Homeless Man Finally Reunited With His Beloved Pet Rat

When Chris' rat was stolen, he took to social media to help him get her back.
Bruce Bridges April 21st 2019 Inspiration
Everyone needs to have a friend in their life to help get them through the rough times. If there's any guarantee in life, it's that you're bound to go through some rough patches. It helps if you have someone there to help you through it all. That person doesn't always have to be a human being either.
Animals have been great companions for as long as humans have been around. Frontiersmen who would otherwise have gone insane with loneliness had their trusty dogs to keep them company. That being said, there are some truly unusual animals that some humans call friend. I'm talking about something like a rat.
Rats are great pets, even though they don't live very long. When hand raised from birth, these animals are very loyal, smart, and affectionate. That's why when one homeless man lost his rat-friend, it was a horrible tragedy. Luckily they were reunited in the end. Read on to find out just what happened.
Chris and Lucy
Social media users can either create mobs of hate and despair, or they band together to help people in need. This story is about people online coming together to help someone in need. It all started when Chris, a homeless man, lost his pet rat. Chris is a 59-year-old homeless man with a pet rat named Lucy. These two are incredibly close to the point where they are frequently seen together in Sydney Australia. These two actually hang out together, to the point where they are more of a duo than anything else.
One day Chris had left his area on the sidewalk so that he could use the restroom. He left Lucy the rat with his stuff as he usually does, expecting to find her when he returned. Unfortunately she was gone when he returned.
Social Media to Save the Day
Chris had not expected Lucy to be gone when he came back from the restroom, so he was in utter shock and panic. Lucy is not the type of rat who would just run away. The two are inseparable, so Chris knew something was up. He called the New South Wales Police Department immediately. Luckily, the police department decided to help instead of being indifferent to the plight of a homeless man. The police check out security footage from a nearby camera and spotted a woman who took Lucy.
The police helped Chris put up a social media post where he took a picture of himself holding a sign that said, "My pet rat Lucy was stolen on Saturday. Lucy is black and white with a bit of brown." People immediately jumped on sharing the post.
With the help of the internet, the Facebook post traveled around the internet until it was finally seen by the right person. That person? The very woman who had taken Lucy. As it turns out, the woman didn't steal the rat. She had no idea the rat belonged to anyone. Upon seeing the nice little rat, she took it home with her and took care of it. This is obviously the truth since the woman immediately took Lucy to the police station so it could be given back to Chris.
Chris was ecstatic to be reunited with his friend. The police helped him record a video where he could thank everyone who helped him reunite with Lucy. In the video he says, "this feels wonderful. Thank you very much everybody. She knows she's missed me too, aye."


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