The Most Hardcore Total Body Modifications Ever

When people take 'being bizarre' too seriously!
Ian Anglin October 18th 2017 Entertainment
With the advent of the technological era in the 19th century, people have continuously tried to modify their bodies. Some did this in an effort to appear as more unique, others got tattoos and piercings so they can act out on their rebellious fantasies. What everyone has in common, is that once many of these modifications are done, there is no turning back - that is the type body or face you are going to be carrying for life. Let's check them out.
Elf Ears
Here we have a young lady, that got her ears all mashed up, and then completely re-created so they look like "elf-ears." I may be partially joking on this one - perhaps her ears didn't get mashed up, but plastic surgery was certainly involved.
The Vampire Woman
At first, I wasn't sure if this was a man or a woman, but reading the image's description did highlight that the fact that is a girl - called María José Cristerna, who is a former lawyer and a mother of FOUR. I do wonder what her kids think of her.
Etched-Out Skin
This is not a photo taken in the West, by someone who got his skin "etched-out" for fun. No, this is an actual tribe from Papua New Guinea, that have an old custom called "crocodile scarification" - they say it is as painful as it looks!
Spider-Man Fingers
This guy is actually one of the few on this list who I can respect and even envy! He had magnets inserted underneath the skin on his fingers so that everything metal is going to be attracted to him. I wonder if it works for attracting girls as well!
The Human Barbie
This is not an actual plastic toy - this is a Russian girl called Valeria Lukyanova, who underwent so many plastic surgeries, that she is lifeless in appearance - I'm not sure this is a good look for her! Everything that she could change or enhance - she did.
Sudanese Tribal Modifications
Similar to the guy that I showed you a few pictures previously, here is a Sudanese custom, where they do the "crocodile scarification" on the FACE of their tribal members. This is definitely worse, as not only is it more painful, but it even looks worse.
Captain Lizard Man
I'm just joking he ain't no captain, and he also doesn't have any superpowers, so there is no way he can join the Avengers - but that didn't stop this guy in Kentucky to dye his skin completely green, cut his tongue in half and all the various modifications you see above.
The Giraffe Girl
Here is the official Giraffe Girl, also known as Sydney V. Smith. She might have been Asian in a previous life, as what she did to her neck is an ancient tradition of the Kayan Lahwi tribes of Thailand and Burma - maybe she should pay them a visit one day!
Tattoos in Eyes
This one is not such a rare body modification anymore, as more and more people are doing it every day. This doesn't make it any less dangerous - according to recent reports, tattooing your eyes carries a pretty severe risk of causing an infection or even blindness.
Most Pierced Woman in the World
This is Elaine Davidson, who completely transformed her body into some weird looking Oriental look. I'm happy to say that this decision hasn't caused her to by lonely - she married the love of her life in 2011 - he was apparently ready to accept her for who she was.
Red Skull
If you've forgotten, Red Skull is a pretty evil villain in the Marvel universe and is an actual Nazi. Well, Henry Damon, from Venezuela decided to completely change his face in order to become a real-life Red Skull - I guess it worked out well for him.
Lonely Marcus
Here we have Marcus Boykin, who is trying to look as ugly as possible, and calls himself "The Creature." He though has (one?) problem though - he told reporters he has problems finding a roommate, in LA of all place - aren't people in Los Angeles used to such weird looking people?
3D Boobs Tattoo
Here is a weird one. This guy wanted to have a cowgirl, with cleavage and boobs tattooed on his arm - nothing strange there. But what he did next is kind of shocking - he had various stuff inserted under his skin, so that that boobs "pop-out" and appear 3D.
He Loves His Parrots Too Much
Here is guy that loves animals, especially his pet parrots. Maybe he loves them too much, as he changed his entire look so that the also looks like a parrot. It is just sad that computer technology isn't advanced enough to make him be able to talk to the parrots.
Get Abs with a Surgery
This is a cool one for all the fat guys who don't want to do their deadlifts and weighted crunches. It appears that doctors can do something called "precision etching" to change the appearance of your skin, without having to add any muscle.


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