15 Simple Flirting Tips That Will Turn You Into A Total Seductress

Turn him on with dirty jokes.
Cole Damon October 12th 2017 Lifestyle
For many women, flirting is no big deal and it's even seen as healthy banter often times. But there are so many ladies who can only dream of crossing over to the wild side - rightly so. To set the record straight, the ways of a seductress aren't limited to a certain type of women. But if we were to state facts, the days of a guy waiting to save a damsel in distress are long over. Embrace the seductress in you with these 15 amazing flirting tips!
Your Lips Are Your Weapon
Yup, you can do a lot with your lips without going too overboard. Biting your lip, licking your lips, or even just reapplying your lipstick in his company, are ways to make him notice the sexiest part of your face. The trick is to spark daydreams of you using those lips on him.
Use Your Stance to Your Advantage
If you're just going to call yourself a seductress with slouched shoulders, even you won't take yourself seriously. Improve your posture. Stand up tall and keep your shoulders straight to make your chest pop out. Not to mention the bomb cleavage proper postures give you!
Touch Him, But Delicately
Skin to skin contact makes a man's brain (& other parts, ahem!) go loco. Gently placing your hand atop his hand, brushing your thighs against his, or touching his shoulder while coming close to talk to him, are things that will make him want more to do with your skin. He'll be thinking of it all day!
Subtlety is the Name of the Game
A lot of girls tend to mess up the whole game by being 'too out there'. Keep the mystery alive by being subtle about your actions. Subtle touches, subtle hair playing, subtle hints, subtle anything, will keep him imagining things he'd like to do to you. *wink*
The Language of Thy Eyes
Your eyes can communicate in ways that words simply cannot. Maintaining eye contact is extremely important to let your target know you're not just joking around. Eye contact can also intimidate guys, but if you look at him like you'd rip him apart in bed, he's sold!
Tease, Tease & Tease
Thought teasing went out of style? Think again. Tease him ever so lightly that he can't help but replay it all over in his mind. If you wear a dress or a skirt, cross your legs and uncross them from time to time. He'll be aching to get a hint of what's under there.
Body Language
Playing hard to get barely works nowadays. Let him know your intentions by facing your entire body in his direction. Crossing your arms when he's right there will give him the impression of you being "closed off" or uninterested.
Playfully Touch Yourself
Softly touching your neck, twirling a strand of your hair with your fingers or playing with a necklace you're wearing will all help draw his attention to those areas. The more he sees you comfortable with yourself, the closer he'll want to come and the more aroused he'll feel.
Share Your Naughty Sense of Humor
Men think of sex more often than you imagine. If you're playing your cards well, chances are that he's already pictured you in bed. Share dirty jokes and pass naughty comments to keep him thinking about it for longer. Unless you're comfortable with coming off as a horny beast, stick to making vague jokes. Just laugh freely and openly.
Fragrance is Your Friend
What's worse than a girl who wears musky cologne? A girl who smells downright bad. If you're going to take up the role of a seductress, make sure you always wear tempting fragrances, such as vanilla or something edible. He'll associate you with that smell in no time.
Be Generous With Compliments
Don't become a narcissist in this aspect. Compliment him generously instead of waiting for him to do so. Instead of compliment what he's wearing, compliment the color and play with your words. For instance "You look so hot in black, or is it just you?" - accompanied by a sexy smirk for brownie points.
12. Work On Yourself
There's a reason why the infamous lipstick named "ravish me red" was such a hit. Girls who wear loud colors, or clothes that sincerely do justice to their figures, get a lot more attention from men. Pay attention to the parts of you that you wish to accentuate.
Talk via Facial Expressions
Instead of pulling off a resting bitch face combined with a get-in-bed-with-me face, give him the best smile that you have. He'll notice and be attracted to your natural self a lot more than a face that you just put on - which might also be intimidating to some. Again, speak with your eyes.
Bend & Snap
If you haven't watched Legally Blonde, you're genuinely missing out on a lot of awesome tips. The 'bend & snap' that she teaches, sincerely works wonders, my friend. All you have to do is drop something, bend down to get it, and snap back into standing position. Just let him get a hint of that fine ass.
Look at His Lips When He's Talking to You
Last but never the least, this one is highly effective. Look at his lips and watch them move in the midst of a conversation. He'll notice your eye movement and instantly know you're imagining kissing him. It'll turn him on in a matter of seconds because he'll picture it too!


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