of you.
You're There, No Matter What
Let's face it, you guys have already seen each other from many different angles. You two have stuck together when sick, injured, depressed, and even during those deeply embarrassing moments. And yet, your friendly relationship only grows stronger over the years. Just ask each other out already!
You Do Everything Together
Everyone likes their personal space, and life doesn't always revolve around your best friend. However, there's no denying that you guys spend a large portion of your time together, or at least wondering what the other one is doing. This only makes dating that much more natural and welcoming, don't you think?
You Know Each Other's Secrets
This is a big one, and it's one of the biggest reasons you should date your best friend. Not only does your buddy know what you hate about yourself, but you also know his/her deepest secrets as well. Somehow your best friend has come to accept you for who you are, so perhaps this is a sign of better things to come.
You Have Lots in Common
This one may seem obvious, but best friends often take it for granted. You guys already know everything you enjoy out of life, whether it's watching movies or reading a book or hiking every weekend. Any other person is far less likely to relate on such a deep level, whether you want to admit it or not.
You Know Your Dating History
Best friends are thoroughly aware of each other's past relationships, including the things that didn't work out in the end. You two also know the little details that make each other blush, which is crucial for happy and long-lasting relationships. Simply put, you guys are undoubtedly made for one another.
You Already Met the Family
One of the most awkward moments in a new relationship revolves around meeting the family for the first time. But guess what? You already know your best friend's family, and chances are they enjoy (or at least tolerate) your company. Those awful tensions would be nonexistent if you guys finally decide to give each other a chance.
There's (Probably) Nothing to Lose
Ex-couples are often known for parting ways and not even sticking around for a friendship. If you previously loved your best friend regardless of circumstances, chances are you'll remain great friends should your romantic relationship dissolve. Take a page from Seinfeld, as Elaine and Jerry did this perfectly.
You Make Each Other Super Comfortable
You probably wouldn't do certain things around regular buddies, but there's just something special about that best friend that allows you to be yourself. You have probably belched, farted, and even picked your nose around each other without a care in the world. Now that's what we call relationship material, right there.
Respect is There By Default
Here's the thing about any other friend: They may easily walk away from your life if they feel appalled by a certain event or situation. However, your best friend has a deep sense of respect by default, and it's extremely hard to throw it all away even during the most trying times. Wouldn't you like someone like this as a life-long partner?
You Respect Priorities and Needs
Everyone's got life priorities, and these can often make or break a relationship. This is especially true when it comes to career goals, since a person could devote much of their time to their professional achievements. As a very caring friend (and now lover), you are more likely to understand when your partner gets home late after a long day at work, and vice versa.
You've Already Had a First Date
It may not seem like it, but that friendly hangout you experienced long ago was practically your first date. And you two have had many more dates since then, even if the official label isn't acknowledged. If you actually do consider a romantic future, the next date won't be so filled with awkward moments of brutal shyness. How awesome is that?


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