This Cute Couple's Selfie Takes a Creepy Turn After You Look Closely

Shocking selfie.
Cole Damon October 12th 2017 Weird
How cute is it when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and see a cute couple? For all the single people, a cute couple Selfie can make them want to get into a relationship as soon as possible. HAHA. In addition, for all the cute couples, seeing another couple thriving in their relationship is seen as a motivator. Although you should never judge a couple by the way they look, sometimes the pictures can make some feel like they would be forever alone. However, do not let such a thought come to mind because sometimes the cutest can be turned into the creepiest.
Where Do I Use #CoupleGoals?
One of the most trending hashtag of 2017 is #couplegoals. It does not matter if the couple is brushing their teeth together or if they are just sitting and smiling, the hashtag will be used for them turning them into the "it" couple. People start worshipping such couples and become obsessed.
The Viral Cute Couple
On April 27, 2017, a young man posted a picture with his girlfriend to his twitter. The girl's hand was kept on her man's chest adding the cute romance factor into the picture. The picture became viral over the next few hours and the reason will leave you shocked.
Does a Cute Couple Exist?
How exactly are cute couples classified? Are all couples not cute? Let us make one thing very clear, every couple is beautiful in their own way. They never have to feel the need to compare themselves to other couples. The connection between two people is the most beautiful thing anyone could want.
However, This Image Proves That Gemini Really Do Have Two Faces
As previously mentioned, the picture of the viral couple was extremely cute, until you see closely. Are you eager to know the reason behind the chaos that was created after the image? It might make you believe in all the paranormal activity movies!
Wasn't Paranormal Activity Staged?
For all those people that grew up watching the paranormal activity movies, firmly believed that they were staged. In fact, we all still firmly believe that scary movies are staged, but now we are in a state of utter confusion.
Photoshop Is Breaking All Records
What do you believe? Not every photo on the INTERNET can be trusted, come on. With the mad Photoshop skills that are being used these days, we do not know if they are real or not. You be the judge of this and decide quickly!
Is The Guy Giving Discrete Messages To The ENTIRE World?
Gemini's are known for their two faced personality, but they try to keep it on the down low as much as possible. We are confused as to what this young man is trying to say, is he telling the world his girlfriend has two faces?
Put Your Thinking Caps On
For those whose heartbeats actually accelerated when they saw the image, we have good news. Think like a detective, why would a person randomly out of nowhere write about his girl's horoscope? We are now convinced that it was intentional.
The Aftermath of the Caption
Can one even begin to imagine the aftermath of the viral photo? Girls are known to be extremely aggressive when it comes to things like this. This girl was openly called out for as a two faced girl, or maybe they did it to get publicity?
People Went CRAZY
Along with the chaos related to this photo, came a lot of meme tagging and jokes. Twitter went crazy when they saw this picture and the responses were hilarious. How else do you react to something as creepy as this?
Girls Mean It When They Say They Have Your Backs
This girl took this phrase to completely new level. The picture is a living proof of the phrase making girls seem like an extra terrestrial species. Maybe this is the reason why boys like to stay single for as long as possible!
In Jesus' Name, Amen.
This paranormal photo has become the funniest viral picture. Along with the other memes attached to the photo, this one can be hands down the best one. Where we feel like we might be surrounded by paranormal activity, we think of Jesus.
What Copy Cats This Viral Couple Is
You may not know this but a similar photo to this one was floating around the internet in 2016. It was picture of a couple standing in front of a mirror door, with the woman's reflection looking towards the camera as well.
It Is Proven, Women Are Satan's Associates
The similarity between both the photos is very visible. Women are scarier than you may anticipate them to be. Beware of women because you never know when or how they will find a way to get to you. Satan has loyal companions!
Are You Still Thinking That Paranormal Activity Is Scripted?
Let us be truthful, these pictures can either fool some people or be the biggest joke for some. Either way, this image can be noted as a internet phenomena. Moreover, we just might be thinking that paranormal activity is real...


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