Zodiac Match That Make The Best Couples According To Experts

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Jay Dawson September 13th 2017 Lifestyle
Astrology gets a lot of attention from the more serious sciences, with a lot of people saying that it's nothing more than superstition and guesswork. But still, after all these millennia, no-one can quite disprove it. To put it another way, it's often scarily accurate. And although asking your date what star sign they are is pretty cliche, there's a lot of evidence to suggest that it's a good indicator of how your relationship will turn out. So which star signs are best suited to be together? If you and your partner are any of these, it's looking good...
Libra and Leo
Both of these signs, the scales and the lion, are well known for being party animals. Being social and being at the center of attention is their thing, and they'll often feel lonely if they're not out and about. Of the two, Leo is usually a little more selfish and self-absorbed. But having Libra there will literally balance things out.
Affection For Mingling
Unlike having two Leos in the house, a Libra and a Leo won't be fighting for attention. Instead, they'll move in their own circles to get the socializing that they need. Libra works well as a counterpoint to Leo, because they'll happily go out and mingle with a Leo, but at the same time give them all the attention that they crave, without hogging it for themselves.
Gemini and Libra
Both of these signs are about twins: the Gemini literally, and the Libra more like a yin and yang of personalities, balancing each other out. Where in normal circumstances, leading double lives can lead to lies and subterfuge, Gemini and Libra share one very important thing in common: they're amazing in the sack...
Sexual Association
More often than not, people are two different things when it comes to the public life versus the bedroom. A meek librarian is probably a dynamo between the sheets, and vice versa. It's this duality that a Gemini-Libra connection feeds off. Sparks will definitely fly when they get hot and heavy, because both signs have a hidden well of intense sexual energy.
Aries and Aquarius
Aries is a bundle of energy, always turning to new projects and ideas and never having a dull moment. Aquarius might not be totally social and energetic, but as artists, they do have that creative streak that leads them to look at the world in different ways. Put the two together, and you've got the recipe for adventure.
Never a Dull Moment
Whether it's when the lights go off in the bedroom, or just on a holiday somewhere, day-to-day life for an Aquarius-Aries pairing will always be full of fun and exciting new things. This is the kind of relationship that everyone envies: the couple that no matter what, always seem to be having the time of their life. They're a team that just gets stronger and stronger with each new experience.
Aries and Cancer
Aries actually matches up with many other personalities, because of their extrovert nature and willingness to get out there and taste life. Whether the other person is an introvert or a bold adventurer, Aries can match and feed them their energy. Cancer is no different, and with their huge reserves of passion and ideology, they make a great pair.
Passionate People
The key to this kind of couple is that while they're both hugely passionate people, it's not going to be a tug-of-war between different ideals. Cancer often has its pet projects and singular vision, but Aries - while always out there - is often happy to go with the flow. Even if they're not in a relationship, this is a team that gets things done, and does them well.
Aries and Pisces
Pisces is often one of those signs that can seem introverted to the outsider, and even lazy at times. But they're not necessarily a lazy kind of person, just one that's happy to let other people do the talking and expend the energy, while they quietly go about their business. Pairing them with Aries might seem like putting fire and water together, but the reality is quite different.
Great To Each Other
In fact, Aries and Pisces are more like adding gasoline to a slow-burning log fire. You know that one will provide warmth and get the job done, even though it seems like they're not doing much. But add a whole bunch of riotous fuel to that mix, and suddenly that fire is ablaze and tearing through the house. This is why they're so great for each other: Aries helps Pisces get out of their shell and take over the world.
Cancer and Pisces
Sometimes, though, a relationship isn't just all about insane sex positions and parties every night. There's a lot more to them than that, including trust, honesty, emotional intimacy, and quiet mornings with tea and buttered toast. That's where these two water signs come in - both of them are sensitive and with a good head on their shoulders.
Water Signs
All of that leads to a relationship which may not be full of fireworks, but is loving, caring, and lasting in all the right ways. Cancer and Pisces, as water signs, both get each other. They're not just introverted and selfish, but thoughtful and considerate of each other's feelings. This leads to a connection that is simply unbreakable for many couples.
