Dressing Rules That Everyone Can Benefit From Over Time

"Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman," Coco Chanel said. It's hard to disagree with her because clothes are a very important part of our image. Any flaw can be noticed - especially when you are g
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Your dressing is something that sets the perception regarding you in a gathering. Everywhere you go, your dressing is given utmost priority and people judge you over what you wear and how you wear it. Dress shabbily and everyone would just remember your dress, dress impeccably and everyone would remember the person. So, follow the tips we mention here and be at your very best at all times.
Middle Button
The jacket you wear exudes the vibes that you want from your dressing. Considering that your jacket is the first thing that people have a look at, it is extremely necessary that you button the middle button down.
Blouse or Shirt
A woman's blouse or shirt should be buttoned in the right manner. You want people to look at you, but don't want to give away the subject. This is why you should unbutton no more than 2 buttons, because that will look weird.
All your jewelry shouldn't be of the same color, and you should flex a bit with them. Wear a bracelet that goes well with your necklace and an earring that looks well with your ring. This would create a good combination.
Tie Manners
The way you put on your tie tells a lot about your personality and the kind of person you are. Your tie should be put on in the right manner and you achieve the perfect combination that we have illustrated in the picture below.
Miniskirt or Cleavage
While a vulgar look is easy to achieve women nowadays want a decent look that doesn't border on vulgarity. Miniskirts and cleavage don't go well together, which is why you should have them with different clothing items that you wear.
Shirt without Jacket
If you are wearing a shirt without a jacket then you can really do without a tie. Your tie looks good with a jacket and without a jacket you may end up looking like a college student. So, get the look right with these options.
Office Shirt
Always ensure that you have a formal dressing on before going to the office. The rule for cleavage at the office is no more than 4 inches. If you're going more than 4 inches with your cleavage, then it would look weird.
Tucking in Shirt
The one thing that women hate the most about male dressing is when men turn up with shirts tucked in and wearing no belt. Women really hate this and think that the man coming with such a dressing looks really weird.
Cardigan and Jeans
While there is no harm in showing some naked skin, you should be conscious when it comes to showing it between your cardigan and pant. Negate the impact of this by wearing a top underneath the cardigan for hiding the excess skin.
Belt and Shoes
Many men fail to understand the link between their shoes and their belt. Both these items complement each other in enhancing your sense of dressing, which is why you should choose belt and shoes of the same color.
This has been highlighted on many occasions, but men just fail to learn. All the visible tags that you have on your clothing should be disposed off as they look weird and make you look like a person who doesn't care for his dressing.
Too Many Prints
Wearing too many prints in one dressing can make you look like a circus clown. Have a minimalistic look to your dressing and go for prints of the same color. Red and blue don't work well, so avoid this at all costs.
Naked Legs
The socks you wear should be long enough to cover your naked legs. Having socks that cannot hide your legs when you are sitting is just awkward and you can do without this. Get socks big enough to fit the purpose.
Rather than going for Spaghetti straps at an informal office event, try to opt for sleeves that cover your shoulders. This would make you look elegant as you exude the vibes that you would want to exude from your dressing.
Your Views
Please update us with your views on these tips and let us know what you feel in the comments section below. People often get into a conundrum when it comes to what to wear, which is why you can benefit with some help in this regard.


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