15 Sure Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You According To Cheaters

No matter how much you are in love with your partner or how much you trust your partner, there might have been a point when you might have doubted your partner. Fortunately for most of us, it's just a...
Gigi Cummings September 21st 2017 Lifestyle
In a digital world where sex is just a "swipe right" away, cheating in relationships seems to be on the rise. With temptation heightened by the need to always want more in our culture today, there are a few tell tale signs to notice in your partner if you suspect them of cheating. Our first and most powerful weapon is our intuition, as women we usually can feel that something is up and often, if we keep our eyes open to what our gut is saying we can discover if our partner is being unfaithful. Here are a few other clues to look for in your relationship.
The Narcissistic Self Image
If your partner tends to linger a bit too long in the mirror before heading out to a bar to meet up with the boys, it may be a sign that he is trying to be more visible to other prospects. An inflated sense of self image could be a sign that he is seeking validation from other women and therefor would be more prone to cheating on his current partner. Be wary if her cares more about how his hair looks than how happy he is to be out to dinner with you.
Unnecessary Accusations
A person who is looking for excuses to cheat will often find blame in the other person in order to rationalize their decision to participate in infidelity. Watch out for unnecessary accusations, or if your partner starts to pick fights with you over nothing. They could be looking to find any excuse to blame you for their desire to spread their seed and not have to feel guilty about it later.
The Privacy Police
The most important aspect in any relationship is trust so if your partner starts to demand their privacy to a point that you feel like they are hiding something from you, chances are they are doing just that. A relationship should be one where you feel comfortable to share every aspect of yourself with your significant other, and if your partner changes the passcode on his phone every few days, he may have a dirty little secret.
The Fake Out
Now many people in relationships who give into cheating ways often do not have any desire to end their current relationship, the secretiveness of their affair is so much of the driving spark behind cheating. That being said if your significant other is all of a sudden giving you a bunch of surprise gifts and attention for no reason, your intuition might be telling you that something is a bit off. Overcompensating with gifts is like a fake out move for cover up their indiscretions.
Low Sex Drive
If you and your partner are used to your regularly scheduled sex program and out of nowhere he starts to lose interest or be more tired and making excuses to not be involved with you physically, it might be because he is finding sexual satisfaction elsewhere. If you suspect that his disinterest is not linked to his boss giving him an extra heavy workload, than he might be cheating.
The Happy "Got Lucky" Attitude
Someone who is getting a bit of action on the side may end up coming home after long days out with an exceptionally chipper attitude and broad smile. The combination of a successful secret affair, mixed with the extra endorphins from arousal can combine to create an unmistakable glow. If you find your partner feeling more sprite and happy than usual, check his appointments to make sure he isn't sneaking off with someone.
The Business Trip Scheme
Suddenly your significant other's calendar is full of unplanned business trips to foreign destinations. While you mention to your partner that you could totally get off work early one Friday, he protests, scrambling for excuses about who boring it would be for you and how there is nothing really to see in Italy anyways. If this keeps coming up and your stuck back at home, he could be on a sexy rendezvous without you.
Umm, Maybe, I Don't Know
Vagueness is a true art form. Especially when using it to cover up an affair. If you feel like your significant other is skirting around the details of his night out with the boys, or why he had to work late even though his boss is out of town. Chances are good that you need to read between the lines and get down to the truth of it all. Your partner maybe be ignoring some important details in order to avoid the one big one they are hiding.
Deep Into The Digital World
We are all glued to our phones and computer most of the time now anyways, but someone who is being unfaithful will find themselves stuck on a lot more screen time than usual. If you notice that your partner is opting to stay up late in the office "doing work" on a weekend, or can't seem to put down their phone during a movie night in, they are probably talking to someone who is providing them with a sexy distraction.
An Unknown New Friend
All of a sudden your significant other has a new colleague who has a lot of questions about work at very odd hours of the day. You hear your partners phone vibrate, reach to grab it to give it to them, and they snatch it out of your hand as if it was on fire. You find them whispering in the hallway to some unknown person on the other end of the line and when questioned, they reply that it was "nothing, just work." Time to investigate who is on the receiving end of all this communication.
The Classic Collar Check
We have all seen it in the movies, the wife is doing the husbands laundry and find a smear of red lipstick on his collar, a shade of color she would never dare to wear. Well that can be a useful tactic when trying to determine if your partner is being unfaithful. A swipe of lipstick on his shirt, a long blonde hair on his coat, some glitter on his cheeks, if they don't belong to you, they belong to someone else who has gotten a bit too close.
No Commitment, Lots of Worries
You and your partner have been together long enough that you know its time to take the next step. You basically already live at their place anyways, you share everything, you go one family trips together. So why haven't they asked you to move in yet? Why are you still waiting for those three little words? Why can't you have a spare key, it would just be easier, right? If your partner can't commit they are hiding something and need to keep you at a distance.
Liar Liar
You find out your partner lied about leaving their phone at home when they went to work, or that they lied about taking a certain route home when they left work. Such little things, so why lie? These little white lies may be covering up something deeper and move involved. Trace the source of those lies and see if they lead to a cheating cover up.
Social Media Stalking
While scrolling through your significant others Instagram you notice that they are getting a lot of likes from random hotties you have never met or heard of, after doing a bit more research you seem to uncover a whole directory of internet babes who you definitely do not know. Your partner may be using social media to scope out new prospects and attempt to acquire little side fling.
Backing Out Last Minute
You made these great plans for a romantic Saturday night with your sweetie when they last minute back out with some lame excuse that seems so unimportant to you. When they agree to a raincheck you find that they continue to push the plans back and never want to actually follow through. Go with your gut on this one and see if the reason that they keep backing out of plans you make together is because they have plans of their own on the side with someone else.


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