Jennifer Aniston Teases A Friends Reunion

Jennifer Aniston teases a Friends reunion, and breaks down what could stop it from happening.
Angelica Osborn June 5th 2019 Entertainment
Reunions of old television shows are all the rage right now. The proof is in the pudding. People love to see their favorite nostalgic characters put into brand new situations. Recently The Jeffersons and All in the Family were brought back using new, famous actors like Jamie Foxx to tremendous ratings.
Why risk introducing the audience to a set of new characters who they might not like or connect with when you know you can knock it out of the park by bringing back people's most beloved characters. It's a no-brainer, so no wonder more and more shows are being brought back.
Shows like Will and Grace and Murphy Brown have come back with varying degrees of success, but there's one show that has continued to be a smash hit ever since it left the airwaves decades ago. The show I'm talking about is one of the most streamed shows on Netflix, Friends.
Friends: The King of All Sitcoms
If you haven't watched, or at least heard of Friends, then you must have been living under a rock. Friends took the world by storm when it first came out. Friends is the story of five friends who just hang out together. Sounds boring? You'd be wrong. That simple concept launched hundreds of storylines that people continue to watch to this day using services like Netflix. In fact, it is one of Netflix' most popular shows. That's right, a show that ended 15 years ago is one of Netflix's most popular shows.
Despite Friends still being insanely popular, people still can't get enough. It's been suggested by fans that the Friends gang get back together, but will we ever see it? Even though the stars are asked about it all the time, they have never given a straight answer.
Jennifer Aniston Spills the Tea
If there is one interviewer who could get a clear answer out of the cast, it would be Ellen Degeneres. Ellen Degeneres had her own sitcom as well back in the day, although her show was cancelled after she came out as gay. On one of her recent talk shows, she had Jennifer Aniston on as a guest. Jennifer Aniston played the role of the prissy, spoiler Rachel on the show Friends.
While on the show, Ellen asked Jennifer Aniston if there would ever be a reunion. Jennifer Aniston said, "Listen, I told you this. I would do it....The girls would do it, and the boys would do it, I'm sure. Listen, anything can happen." This isn't the first time Aniston has said something like this, and even Ellen joined in on the fun saying she could play Aniston's neighbor and call the series, "Friend."
What does the rest of the cast think?
In the past, Aniston has been on talk shows and blamed some of her male co stars, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer as the reason we wouldn't be seeing a reunion anytime soon. "Listen, the girls always say we would love to do it again, and the boys are a little less excited about it for some reason. I don't know. And so, we've decided that we'll just do...a remake of The Golden Girls in, like, 40 years."
It's not as if the women of the show have been gung ho about the idea though. Lisa Kudrow spoke with Today in 2017 and said, "I don't see it happening. It would be fun, but what would it be about? Think about it. The thing we liked best about the show was that they were 20-somethings and they were their own family. Now, they all have families, so what are we going to watch?"


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