15 Reasons Why Your Partner Should Not Be Your Everything

For those of us who have someone special in our lives, lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it. However, having a partner with you must not define your whole existence. Rather, this connection should be one that makes you happy, not transform you alt
Cole Damon March 5th 2018 Lifestyle
This is the crux of our argument. Do not allow your partner to dictate your entire life because once they realize that the power lies entirely with them during the bitter power struggle, all leverage will be shifted over to them. It is important to keep a healthy balance of power in your relationships so you don't end up broken after a break up. Here are 15 reasons why your partner shouldn't control the show.
It compromises your own activities
We all have activities which define us for who we are. When our partners take up that time, it prevents us from completing those activities. Over time we begin to lose control over who we are as a person.
Bleeding into your social circles
It is equally important for us to have social circles outside of just our better half. Friends help us to vent frustrations in life, introduce us to newer opportunities. They also allow us to vent our frustrations should things go haywire.
Personal time
There are certain activities which we simply cannot expect our better half to perform along with us. Hobbies such as mountain trekking, video gaming and even binge watching your favorite TV show is something we're better off doing alone.
You become dependent on them
Isn't having someone to depend upon part and parcel of a relationship? While this is true to some extent, it is unhealthy to completely depend upon your better half. Because when they leave you, the road to recovery becomes harder.
There is no room for growth
When this one person consumes all our free time, it prevents us from focusing on what truly matters - our personal growth. And believe it or not, that is actually more important than this relationship. You should be self reliant.
Taking away empowerment from you
You can never expect when things turn ugly. One minute she's fine and the next she's throwing up a huge tantrum - from which there's no coming back. Overreliance on them feeds into your self empowerment and makes you weak.
Being unique
We're all unique individuals, each of whom has their own life interests and goals. IF you compromise those goals and aspirations in life just to appease to your partner, it will erode your sense of individuality and you'd be just a copycat.
Your mental health
Obsession. That is the most destructive aspects to any relationship and it can easily start feeding into your mind. It is therefore important to turn the relationship around and steer your own mind in the right direction.
Being changed for the worse
If she tries to teach you 'her ways' by teaching you better table manners, good hygiene or similar trivial stuff, it probably means she is trying to change you into someone you're not. There's a fine line between teaching stuff and grooming.
Takes your time
When she takes up too much of your time, she prevents you from doing things which you truly love. For instance you might enjoy working out in the gym, but she has taken up all the gym time resulting in all that belly fat.
Getting depressed
Too much reliance on her presence means that when she is not around, your mind would enter into panic mode and begin to miss her. The desire to see her again could result in bouts of depression.
Her friends no longer like you
When she changes your regular behavioral patterns, she also starts to take away from your friend circle. When you begin to lose your friends because you no longer share the same goals and aspiration sin life mean she or he has gotten into your head.
Feeling inadequate
When you begin to put your partner on a high pedestal, you eventually begin to think of yourself as someone who is inadequate. "Why would she partner up with me of all people when she is so capable?" And that begins a line of depression.
They are prone to leaving you
She is more prone to leaving you if you end up making her feel that she is the only positive thing that happened in your life. It is important to remain casual about her influence in your life.
Your work life gets compromised
If your work, business, school life and other important economical activities begin to get compromised because of the relationship, it is high time you began to reflect on the gravity of the situation and prioritize your goals in life.


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