How To Make Beautiful Women Chase You Without Being Rich Or Famous

Jay Dawson July 26th 2017 Lifestyle
Since the dawn of time, trying to pick up women usually only goes one way. The guy sees the hot girl, the guy chases after her, and the guy does all the hard work. But what if this could be reversed? What if you could get the girls to chase you? Even if you're no male model, and even if you're not sitting a couple of million dollars to draw the gold diggers in, it is possible to make women chase you. It's pretty easy, in fact. All you have to do is follow these eight simple steps...
Confidence With Words And Movement
We all remember the old saying "treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen", and there's actually a bit of truth in that. Not exactly in treating them mean - being a prick is actually a huge turn-off to women - but in not being needy. And how do you do that? Basically, you have to remove all your insecurities, and act like you're the boss. You want her, of course, but you don't need her. So whenever you have contact with her, be confident and pretend like you just don't care.
Body language plays a huge part in this as well. Women can read body language like a children's picture book, and if you're all nervous and fidgeting, unable to look up at them, and all of that, it's going to be pretty obvious that you're nervous and into them. You want them to be into you. You want them to think that they need you. If you don't have confidence, fake it 'til you make it.
Use Seductive Eye Contact
So much of what women love and appreciate about men - like confidence and trust - can be lasered straight out of your eyeballs and into hers, X-Men's Cyclops style. Nothing says "I want you" like serious, seductive eye contact, and nothing makes them feel like they're the only other person in the room. Whether it's during a could-be-awkward silence or just when you're flirting away, looking them straight in the eyes is going to drive them wild.
Yeah, it can be a little uncomfortable to practice this at first, but trust us, it gets easier. Look at the bridge of their nose, if it helps, because it'll look like you're looking into their eyes anyway. Remember that the instant your gaze flicks from their eyes to some other part of their body, they'll notice. And once they see that you desire their body - basically, that you want them for sex - then the game is over. You'll be chasing her forever.
Touch Her Like A Girlfriend
This is a weird bit of psychology, but it totally works. We don't mean psychology in the deranged murderer kind of way - treating her like a girlfriend is more like giving her a glimpse of the future than messing with her brain. What happens, basically, is that if you start touching her like she's your girlfriend (hugs, shoulder rubs, holding hands, etc.) is that somewhere deep inside she starts to think that she's kinda your girlfriend. Then she wonders why she's not actually dating you already. Then she starts chasing you.
Don't be afraid. Just start off with light touches, and if you get a positive response work your way up from there. Intimacy is a wonderful thing, and introducing it early into the game, before your relationship has even moved on from the friendship level, is a surefire tactic to leave her wanting more. Soon she'll be desperate for your touch.
Challenge Her Beliefs
Nobody wants a "yes" man, not least gorgeous women. Every day of their life they're surrounded by suck-ups and sycophants, so why would they bother with you if you're just one more? Yes, having a connection and sharing interests makes a conversation go easier and a relationship grow stronger. But on the other hand, just agreeing with everything she says is a definite turn-off. She'll have no chance to stretch her mental muscles.
Of course, this is not an invitation to have a full-blown argument with her, or be a dick about things that she's passionate about. Be reasonable, and if you do genuinely agree with something she's talking about, say so. But if you don't agree, don't be shy in voicing your opposition. Again, not in a "you suck" kind of way, more in a "I totally disagree and here's why and why do you think that" kinda way. Above all, value their opinion. Just don't bend to it if you don't want to.
Tease Her Like A Brother
This goes more or less hand-in-hand with challenging her beliefs: you don't want to be a big suck-up to her. You don't want to treat her like a princess, at least not until you've started dating and she's already on the hook. Be like the big brother she never had, and tease her, play-fight with her, and make demands that she shoves over and switches off Grey's Anatomy so you can play Dark Souls.
Will she like you any less? Absolutely not. No little sister hates her big brother, no matter how much he messed with her back when they were kids. In fact, all your teasing will have quite the opposite effect, and this kind of chumminess and banter will only make her desire you more. Just try not to think about all the slightly twisted Freudian implications of taking her to bed.
Make Her Jealous
Both women and men are the same in this one thing: that they always want what they can't have. The grass is always greener on the other side, and your buddy's always going to have a better smart phone than you. The same when it comes to women and men. If a woman sees a man that's already taken, or she'll be in competition with a bunch of other women for his attention, she'll only desire him more.
It's pretty simple to use this fact to your advantage, actually. Whenever you see the woman that you want to be with, always make sure that you've got a big group of friends around you. All your male buddies will be laughing at your jokes (you can make jokes, right?) and taking your attention away from her, and all your hot lady friends (you do have hot lady friends, right?) will make that competitive streak come right out of her.
Don't Be Predictable
Once you know all there is to know about someone, that's it. It's game over. It's exactly the same as when you're dating: after six months or so, when you've had every possible permutation of conversation and uncovered every mystery about each other, that's the end of the honeymoon period. There's a reason women will keep chasing you, and it's the same reason that brave souls keep pushing through the virgin jungle: the thrill of discovering something new.
The trick is, therefore, to keep the mystery alive. Be unpredictable. Be totally random. If you know that she knows exactly what you're about to say, say something different. And above all, don't give away every part of your personal life and history right from the very first conversation. Keep her guessing, and even if you don't have hidden depths, you can make it look like you do.
Lead Her And She Will Follow
For our last tip, we're going to get completely literal. If you want stunning women to follow you around, you have to lead them there. What does that mean, exactly? It means that you have to grow a pair, take the lead, and bring your initiative and quick decisions to every meet-up. You make the call, and you make the decisions, and so long as they're not completely ridiculous, she'll be chasing you all over town.
The thing is that women hate indecisiveness, and love decisiveness. It's as simple as that. Don't wait for her to make a decision for the both of you, or forever ask her what she wants to do. It's annoying. Of course, you should already have some idea of the kinds of things she likes, so when it comes to ideas you can just pick from one of those. Don't worry about what it is you end up doing. It really makes no difference where you go for a drink, or a date, or what movie you watch. If you're funny and charming and follow our guide, she'll love it no matter what.
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