15 Nail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Do Your Manicure

Cole Damon February 14th 2018 Lifestyle
The internet is literally plagued with countless amounts of nail designs and art work. But this means that there are equally as many endless ways that things can go wrong with the manicure. Things such as smudged nail polish and broken nails do seem to be the norm of the day because of the way unprofessional people do their job. But here are 15 hacks which will allow your nails to look perfect without any hiccups.
Fast dry
All you have to do is dip your fingers in chilled water for about one minute to dry your nails quickly and seal your mani. When the water evaporates, it creates a cooling effect which allows the nails to achieve perfection.
Nail repair
If you have a broken nail, it can really look ugly to you. This can also be dangerous for your hygiene. Luckily there is an easy solution. Cut a piece of tea bag and use glue to keep on it. Apply a top coat on it and it is good as new!
Remove nail polish
Sometimes girls just do not like the nail polish on their nails and want to remove it quickly. So one trick you could use is to tear a cotton ball into small pieces and then soak it into nail polish remover. Just spread it out and wait for 1 minute.
Glittery nails
Glittered nails look extremely beautiful to look at but they are very hard to get done right. What you should do is try dabbing on the nails instead of polishing it to get your desired look and color.
Tape trick
Most girls can easily use this nail hack to get new designs with ease. All you have to do is place the scotch tape over the nail and trace with pen around the nail, remove the tape from the nail and place on a wrap. Cut out and apply.
Fix a nail smudge
You can use a little dab of nail polish remover to loosen the polish on the nail. This will allow you to meld the polish back into its place. The idea is to loosen the whole polish and allow the smudge refit into place.
Opaque nail
White nail polish is very cool. Before you choose the bottle make sure that the formula used is thick and cream so it doesn't sheer. You can paint your nails with a white base and make your top coat pop.
Don't use quick dry nail polish
IT can be extremely tempting to use quick dry nail polish for your mani. But the reason why this is a bad idea is because it's dehydrating and will dry out your nails in the long run. Don't damage them for quick results.
Cuticle oil
Cuticle oils work amazingly well for your nails. If you use them, it will look as though you just stepped out of the salon. This will instantly hydrate your nail and prevent them from getting nicked if you hit them against something.
Neon polish
The best way to get the neon polish to pop is to apply white or opaque shade as the first coat of polish. Neons give your nails more sheer and helps to make them thicker in the process.
Thin coats of polish
If you really, really want your nails to dry faster, it is better to apply thin and not thick coats of polish. Apply three thin coats instead of one or two thick layers which won't really dry as fast.
Place them in a fridge
Did you know that your nail polish can deteriorate with time? It is therefore important to place them a cook, dry and dark place so they don't get distorted. This is most likely your fridge which will allow the formula to last longer.
Thick nail polish
If the nail polish comes across as too thick you can easily make the situation easier to handle by using nail polish thinner. A few drops to the polish which is too thick can take care of the matter.
Filing the nails
It is important that you stroke the file in one direction only. Otherwise the ordeal can quickly tear the tip of the nail and leave it completely jagged. It can lead to splitting, peeling and eventually breaking the nail entirely
Don't use hot water
It is vitally important to not use hot water on the nail polish. Hot water is easily going to cause the nail bed to expand and causing the whole paint to crack in the process. Warm temperature makes mince meat out of the formula.


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