Goat Born With Demonic Face Terrifies Residents

Jay Dawson July 26th 2017 Weird
Life is a weird and wonderful and always surprising thing. Like Forrest Gump said, it's a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get. What he didn't mention was that sometimes, like in the bizarre case of this newborn goat, that chocolate is all melted and deformed. And looking like Satan incarnate. Yep: right in the middle of Argentina last week, a kid was born with the face of a demon. You'll never believe how hysterical the town got...
A Shocking Birth
The photo almost says it all, really. In San Luis province of central Argentina, this baby goat was born to two otherwise healthy parents, owned by a local by the name of Gladys Oviedo. With a fully flat face and protruding eyes, the newborn goat was the spitting image of something you'd see out of the book of Revelations - and had it lived any longer, its horns would have only added to the terrifying look.
Unfortunately for the goat, it came out into the world stillborn. It never had a chance to prove how cute it would be in spite of its facial disfigurement. The rest of the kid, apart from the face, was entirely normal, which points to the fact that it may have had a rare brain defect that not only changed its appearance, but cut its life tragically short. But even though it was just one unlucky baby goat, it caused quite a stir in the town...
This Kind Of Thing Has Happened Before
There are a lot of precedents for this kind of bizarre animal disfigurement. Just like humans, where all kinds of things can happen to a baby's body during pregnancy, animals too can see DNA mutations turn things horribly wrong for their newborns. Given our diets, pollution, and all the toxic things we introduce to our bodies, it's an eternal miracle that we all turn out so normal.
From an octopus with only six tentacles to a duck with four feet, the world has seen its fair share of strange and sometimes scary animals. A frog with three heads was found in a garden nursery in England, while a pig with two heads, two snouts, and three eyes was born in the late 1990s in the U.S. Adorably, its owners called it Ditto, helped it learn how to walk, and even made it a special helmet so it wouldn't hurt itself when it fell over.
The Terror Of The Town
The residents of San Luis in Argentina were not so kind to the demonic goat. Latin America, given its roots in pre-Spanish native tribes all along the Andes, in the Amazon, and beyond, have a long history of Animalistic worship. While it may not be their religion nowadays, there is still a deep distrust of funny-lookin' critters, and many people still remember the old times when such deformed animals would be seen as dreadful omens for a terrible future event to come.
So what did they do when they saw this goat? They panicked, that's what. The horrified villagers wanted this demon kid out of their town at all costs, and some people even called the cops. When the police arrived, they found the "stunned" Gladys Oviedo still holding onto her poor, dear goat. They couldn't do anything about it, of course, but eventually managed to have the goat removed and calm down the town. Now it's your turn to watch the video - what would your reaction be?
Here is the Video:


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