15 Useful Websites That Can Increase Your Intelligence Level

We often waste our free time scrolling through social networks, chatting with friends, or posting another pic on Instagram. But here is something more useful.
Cole Damon April 6th 2018 Entertainment
We must understand this we are living in what can be described as the pinnacle age of human existence. We have access to any kind of information that we may seek, any kind of knowledge that we desire and the best part is; most of it is out there for free. We must not only appreciate this but make use of this effectively. Here are some of the websites that can prove incredibly important for you in order to test your knowledge.
Free rice:
The website performs the exact function that the URL suggests; it provides free rice. All you have to do is answer MCQ questions based on your field of expertise i.e. humanities, physics or anything else and for each correct answer the website donates 10 grains of rice.
Coursera is steadily becoming an incredibly popular name amongst prospective students across the world. It offers multiple courses in multiple disciplines from some of the most renowned names in education from across the world. You can register for free and test your knowledge here.
Udemy has a similar purpose as that of Coursera and its popularity has been growing steadily in the past few years. It currently boasts more than 10 million student users who are registered in more than 40,000 courses in various fields of study.
The best thing about Lumosity is its simplicity and yet the intricacy involved in it. It is designed in a way to customize itself according to each user and offers them tests based on their intelligence, area of expertise and even language. A perfect way to test your knowledge.
Memorado is basically a free app designed for both Android and iOS users. It is a collection of several distinct "Brain Training Games" with a set of 600 different puzzles which test your aptitude as well as your ability to solve different kinds of problems simultaneously.
For so many centuries people have desired to be able to learn different language and communicate with different people across the world. It has never been easier than now thanks to Duolingo. It is a free platform that can get you fluent in more than a 100 languages.
Brainexer is a unique website that has a distinct set of tests and exercise which will test your skills, attention, memory, intelligence, counting, problem-solving and cognitive abilities. It is an absolute treat for anyone who craves challenges. It is a must try for anyone who loves websites like these.
Memrise is perhaps the most different and unique website than all others on this list. It is a free website that can prove helpful for people by introducing them to techniques which make obtaining, learning and remembering information more effectively and efficiently.
Project Gutenberg:
For those who might not know, Gutenberg was the name of the gentleman who first came up with the idea of a "paper book". And as you might guess, that idea changed the world. Project Gutenberg is a modern, 21st century electronic library that contains all the notable works of literature and science.
Curious is a website fit for those who feel that their talents are willfully unappreciated and that they need to be commemorated more. This website offers them the chance to share their knowledge and skills while being rewarded for their displays of sheer brilliance.
Open Culture:
This is one of the few websites that deal with cultural ideas more than the educational ones. It has a plethora of information regarding all the major cultures in the world and their dialects. This can prove incredibly useful for those who wish to understand the aspects of the world that make it truly diverse.
CogniFit Brain Fitness:
CogniFit Brain Fitness is an app available for Android and iOS allows the user to contribute in neuroscience and gamification for grey matter workouts. As per the researchers, use of the app for 20 mins 2 or 3 times a day can significantly improve your cognitive abilities.
Fit Brains Trainer:
The Fit Brains Trainer is a wonderful website which can change the way we perceive language learning. It functions as more than just a language trainer as it can also help you understand the neurological impact of a new language on your brain and improve your cognitive abilities.
There is a great deal of aplomb in the way TED's been able to cement its place as a genuine tool for both students and teachers. It is a collection of several educational videos on a wide range of topics in 10 mins videos contributed by some of the most genius minds in the world today.
Don't be alarmed, despite the URL it has practically nothing to do with a zoo and functions more like an international science fair where you can showcase your ideas and ambitions to people. This has led to several collaborations between people from across the world.


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