Qualities a Man Should Have For a Perfect Relationship According To Women

Stay single until you meet the guy who is as wild as the guy in Fifty Shades of Grey.
Gigi Cummings October 11th 2017 Lifestyle
In our current culture, the standards for what qualifies as a "catch" in a mate have dropped drastically. If a guy puts on real pants and doesn't spend 90% of his time playing video games than he is a total winner, bonus points if he stays faithful out of sheer laziness. Men have to be held up to high standards from women if we ever want to get into the types of relationships that we deserve and if we want demand the respect we deserve as well. I know it is hard to sift through all of the garbage out there while waiting for Mr. Right to show up, but when he does its worth it! Here are some qualities to be looking for in the guy.
He's Not Afraid Of PDA
You two don't need to be making out all over the city and in every picture to show that you two are dating, but if he isn't afraid to show the world that you mean something to him, than he is a real genuine guy and is totally worth keeping around.
He Wants To Introduce You To His Family
You should not have to bed your boyfriend to take you home with him at Thanksgiving. He should be proud and honored to bring you home to his family and show everyone how special you are to him. A real man will step up and give you that kind of love and respect.
He Pays Attention To Your Sexual Needs
Every girl on this planet needs to stop putting up with mediocre sex. Stop letting men pump and dump you like your body is just a thing. Wait for the guy who explores your body like the beautiful adventure that it is and gives you every inch of tow curling, head tossing cry out in ecstasy pleasure that you deserve.
He Shows Other Men Your Worth It
He isn't necessarily possessive or jealous but he is man enough to show other men that you are incredible and sexy and he can't keep his hands off of you because you are just that amazing. His dominance is protective but his body language shows people he worships you.
He Stands Up For You
He isn't not afraid to stand up for what is right. So if you two are out at a bar and someone mistreats your or is inappropriate, you man will immediately have your back and make sure that you are taken care of. Even if that means puffing his chest out a bit to show that no one messes with his girl.
He Prioritizes You
When you truly care about someone you will drop whatever you are doing to help them out when they are in need. This shouldn't be any different with the guy you are dating. He needs to be clear about his priorities and a good man will make you one of them.
He Brings Out Your Best Side
A man that you are dating should always bring out the best in you. He should lift you up to a place where you feel like you are capable of doing anything and you should feel like the hard things are as hard when he is around. You two should feel like you can conquer the world together.
He Values Honesty
Not only should he not have secrets between you two, but he should value being open and transparent with his feelings and his life. He wants to let you in to his life and will not block you out with distrust, a secure man will want to tell you everything.
He Honors Quality Time With You
Don't settle for a man who drags his feet every time the two of you are supposed to do something together. A real man will want to spend quality time with you in order to strengthen your bond and because you two have such a good time together.
He Makes You Feel Wanted
Having sex regularly just isn't enough to make a long lasting relationship work. Women need to feel wanted and desired, and men need to understand that that means paying attention to them on a consistent basis. Whether he kisses your neck when you are busy getting ready, or he just tells you how pretty you are when you wake up in the morning, don't settle for less.
He Eases Your Doubts
Choosing to combine lives with another person is a huge decision and can cause a lot of doubt when trying to figure out where to take the next steps. Be with a man who helps you ease your doubts and who talks these things through with you, its important to have open communication.
He Takes Care Of Himself
You will love him no matter if he starts to pack on a couple extra pounds or if he is having a hard time at work. But you can't constantly lift him up to be the best man he can be. Wait for a man who has the inner desire to be his best self and take care of himself so that you can concentrate on you being your best you.
He Opens His Heart To You
A man who is emotionally unavailable will always be emotionally unavailable if you continue to allow him to keep being stuck in his ways. Don't focus on men who aren't willing to open their heart to you. It may feel scary to be with a man who is vulnerable with his emotions but he will love you the right way in the end.
He Thinks Of The Small Things
A man doesn't have to prove his love by constantly doing grand gestures of romance for you, but a man who is ready to commit will be willing to show you his love in small ways all the time. You knowing he cares is important and so he will show you in his own ways.
He Isn't Afraid To Make It Official
The way that our current culture is so afraid of commitment is really a testament to how men have lowered their own standards of being gentleman. A guy worth waiting for won't keep you in relationship limbo and will want to make real commitments when the time comes.


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