15 Wedding Fail Photos That Are So Terrible You'll Feel Guilty For Laughing

Have some SHAME
Gigi Cummings October 9th 2017 Humor
Women start to dream about their perfect wedding day when they are just little girls. Most women have an idea if not all the details already in their mind before they even meet their future husband. Most men just want to make their future wives as happy as possible so they put on the tux and show up and hope everything goes as perfectly as their bride wants it to. Some weddings are closer to fairytales than reality and are picture perfect. Other weddings miss the mark so much that they go down in history as complete disasters only to be a warning to future brides everywhere.
Ebay Wedding Dress Disaster
The dress is the focal point of most weddings, so trying to skip around the hassle of finding one and just purchasing it online from somewhere like bay, hoping it will be your dream dress, doesn't usually work out how you hoped. Hopefully they have a return policy!
Falling For Love
You have to take a million pictures during a wedding in order to capture every single special moment, one glance away and you could miss the first kiss or the perfect look during the father daughter dance. You might also capture some mishaps as well that are worth remembering.
Unfortunate Timing
The ceremony has gone off without a hitch and the bride and groom are just about the seal in their fate with the highly anticipated first kiss when all of a sudden, BAM, there goes the maid of honor, passed out flat on her face. Maybe its a sign...
A Pose To Remember
On your wedding day, you want nothing more than to remember it as the most romantic and touching moment between two people who are deeply in love. Or you can see it as a pre-party for the honeymoon like this couple did.
Photo Shoot Fail
After the ceremony, the bride and groom go off with a photographer somewhere scenic to capture their eternal love in a field with the setting sun, the perfect instagramable pictures to represent their love. This couple attempted to get creative with their shoot and lost a bit of footing in the process.
One Is The Loneliest Number
Photo booths are a new trend in weddings as a way for couples to capture the fun and social interactions of their guests and give them some printable memories to put up on their fridge at home. This poor lonely drunk groomsman captured his emotions that night forever in this solo photo booth shoot.
Double Check You Invitations
So your parents don't really approve of your marriage, maybe they don't get along with your fiance very well, maybe they had higher hopes for you, in any case make sure if they offer to send out the invitations, that you double check them first.
That Escalated Quickly
Tensions can truly be heightened when planning a wedding and it can cause some couples to want to tear each other apart. But usually the night of, it all comes together and they live happily ever after. Or maybe they just beat the crap out of each other and then eat cake.
Picky, Picky
it's the wedding photographers jobs to capture every single moment of a wedding, from walking down the aisle, to the first kiss, to the first dance. They also tend to capture the unseen moments as well, be careful where you pick your wedgie!
Hopefully Love Floats
It seems like a great idea, get the whole gang on a old wooden dock for the wedding photos, the beautiful scenery in the background, the creak of the wooden dock suddenly collapsing beneath everyone... whoops hopefully they can all swim!
Traditionally Untraditional
It's a new world, a whole new culture and society of young people who are out there pushing the envolope and shaking the old ways of the world. Naturally that will reflect in the weddings too right? Maybe the transitional ways were what they were for a reason.
Cake Overboard
Cutting the cake is a tradition in most weddings that is super sweet and and loving moment between the bride and the groom. But it can also bring out the competitive nature between people where the cake becomes the victim in an all out wedding war.
A Simple Scrabble Mishap
You want to find a cute and creative way to make your invitations memorable for guests, so you pinterest some ideas and then go and get your glue gun ready. Make sure to not get so carried away in the crafting that you forget your basic spelling.
Getting Swept Away
The beach is one of the most romantic settings for a wedding. The beautiful sky, the sand and the crashing waves of the sea. Just make sure when you are capturing your magical moments you are watching the tide, this couple happened to get swept away!
Nothing To Wear, Wear Nothing!
You and your bridesmaids just can't decide on a color and style of dresses for everyone to wear, so instead of having to make the decision let's just scrap the whole clothes thing all together and have it be just one big au natural naked fest.


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