This Ship Reappeared 90 Years After Being Lost At Sea According To Eyewitnesses

Jay Dawson September 15th 2017 Weird
The mysterious of the world will never cease to amaze us. There's still so much out there that's unexplained and unknown, and as hard as science tries, some things will always defy cold logic. For well over a century, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has baffled both researchers and amateur followers of bizarre phenomena. Many think that the countless disasters and disappearances in the area can be explained by science. But how can you explain the reappearance of a 90-year-old missing ship?
Astonishing Reports
For close to a hundred years, no-one had even thought of the SS Cotopaxi and her mysterious fate. Many assumed she had just sunk, leaving no trace behind. But suddenly this year, something happened that no-one could have thought possible. As media reports turned into a frenzy, it was revealed that the Cuban Coast Guard had found the ship - and it was still floating...
What Was The Cotopaxi Originally Used For?
The SS Cotopaxi, named after a volcanic mountain in Andean Ecuador, was one of thousands of tramp steamers running up and down the east coast of America in the 1920s. It was a cargo boat, pure and simple, privately owned and fitted to carry just about everything. In those days, boats like this were the primary way of transporting goods and passengers across the world.
Her Final Voyage
But November 24, 1925, would turn into a voyage that the world would watch in horror. Carrying a full cargo of coal, and a crew of 32, Captain W. J. Meyer set out from Charleston in South Carolina, bound for Havana in Cuba. At the beginning, things were operating as smoothly as ever. But this was soon to change...
The Last Radio Transmission
And then, on the 1st of December, a distress call came out of the blue from the SS Cotopaxi. According to Captain Meyer, a tropical storm had damaged the ship, which was now taking on water. Without help, they would sink. Strangely, though, the US meteorology service reported that it was a calm, clear day. Either way, the help never arrived, and the Cotopaxi vanished.
The Bermuda Triangle
There was one other factor that wasn't considered until much later. At the time of the mayday signal, the Cotopaxi was scheduled to be in the vicinity of the infamous Bermuda Triangle - an area of sea that stretches between the three corners of Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Many ships and planes had passed through that area, and many had never been seen again...
Famous Stories
In fact, legends of the Bermuda Triangle stretch back for close to half a millennium. Even Shakespeare knew of the area, and based his play The Tempest on a real-life shipwreck that occurred in that exact zone. Even to this day, countless TV shows, books, and movies still deal with this fascinating topic.
The Mystery Of Flight 19
Just one such story involves five US Navy bombers at the close of the Second World War. The squadron were en route back to America after a successful skirmish, when they simply vanished. Nobody ever found out what happened to them - there were no weather conditions that day, and the plane that went looking for them disappeared as well.
"Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"
But it's the particular vanishing act of the SS Cotopaxi that still confounds people to this day. Even the great Steven Spielberg has turned his attention to the story, and with his film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" speculated on the eventual fate. In that film, the SS Cotopaxi is found, but incredibly far from where it went missing - in the Gobi Desert.
Some People Look To Science
There will always be the rationalists among us, trying to strip the mystery from the unexplained. According to them, there's nothing to the Bermuda Triangle except for a particularly gaseous patch of sea. They believe that giant gas bubbles rising to the surface have the capability of knocking out, and dragging under, both giant ships and planes.
While Some Look To Conspiracies
Others are not so convinced that a rational explanation can be found. Instead, they believe that it could be meteorites that home in to their targets, instantly obliterating them. Other say that it's definitely a sign of extraterrestrial life. While even more conspiracy theorists say that none of that is true - they say that it's not something natural, but actually an area used by the government to perform secret, hit-tech weapons testing.
The Investigation
With any territorial or property claims to the ship long gone, it fell to the Cuban Government to investigate the sudden and shocking reappearance of the Cotopaxi. Armed with the latest in research technology, they launched their search just a month ago. But the very first thing that they discovered blew them away...
Eerie Signs
Using long range motion detector and thermal scanners, the Cuban team realized something that could not be physically possible. According to their readouts, there were still people alive on board the ship. At first they just assumed that it was a glitch, but even with different equipment, they were still seeing the same thing.
From there, things only got weirder. Their initial scans complete, they moved in with a small squad of commandos to try and make contact with whatever was still alive. Only they physically couldn't reach the ship. Every time they neared the Cotopaxi, it would seem to pull back. If they increased the speed of their launch, a dense fog bank would appear, and they would end up where they started.
Some five days after they made their initial attempts at contact, every single media outlet suddenly and simultaneously dropped the story. Nothing more was heard from the Cuban government on the matter, and any inquiry by the public was completely ignored. They had found something, but were desperate to cover it up...
Never To Be Explained
With radio silence from every single government in the vicinity of the reappearance, we may never know exactly what happened to her. We will never know how, or why, she came back to us from the land of the dead. Any attempt to reach the ghost ship has been blocked by Cuba, and the recent storms would have caused it to drift off course to parts unknown. The mystery may stay with us forever.


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