How Disney Fooled The World in These Classic Films

This will make you question your childhood
Ray Porter October 14th 2017 Entertainment
Everyday it seems like Earth shattering information is being uncovered by internet sleuths, which has the potential to blow our minds and make us take a second look at things we remember from our childhoods. In this list, we prove that Disney fooled us all by reusing classic scenes throughout their films in order to save costs on animation. Luckily, it's not really plagiarism if it's against yourself, so Disney gets a pass here--but they've still been caught red handed!
Tricking Us Through Animation
As it turns out, Disney has been fooling their fans for years and years by reusing animation from old films in other projects in order to cut corners on animation costs and reuse their own ideas! These examples are really cool to see.
Example 1: The Jungle Book
The first example we will be looking at is this still from the 1967 classic Disney film, The Jungle Book. Here, we can see Mowgli standing near some trees on what appears to be a cliff. What we're about to show you, is that Disney reused this scene in a later film!
Example 1: Winnie the Pooh
That later film was the 1977 film Winnie the Pooh, which was featured around the titular character of Winnie the Pooh, as well as his friends and their adventures. Here, Christopher Robin is standing in the exact same place and way as Mowgli stood in The Jungle Book, showing that Disney reused this animation 10 years later.
Example 2: Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty is one of the most classic tales of all time, and the Disney film that was released to cinemas in 1959 features some extremely classic scenes. Here, the titular sleeping beauty can be seen dancing in a what appears to be a ballroom.
Example 2: Beauty and the Beast
Disney would go on to reuse almost the exact same scene in the 1991 Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. They almost got away with it, but some clever folks online managed to spot the similarity in the animation and positioning of these two scenes.
Example 3: The Sword in the Stone
This 1963 Disney film features another example of Disney playing a little bit of a trick on their audience. They decided to recreate this scene of the characters being playfully tackled by these two dogs shown here in this screen capture.
Example 3: The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book (1967) makes this list for a second time, but this time it is the one doing the self-plagiarizing. Disney recreated this scene from The Sword in the Stone in The jungle Book only 4 years later, with Mowgli.
Example 4: Snow White
This scene of Snow White playfully dancing with one of the 7 dwarves was a fun scene in the 1937 Disney film version of Snow White. The animation here would be used again in a later Disney project, as we're about to show you.
Example 4: Robin Hood
When Robin Hood came out in 1973, it was another huge success for Disney. Here, this scene seems reuse the animation from the Snow White scene, since the dancing style and way the characters are holding hands is extremely identical.
Example 5: The Jungle Book
Here we take a look at The Jungle Book (1967) for the third time on this list! The dancing that occurs here must have been expensive to animate, because Disney ended up using the animation again in a later film!
Example 5: Robin Hood
Here, the film in our example is Robin Hood (1973), which reused the scene from The jungle Book and simply replaced the characters and the backdrop to create a new scene without anyone noticing--until internet sleuths solved the mystery, that is.
Example 6: Bambi
This scene of the rain hitting a bird in Bambi (the 1942 Disney classical film) was quite brief, and that's probably why Disney didn't see any harm in using the scene again in a later film project. Tricking us all!
Example 6: The Fox and the Hound
This one is probably the most evident example on the list, since these scenes are almost exactly the same except for a few changes to the size and color of the bird, and the amount of debris in the background.
Example 7: The AristoCats
This lovely scene from the 1970 Disney film titled The AristoCats, is one of the best of the film, and Disney were quick to reuse it three years later with some changes made in order to fit it into their newer film.
Example 7: Robin Hood
Robin Hood (1973) came out 3 years later and has this very similar scene that caused a few observant Disney fans to raise an eyebrow. As it turns out, the animation was reused and they almost got away with it. Nice try, Disney!
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