15 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

Cole Damon October 20th 2017 Lifestyle
Being a man is not an easy task. Crazy goals are expected of you such as having a high paying job, an Ivy league education, being member of a board of directors and having a massive bank balance - just to name a few. At the end of the day, you're expected to be an emotionally caring husband, father, son or any combination of these. What they don't realize is how difficult it is to fit the definitions of 'the perfect man'. But whether you are perfect or not, here are 15 know things for you.
Understand human psychology
If you want to succeed in life, then it is of paramount importance that you understand the way human nature works. Picking up subtle cues from another person's behavior can tell you a lot about how they can benefit you and your career.
Finally learn to tie a tie
Unless you're a stay at home dad or part of some other unconventional job description, then being tying a tie is an absolute must. The subtle way your tie shifts in the wind and how it rests on your chest are important factors to take into account.
Learn how to fight
You will get into a fight. This is a proven, statistical fact and something which you can easily observe as well. Getting into a fight is one thing, coming out of it in one piece is another. Learn judo and karate if you must.
Ability to learn and adapt
Be like the chameleon. How it changes its color when the circumstances demand it. You too should be able to blend in with the environment and go with the flow if need be. Your failure to adapt to a dynamic environment could be your doom.
Make eye contact with a person of interest
The world will forget you and leave you in the dust if you show any hesitation during conversation. Being unable to make eye contact with a person of interest (your friend, teacher or boss) shows that you are a pushover.
Learn the art of handshaking
The ability to maintain a firm handshake. If you hold too tight, you give off the feelings of insecurity. If you make a loose connection, it gives off a feeling of cowardice. A perfect handshake could propel you to success.
The ability to talk your way out of a problem
Words are a powerful tool if used rightly. As part of life you will inevitably run into problems here and there, but the effective use of targeted words can actually pull you out of the ditch and onto safety.
The ability to understand
You're not born intelligent or smart. Intelligence is something which is acquired after years of training, foresight and determination. The best way to prevent disasters is to understand the variables which are responsible for causing them. So learn.
Dressing immaculately
Wearing a good pair of clothes is like taking a friend or buddy to a fight with you. Your clothes act as a powerful psychological tool, the same way your friend acts like your backup if things go haywire.
Managing stressful situations
Life will try to bog you down with all its problems and if you don't have the ability to cope with the ensuing stress, it will send you spiraling downwards into crippling depression. The end result is disastrous to both relationships and careers.
Effectively multi task
Your job is to be a loving husband, an understanding father and an obedient son. At the same time you have to manager your difficult career. The ability to juggle these two requires efficient multi tasking which not every man can manage.
Being non-violent
It is easy to get angry and violent towards someone who is physically weaker than you. But when the same person is twice your size, the anger devolves into pettiness and flattery. A successful man is someone who can control his anger towards those who are weaker than him.
Survive a bear attack
It is obvious you cannot go toe to toe with bear who is four times your weight and twice your height. No. But it is expected that when confronted with a grizzly, you should be able to save yourself by using knowledge and psychology.
Being able to negotiate
This is slightly different than the ability to talk your way out of a problem. In this case, you want the opposite party to succumb to your demands. This is not easy, especially when the prospectus looks gloomy for them but bright for you. Exercise a combination of humbleness and patience to win this one.
Able to fix smaller problems
You should be able to paint your own room, fix the faucet, and even clear a jammed garbage disposal. This will save you money, teach you new skills and make you dependable to your spouse/partner. Just go to YouTube and start learning now.


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