Fiance Calls Off Wedding After Watching Security Footage Of Fiance And Her Dogs

How could someone treat dogs like this?
Ray Porter October 11th 2017 Weird
There are few things more detestable in life than being cruel to harmless, innocent pets. Pets don't have the capacity to recognize why they're being harmed, and can easily fall victim to abuse by their owners. In this insane story, this woman had to deal with finding out that someone she loved and thought she would be spending her life with, was committing animal cruelty. No one can blame her for what she did about it!
The Setting
This story takes place in Rio de Janeiro, the capital city in Brazil. If you feel like Rio de Janeiro is in the news a lot--it is because it is. Why? Well, Rio de Janeiro is the sixth-most populous municipality in the Americas!
The Characters
The news story itself involves a few people. It involves two victims, someone heinous and a hero. We'll get into the story now, but just a warning that it isn't for the faint of heart--although it does have a happy ending.
Meet Victim 1
Ninna Mandin is the heroine in this news article, but she's also the victim of something very sinister. The 26-year-old from Rio de Janeiro thought her life was going great, and she was set to get married to a man that she was in love with.
Ninna First Noticed Something Was Wrong...
Ninna first noticed something was terribly wrong when she noticed that her French bulldogs were covered in terrible bruises and blue spots for some mysterious reason. She figured that something must be wrong, since she couldn't figure out why the dogs were becoming bruised. Ninna decided to take action!
The Hero
While Ninna is in no-doubt heroic in this story, it was the security camera that she installed that really saved the day. After noticing that her French bulldogs had mysterious bruises, she installed a secret camera in the house that her and her fiancé lived in.
Her Motive
Ninna had this to say when explaining why she installed the camera, "They became really scared of him. After that, the wounds started to appear and the vet couldn't explain where they were coming from. That's when I decided to install a camera in the living room."
What She Caught Was Horrible!
To Ninna's horror, reviewing the footage showed that her fiancé was kicking, hitting and abusing one of her bulldogs horrifically. The footage and photos are absolutely appalling, and she must have been so horrified to see what was happening behind the scenes.
And It Made Her Feel...
Ninna said that seeing this footage made her immediately feel her love for her fiancé fade away. After all, can you blame her? Imagine seeing someone you love do something absolutely terrible, and finding out that they were only pretending to be a
Ninna Was Only Concerned About the Dogs
Ninna acted heroically by putting the needs of her pets above her own. Instead of focusing on her own emotional attachment, she decided to do the right thing "I'm not even thinking about the wedding. My pain is seeing what the dogs suffered," she said.
Dodging a Bullet
Immediately, Ninna knew what she had to do. She called off the wedding and got the dogs out of the house safely. She was shocked to see that someone she had been in love with was capable of something so vile and absolutely disgusting.
The Man He Was Behind Her Back
Ninna thought her husband-to-be was a loving, kind person--but as it turns out, it was all a lie. His true colors surfaced in the way that he acted towards these animals when he thought he wouldn't get caught. She is just lucky that she found out before they got married.
Ninna's Profound Statements
In reflecting on the horrible thing that her and her beloved pets went through, Ninna had some profound statements on what the situation meant to her. She had the following to say: "It was a shock, because we think we know people, but in reality we don't... But now, I want justice before the law."
Calling Him Out
Ninna took actions further, and posted the photos and videos online to expose his vile actions to the entire world, and hopefully bring some justice against him. There has been a lot of backlash on social media against the person who did this, and a lot of loving support for Ninna and her terrible situation.
The Petition
Ninna started an online petition in order to appeal for the man to be arrested in Brazil for his crimes against the innocent French bulldogs. Over 30,000 people decided to join in by signing the petition in support of criminal charges being pressed against her ex-fiancé.
Now, Ninna is out of her relationship and her beloved pets could not be happier! They're finally free from the abuse that they were suffering in secret, and Ninna is free to find someone who isn't just pretending to be compassionate.


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