Taurus and Cancer
Speaking of signs that have an intense astrological connection, Taurus and Cancer are just about one of the most solid around. Taurus might seem like they're outgoing and all, but at heart they're just little home babies, caring a lot about their family, where they grew up, and having a stable relationship with others.
Tight Connection
This makes them a perfect match for Cancer. They both value many of the same things, and Cancer - being a very sensible and sensitive sign - is always willing to go the extra mile to integrate into Taurus's family life. Watch out for these two if they ever start a family of their own, because they'll be even tighter than the Brady Bunch.
Taurus and Capricorn
Born right up there at the turn of the year, Capricorn is like the forgotten middle child of zodiac signs. Everyone's always focusing on Christmas and the New Year, not on their birthday, so they end up having to please themselves. It pays off, though, and Capricornians are often the funniest, most hard-working people you're ever likely to meet.
More Chemistry
Which is what makes their connection with Taurus so incredible. Their qualities perfectly complement each other, with Taurus loving the whimsy and work ethic that Capricorn brings, and Capricorn loving the sensible support and kindness that Taurus is forever offering. Have you ever seen a couple that's been around for decades and still madly in love? Chances are it's a Taurus and a Capricorn.
Sagittarius and Aries
If you're looking for explosive drama and a rollercoaster ride of breaking up and getting back together, don't date a Sagittarius. The Archer isn't up for any of that - in fact, present them with some drama and they'll back away quickly. They prefer to shoot from afar. But at the same time, they love to have fun, and for the right person can be wonderful to hang out with.
Fire Signs
Hot passion is the order of the day when Aries and Sagittarius come together: hot passion without all the screaming and throwing of things that usually comes with it. It's like having the two most fun people in the world in the same room - they'll just feed off each other. Although they won't be in the same room as you for long, since that passion works just as well in the bedroom.
Leo and Sagittarius
Leos are definitely a social sign, but they do have a kind of downside. They're also stubborn as heck, meaning that while they'll do what they want and to hell with the consequences on other people. As a result, they're bound to run into a few personal problems every now and again. Which is where Sagittarius steps in.
High Passion
With the lust for life and the ability to find humor in almost any situation, Sagittarius is excellent at defusing the tension. No matter what Leo does to royally screw things up, Sagittarius will be there to pick things back up again and fix both their relationship, and Leo's relationship with others. And let's not forget about them both being fire signs, too - with amazing results in the bedroom.
Aquarius and Gemini
This is a pairing you'd never predict - the creative type with the dual personality. Dating a Gemini can be an exercise in frustration for many other star signs, since they seem to change personalities at the drop of a hat. But with their dreamy and unorthodox perspective on life, Aquarians are fully equipped to handle and understand these changes.
Emotional Connection
All of this adds up to a connection quite unlike what many other people have. No matter what their state or what they're doing, Aquarius gets Gemini, and they love that they don't have to change for someone. And while Gemini might not be a creative type of sign, they do appreciate the random spontaneity that Aquarius brings to the table. With ideas overflowing from their heads, there's never a boring patch.
Scorpio and Leo
On paper, this looks like the kind of relationship that many people like to avoid. In fact, despite being quite sensitive, the acid-tongued Scorpio doesn't get on well with many people at all. With their brilliant minds and competitive edge, they're great at succeeding at business and sports. Throw in the party-loving and self-absorbed Leo, and you've got a recipe for fiery chemistry that shouldn't work, but really does.
Leo and Gemini
Leave a Leo and a Gemini in a room together, and within a couple of hours they would have made their own little world. That's the key to this pairing - one of the finest, according to astrologists. Every moment of every day is a chance for adventure, and Gemini has just a sliver of restraint big enough to stop the whole thing spiraling madly out of control.
Virgo and Capricorn
Virgo, aka the Virgin, hasn't been mentioned at all yet, and with good reason. Virgin is sadly a pretty accurate descriptor for them, considering that they're so thoughtful and introverted they'll often miss out on relationships entirely. That doesn't mean, of course, that they're any less worthy. They're just not as confident. Capricorn, though, with their unlimited humor and practical, hardworking approach to life, compliments this thoughtfulness well.


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