Dad Busts Teacher For Doing This To Autistic Son After Putting Tape Recorder In His Pocket

Cole Damon October 10th 2017 Entertainment
A single dad from New Jersey knew something very wrong was going on when the school started sending letters to him complaining about his autistic son's disruptive behavior. Stuart Chaifetz's 10 year old son was attending a special school for disabled children and knew his son's mental condition. But the father decided he wouldn't just blindly trust the school's letters and conducted his own independent investigation into the matter - his results were extremely shocking.
Stuart was perplexed about his son's outbursts
Stuart began seeing a child behaviorist to see if they could find out whatever it was which triggered his son's strange behavior. This only failed and his son's condition only continued to worsen. The father was getting increasingly worried about the whole dilemma.
Perhaps outside elements were responsible for the behaviors
Stuart decided it must be some other kid in the classroom bullying his son which was responsible for his emotional meltdown. But he needed concrete proof that his son was innocent of what the school accused him of.
Stuart snuck a tape recorder in his bag
Stuart's son Akian may be dealing with autism, but a violent person he was not. Akian was a wonderful, happy and peace loving boy who avoided conflict. Stuart decided he would sneak a tape recorded in Akian's school bag to get concrete proof of his son's meltdowns.
The truth was shocking
Much to Stuart's chagrin, and the rest of the internet which is now privy to the whole incident, the teacher and her aide were subjecting the child to abuse. They were humiliating him, berating him and even calling him a 'bastard'.
But the bullying didn't just stop there
The disturbing six hour footage actually documented the two deranged individuals talking about having sexual relations right in front of the kids. They didn't seem to care about the consequences of their actions on the children and enjoyed themselves. The abusive monsters thought they were in control.
Akian demanded to see his father
When the child had enough of the mental anguish and torture, the poor kid demanded to see his father to get some comfort in all the pain. The teacher and her aide regularly and blatantly told the kid, "no". This would be the last straw for the kid.
Akian would meltdown
When the autistic child was denied any prospects of seeing his father again, his behavior spiraled out of control and he threw up a violent tantrum which lasted for 30 minutes. But you need to understand that he's just a child and was subjected to abuse.
Stuart's use of the audio recording
Stuart Chaifetz was aware of the fact that the audio recording had no legal standing in courts and could not be used to hold the teacher and her aide accountable. But he still decided to send the audio recording to the school administration.
Some action was taken
Much to the disappointment of Stuart, the only best thing out of the whole situation was the teacher's aide getting fired. While the teacher herself and her abusive behavior was never called into question. Justice as it seemed wasn't served.
Stuart decided to upload the audio on the internet
To get justice and spread the word around about the teacher's disturbing antics, Stuart decided to upload the audio footage on YouTube and other social media. Of course the entire internet was filled with empathy for the kid and rage for the teacher.
Stuart comforts his son in the video
The heartbroken father would console and comfort his son who was clearly going through a painful time in his life. "So sorry you went through all this. You didn't deserve it. You are a wonderful human being, and I love you with all my heart."
The comforting words
"... please don't let the cruelty of these vicious and miserable people change your beautiful nature." We hope these words are enough to restore some semblance of normalcy in the child's life. He is already burdened with the stigma of autism, last thing he needs is a terrible teacher.
The teacher should be fired
The disturbing idea is that the teacher was not at all held accountable for her actions. The fact that she nonchalantly talked about having sexual encounters in front of the children means that she is unfit to be around kids.
The school should take strict action
If the teacher is not punished, it is obvious that her behavior will continue with other children and possibly even grow more abusive down the line. It is the school's job to make sure they fire her and find someone who is more responsible.
She should be jailed
She was given a position of authority over the children and she abused it. Her punishment should be to spend some time behind bars and to reflect over her actions. Bullies in the form of children are despised, but in the form of teachers are hated.
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