Heroic Husband Gets Revenge on His Cheating Wife with a Birthday Gift She Won't Forget

This is one heck of a story.
Ian Anglin October 10th 2017 Humor
Today we have an epic story of a husband that discovered that this wife is cheating on him, but what he did next defies all odds. He didn't argue with her or ask for a divorce. He also isn't one of the whining types - he took reality for what it is and made the situation amusing for himself. I think we can all learn from his example and try to make out days funnier or more amusing for ourselves. There is nothing worse than taking everything too seriously, and always being anxious about how the handle some situation.
This is NOT the Cake He Gave Her
This is just a random cake I found on Google Images, I'm not yet ready for the big reveal of how he got revenge on his cheating wife. Suffice to say, he was ANGRY and determined to get set things straight with his wife - and he succeeded.
It Took a "Lengthy" Investigation
The whole ordeal has been happening for months. He had a gut feeling that his wife was cheating on him, as he was showing a lot of red flags during the days. Some things just weren't right according to the husband.
He Would Never Accuse her without Proof
He is not a suspicious type at all. He never suspected his wife of having an affair, but it was the way she was acting that got him thinking. After a few months, he also noticed the lying and the stories that don't match up.
She Was Always Smiling While Texting
The husband told reports that "My wife is always laughing and smiling ear to ear when she is texting." When he asked her who she was texting, she would usually say it was her mom or another relative. He was not buying it.
She Stays Late at "Work"
There were also many times when his wife would get home late because she had to stay at "work." Obviously staying at work was not something that was happening. Something much more sinister was going on behind the curtains.
He Called the Office
For the first time in his life, he was getting paranoid. That's what made him call one of his wife's friends, that also worked in the same office as his wife. They told him what he didn't want to hear - that his wife left the office hours ago.
He Tried Picking Her Up
In a what is possibly even more desperate measure, he went to her office one day to offer to "pick her up," so that she didn't have to get a cab. The security guard told him that there was no one at the office left - everyone had already checked out.
She Started Leaving in the Middle of the Night
The last straw that finally made him realize something is going on, was when she got out of bed one night at 11:30 pm. She said she needs to go to the store to grab a carton of milk - obviously, this story made no sense.
She Got Back at 2 AM
To make matters worse, she comes out from her late night milk shopping at 2 AM in the morning! Before asking for a divorce, he hired a private investigator, who he asked to follow his wife around town, to discover what really is going on.
He Needed as Much Evidence as Possible
He needed closure, which a simple divorce would not provide, so he told the private investigator to "dig" as much dirt on his wife as possible. This also bought him time to look for a new place to stay, plus her birthday was coming up soon.
He Asked Her How to Celebrate her Birthday
At this point, nothing could surprise him. When he asked his wife how she would like to celebrate her birthday, she said she "doesn't want to be reminded that she's aging" and that he should just stay with his friends and go on a trip.
He Saw Champagne Flutes
She said one thing, but she did another. A few days after she rejected celebrating her birthday, he notices Champagne glasses in their closets - that they didn't have before. He knew what he had to do and told her everything is alright.
He'll be Staying with Friends
He told her that he would be staying for three days with his friends, since she'll be "busy" with work at her office, and won't be able to celebrate her birthday. This was done intentionally, so he could properly deliver his birthday "surprise."
He Called Her ENTIRE Family
To properly set up his birthday celebration, he called her mother, father, sisters, and some close friends. He invited them over their hose on the night of her birthday, so that they could surprise her when she comes back from work.
They Caught Her Doing the Deed
In his words, "We went through the hallway, and straight toward the bedroom; and as I opened the door, all of us shouted "surprise!" But she was in bed with another man, and the expression on everyone's face was simply priceless. Mission accomplished.


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