This Girl Has Murdered Over 180 People, Mexican Police Finally Got Her

She makes me speechless
Ian Anglin October 16th 2017 Entertainment
I haven't heard about this woman with a weird name - called Melissa "La China" Calderon. Why does she have "La China" in her name? If someone knows, do explain in the comments. Anyway, her story is quite shocking, and her past is very bloody. You might think that she is dead, but this is not the case. Mexican police barely succeeded in arresting her, and he is currently imprisoned in Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 1 - one of Mexico's best high-security prisons.
Her Looks Can be Deceiving
You might think she is some random bombshell, but that is not the case at all. She can dress cute for some occasions, but the darkness that hides deep in her mind is simply inconceivable to many normal, civilized people.
Meet Pedro "El Chino" Gomez
The photo above is of her boyfriend, Pedro "El Chino" Gomez. She never got around to marrying him, but he did get to be her partner-in-crime in many of the potential 180 murders. That's how it is when you roll with one Mexico's worst drug Cartel kingpins.
He Was Her Second-In-Command
Gomez acter as Calderon's second-in-command for many years, so they did a lot of crimes together. He slowly watched how his girlfriend's mental health deteriorated, but he did nothing to stop her, or warn others about the dangers she brings.
Just Some of the People She Murdered:
He watched Calderon kill a "colleague's" parents for no reason at all. When this colleague complained, she cut off his forearms, so that he suffered before finally killing him. Despite watching all this, Gomez did nothing to stop her for many years.
Even Hired Assassins Were Scared of Her
Even though Gomez was a hired assassin and a hardened criminal, he still feared his girlfriend - a lot. He once called her "maniacal" for her random killings and acts of rage. This is probably what caused him to leave the Cartel in the first place.
He Led the Police to Her Capture
If it wasn't for Gomez getting too scared of his girlfriend, and running away to snitch to the police - they might have never caught her in the first place. He told authorities where he had last seen her, as well as a lot of inside info on where she buried the dead bodies.
Calderon was born in 1984, which makes her only 30-years old. She started out in the Sinaloa drug cartel a decade ago, which would make her around 20 years old when she started killing people and becoming a hardened criminal. Talk about having a difficult life!
She Tripled the Local Murder Rate
If you are wondering how bloodthirsty she was, the answer is - A LOT. Once she started gaining traction in the Sinaloa Cartel, the murder rate in her local community tripled - that is an increase of over 300%. If companies had profit growth like that, we would all be rich.
Not So Good Looking Without the Makeup:
While she killed a lot of money, and gained fame in the Cartel, she also had another signature act - she was infamous for dismembering her victims, and laying parts of their bodies in front of their families, so that she could spread fear in the communities.
She Gave Out Free Cocaine
She was famous for giving away free cocaine, but don't get your hopes up yet - she only did that for her best and most bloodthirsty troops. You don't want to be one of those guys, it's just not worth it. There is far easier money in programming.
A Younger Calderon:
Even when she was a kid, she loved her Mini-AK automatic rifles. You might also notice the different hairstyle, but make no mistake - deep inside, she still was the same cold-blooded murdered that a lot of people in Mexico feared.
Special Police Forces Are Tougher
Criminals don't understand that, no matter how much money they make or fear they spread, they can never rival the special police force or the army. Official government troops often have equipment that is light-years ahead of what the common criminal can buy.
She Lead Her Own Cartel
I did say she was a part of the Sinaloa Cartel, but she acted as a leader there - she headed her own "sub-Cartel" called Damaso Cartel until she was horribly removed by cartel leader "El Grande", who killed her first boyfriend, Erick Davalos Von Borstel.
She Had a Lot of Tattoos
Looking at these photos, we can see that she was really into getting tattoos, as a lot of people in cartels are. This is just one of many reasons why normal, Western people shouldn't get this unwarranted ink on their skin - why associate yourself with this culture?
She Was Arrested on September 20, 2015
This is not a story from a long time ago - in fact, Calderon operated freely on Mexican territory until September 20, 2015, when she got arrested by the special police forces, after getting the tips from her ex-boyfriend - who snitched on her & the cartel.


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